Carolling with Radio Lancashire

Carolling with Radio Lancashire

carolling, Christmas, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family

Last Thursday the church that I grew up in had been asked to sing in a new Supermarket that had been opened across from their building.  Radio Lancashire were doing a segment, ‘Lancashire sings Christmas’ and all over the county there would be different choirs singing along with the radio and carolling in various locations.  The people from ‘Living Waters Church‘ had turned out to sing together in the foyer of the new ASDA, and the supermarket was kind enough to provide drinks and mince pies for all the carollers.  The girls had heard it being advertised when we were visiting the church a couple of weeks prior so they really wanted to go.  So, we did.

dontcallmestepmummy, carolling, Christmas, blended family
youngest little Carollers

It was lovely having the girls there as they drew some more attention with how cute they were, and also, Christmas is always so much more magical when there’s children involved.  Isis was fantastic singing along with all the carols, whether she knew them or not.  Obviously carols are very repetitive and usually once it had got to the second chorus she was familiar with the tune and singing along as well as the rest anyway.  Shayla was very cute as she only really knew a few and some had different words (we had all been given booklets), she is doing excellent with her reading, but even for a progressive 5 year old, it was a bit quick to sing along with.  She did however very much enjoy ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Silent Night’ she was so pleased with herself after those songs and was just flashing a beaming smile.

sparkly dresses, NEXT partywear, carolling, twirling, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family sparkly dresses, NEXT partywear, carolling, twirling, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family

We had just finished doing our family’s Christmas photoshoot for THAT festive photo before we had headed out so the girls still had on their sparkly dresses from Next.  We went to get a drink from the cafe before everyone else as their little throats couldn’t manage the whole hour without something to wet their throats.  They decided to show me how their dresses could spin around after they’d had some juice, and then we went back to carolling.

It was a very exciting night for them, they love singing, they love any kind of performing bless them, they see anywhere where there’s people as practice for their futures in stardom.  So funny.  Who knows if this will still be the pursuit of their hearts in a few years but for now I have to admire their little dedication to their craft haha.  I NEVER wanted to be the pushy Mother trying to get their children to be the stars but with the girls that just isn’t needed as they push themselves.  They want to be involved in EVERYTHING and obviously so long as we can see they aren’t overstretched we allow them.  This passion may fade in the coming years but I love how much they enjoy being involved in all things arty.

It was a privilege to able to join in with my home church and the girls had a great time.  It was lovely to bring some festive joy to the Christmas shoppers at ASDA too.  Maybe this will become a Christmas tradition, who knows?


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