The Ordinary Moments #12 – Feeling Safe

The Ordinary Moments #12 – Feeling Safe

feeling safe, the ordinary moments, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blogger
asleep in the car

The pictures this week won’t be the best quality as they’re ones I just snapped with my phone whilst at traffic lights etc driving home the other week.  How lovely is it as a Mum when you can drive home from somewhere (this time happened to be from my Mum’s) knowing that all of your little people feel so safe they just fall asleep even though it’s not particularly late or a long journey (about 35 minutes from my Mum’s), just because they’ve had a full day, they’re happy, content and safe.

This particular day James had gone in to work on a Saturday which is unlike him, so my Mum had the babies whilst I took the girls to their dance classes etc.  When they’d finished dance we went to collect the babies from my Mum’s.  We all had a lovely dinner together that my Mum had made for us and then I was driving them back to see Daddy who would hopefully be home in time for them to see him before bed time.

I remember just feeling so happy and blessed and knowing that I wanted to capture this moment forever.  It’s a bizarre feeling but I don’t think I’ve ever felt so grown up as in that moment of realising how much responsibility was in my hands.  Driving home with my beautiful babies and two gorgeous girlies who have been graciously gifted into my life.  Realising how much I was entrusted with, the little legacies that were all asleep in the car beside and behind me.  So much potential, so much worth, so many little futures all wrapped up in that one car journey.  I just felt very aware and blessed all at the same time.  I don’t want to get morbid but I’m sure you can understand the thoughts going through my head.  What a privilege to have so many little lives feeling so reliant and safe in my hands.

feeling safe, the ordinary moments, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blogger
Shayla and Eden asleep
feeling safe, the ordinary moments, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blogger
Judah and Shayla asleep

They may not be the cutest pictures of our littlies, but I will always remember how much love I felt in that one moment, how blessed, priviliged, and overwhelmed with emotion all at once.

I don’t want to forget these moments, especially at times where I am wanting to tear my hair out.  Especially when we get to the teenage years *chuckles*.  I don’t ever want to take these ordinary moments for granted and am even grateful we get to document them in such a beautiful and permanent way in this day and age.

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