School Trip to Hothersall Lodge – by Isis Mae

School Trip to Hothersall Lodge – by Isis Mae

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in her new base layers

Yesterday we went to get my shoes and clothes that I needed, you can read about it next week on ‘Just the 2 of Us‘.  Today I got up and put on all the stuff I got yesterday.  I looked for my gloves I could not find them, so we set off in the car.  We got stuck in really bad traffic, we even set off earlier than usual.  It was snowing and all the cars were going slow.  We rang the school up, no one answered so Mummy asked Daddy to keep trying instead, even after that we were still in traffic!!!  But, then it started moving and we got there in the end.  It took 50 minutes to get there, it normally takes 10.

When I got in school my friends kept saying ‘I thought you weren’t coming’ to me.  Quickly we got straight on the coach, on the way I saw sheep, cows and a donkey I was so excited I could not wait untill I got there.  Me and one of my best friends were partners, as usual I chose Georgia.  Soon we finally got there and then it started snowing, me and Georgia kept singing ‘walking in a winter wonderland’.  After five minutes of walking we got inside a shelter where we put all our belongings, we got introduced to our instructors.  Mine were called Tony and Jack.  Then we set off to go do caving.  My group was Mrs Bells group, I like Mrs Bell.  We had to put on a hard hat which was lucky because I hit my head on a stalactite ”woops”  then we found an upstairs part to the cave so we went up, there are no stairs so the instructor Jack lifted me up.  You got to choose if you wanted to go left or straight on, I went left and I hit my head again.  If you went left you had to slide on your belly.  After I went that way I went straight, it’s really thin and you have to walk sideways then I went down and the only way to get down was to jump.  Mrs Bell pulls your legs and whilst I was jumping down someone jumped on my head and said ‘I fell’ very believable *sarcasm* then I got out.

Then we went to do some rock climbing.  First I did a small wall it was easy, then I abseiled down it.  It felt weird because I have never done it before.  Then I did a really really big wall, I nearly fell at one point but i didn’t.  Jack said to try to only put my feet and hands on the green and red rocks so I tried.  It made a big diffrence and soon I got to the top, I tried abseiling down but I fell and flew down instead ”woops” it was still fun though, I did the chicken dance on the way down.  I then got told I was going to be in the school climbing team.

Next we all went to have lunch and after that we went outside again to do archery.  It made me think I was really weak, it was so heavy and hard to pull.  I tried to hit the target but I didn’t once.  I kept blaming my warm coat for getting in the way ”naughty coat” then we got put into teams.  I called my team ‘Doctor Chicken’  only one person didn’t like it, they said ‘you’re just naming it after you’, I said ‘exactly, it’s after me.’  Then we did a challenge with ‘Doctor Chicken’ against the ‘Fantastic 5’.  The Fantastic Five won, we only had 6 points.

Next we went on a nature trail and changed to Tony as our instructor.  He kept saying that white stones that are sharp are teeth. Everyone believed him, every one except me and Mrs Bell we just kept laughing.  Hehehe of course it wasn’t true.  Then we all went to do orienteering which I had no clue what to do and neither did Georgia, so we ran to the nearest red thing and then the whistle blew.  It was finishing time so we had to go back and that was the end.  It was a a really good day, in fact it was an awesome day.  After about five minutes we got on the coach and drove back, but again we got stuck in traffic and got back to the school at 5:00 insted of 4:00 – oh dear!

If you get the opportunity to go to Hothersall Lodge then take your chance.  It is definately worth going.  It has a 5 star rating from me.
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3 thoughts on “School Trip to Hothersall Lodge – by Isis Mae

  1. what a wonderful account of your school day and so well written! I remember my first abseiling too, starting off is a little scary then it is really good fun. Sounds like you packed lots into your day, had two great instructor and did well to get there just in time! Thank you for sharing on country Kids.

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