Infantis from Bio-Kult up for Review – plus a chance to win a 3 month supply #Rafflecopter Giveaway

Infantis from Bio-Kult up for Review – plus a chance to win a 3 month supply #Rafflecopter Giveaway

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‘We’re bringing Healthy back… ‘ (yep, my husband thought it was lame too *chuckles*)

We were contacted by the good folk over at Bio-Kult and asked if we would like to review ‘Infantis‘ probiotics for little ones.  We were sent a months supply for Judah and Eden and although ironically it took us a long time to collect as we kept being unwell, we were very grateful once we had collected and were able to start putting some ‘healthy’ back into their little bodies.

My first concern was – probiotics? for little ones? is this safe? where are the statistics?  I had a read around on the internet and it didn’t take long to find various dieticians and paediatricians backing up probiotics for infants.  Infantis is very well designed, gluten-free (this was a concern for us with Eden at one point, however was quickly taken away with one of her many blood tests) it does contain traces of milk and soya but they’re at a level that won’t affect someone who is lactose intollerant, this is great for any little ones that may want to have probiotics but cannot take the yoghurt drinks.

The team at Bio-Kult were very helpful when I rang them with many questions especially concerning dose, whether it was a good idea to start when they babies were unwell, how to administer it to Eden especially (she can be a little monkey).  Half a sachet is a great dose to start with for under 3’s, so Judah and Eden shared a sachet a day each.  Judah was very easy, it could just be poured straight into his mouth (he was always a fan of the Nelson’s chamomila granules for teething so this was not unusual for him).  Eden wouldn’t take much liquid at the time other than from myself, and she wouldn’t let me pour it into her mouth.  The team explained that you can also add a little water and make it into a light paste.  I would paste onto myself and when Eden took her breastfeed she would just suckle the probiotics straight from me.  This was a great little tip and a fantastic way to administer them to a breastfed baby.

As for whether you can start them on the low dose when they’re unwell, you can… for us it could not have come at a better time.  We had been going through a phase of constant illness with the babies, you may have noticed a big quiet period on the blog.  Once they were used to it and they hadn’t seemed to react negatively, after a week I upped Judah’s dose to a sachet a day, and kept Eden on half with her just weighing so little.  You can store the sachets at room temperature and they have a shelf-life of 2 years so it was ok to split her sachets over two days.

it’s always a difficult one to know whether they would’ve been unwell more/less often if they hadn’t been taking ‘Infantis’ but I have been really pleased with the product.  The babies however have been well since taking Infantis until recently.  We were all hit with this viral bug over Christmas.  James and I were very unwell  and the babies didn’t seem to have the virus for anywhere near as long as we did, especially me…. hmm… think I need to look into the adult products from Bio-Kult.

Would you like a 3 month supply for your little one/s?  Enter our Rafflecopter Giveaway and we will be sending some healthy bacteria your way.  Whilst the adults are detoxing, let’s put some goodness back into our little ones this New Year.
To enter our Give Away click on the Rafflecopter Link below to follow the Raffle Copter’s instructions, we will contact the winner January 12th 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*we were gifted a months supply of ‘Infantis’ for the purpose of review, all thoughts, words expressed and opinions are our own

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