Happy Fourteen Months Eden

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Happy Fourteen Months Eden

Oh my baby girl, you are growing up so quickly. I cannot believe in 2 months you will be the age your brother was when you came in to the world. It makes me realise how quickly my baby boy had to grow up and not be the baby anymore. He was such a mature big brother and handled your arrival so well when he was still so little himself.

You seem so much younger at this age, I can’t work out if it’s because your brother spoke so much and had started walking at 13 months or if it’s just because you are so teeny tiny. You finally look as though you may be growing out of your 3-6 month old clothes now. They fit you beautifully, I just think you could do with some more wiggle room now that you are trying to walk.

You have been taking the odd step, this is a big thing as before you had shown us that you were capable, you just weren’t interested in trying. Now you WANT to be on the move and everyday you seem sturdier on your feet. You can do the difficult part, you sit in the middle of a room and you stand up without using your hands to steady you in anyway. You must have really strong legs. I have strong legs, they saw me through when I was a dancer and in my days cycling.

I love seeing how much like me you are, although it scares me too. You are very headstrong, demanding, you know EXACTLY what you want and how to get it, and you’re barely 1 year old. I know I will have a difficult job on my hands. I know that I will be reaping what I’ve sown, as I was difficult for my Mum to handle, with my tempestuous ways. I am hoping that I will have a secret weapon though, as if you truly grow to be like me, I should have insight into how to deal with you. I pray everyday for wisdom on how to deal with each and every one of you, and I pray God shows me how to be close with you and for us not to clash too much because we’re alike.

Your idiosyncrasies are hilarious, you absolutely demolish a piece of toast by pulling all the middle out, you never eat the crusts. I think they are too hard on your developing gums and teeth. You can be all ninja when Judah takes toys away from you. A couple of weeks ago, you annihilated him with your kungfu moves, he didn’t know what had hit him. You showed us that although you are tiny you will be able to handle yourself and you won’t just let your big brother push you around anymore.

You are fearless, you jump off things that are way too high for you. I cannot take my eyes off you for a second. You flip backwards off your Dad and my laps at any given moment. You just trust that we will catch you before you hit the floor. So far we have but I dread the day where you may be too quick for us. You always find the most precarious place to sit. You are a natural risk taker already.  You never want to be on my lap when there’s somewhere to explore.  You look so strange crawling around the park in your snowsuit.  I don’t know what people must think of me, but it’s what you want to do and I know you’re little knees and hands are protected.

I’m still feeding you every so often. I fed you in the night last night. I pinched your nose to make you let go when it seemed like you had finished, as last week you bit me and wouldn’t let go despite my cries. You are not as emotionally aware as your brother was, he would’ve been horrified if he made me cry. You tend to laugh in my face, either blissfully unaware, or because you don’t care *haha*.

You absolutely love your brother. To be honest he has barely tried to push you about since you retaliated. You seem on a more even playing field even though you’re so tiny. You both enjoy cuddles, kisses, giggles, winding up Mummy. I love when you sit and have your lunch together. You are my little partners in crime and I look forward to the many adventures that you get up to together.

You get very excited when your big sisters arrive on a Thursday.  You especially love Isis, because she tends to mother you.  We call her the baby whisperer, you will always be still for her when you otherwise wouldn’t be for us.  Isis plays the eldest sister very well and looks after you, I know you feel safe around her even though she’s only eight.  You like playing games with Shayla-Rae.  I think you two will have a close bond as you get older.  You don’t get too much time together on your own at this stage, the other siblings are always around to play with too, but when Daddy had you and Shayla together on Sunday as I ran your brother and sister to their classes and rehearsals, he said he really enjoyed that time.

You are a very well behaved baby, although you are difficult to dress, and it is hard to change your nappy as you never want to sit still.  You are very content pretty much all of the time.  You find ways to amuse yourself and you are very communicative in letting us know what you want.  You can say quite a few words now, ‘Mama, Dada,Nana, Grandad, More, Bread, Milk, Duda (Judah), Isa (Isis), Hiya, Yeah, Ta.  You can climb on and off the sofas and you love to stick your tongue out when you’re concentrating.

You have just started to enjoy watching DVD’s with your brother, although you always seem more interested in pressing on the laptop keys etc. I guess that’s what you see us do so often.  Your brother is very patient with you when you constantly stop the programmes on Netflix from playing by pressing some key you shouldn’t.  He just waits for Mummy to fix it for him.

You still LOVE food, always love food.  You want everything and anything that’s going.  Anyone who has food in a room becomes your new best friend.  People are always amazed when they see you eat as you’re so dainty.  You have been referred to the endocrine department at the hospital and we still have to have your blood taken every so often, but Mummy really struggles to believe that they will find anything wrong.  You are thriving in every other possible way and your Daddy was always petite too at this age.  A little bit more time we will give them to test you, and then we will say ‘enough’, ‘no more’.  I don’t want you hating hospitals as your Dad did just because you may grow later in life as he did.  What’s wrong with being petite anyway?

I’m excited for what this next month will bring.  Your Daddy and I love you very much, as do all of your extended family and I know that as you blossom and grow everyone who meets you will too.

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Happy Fourteen Months baby girl


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