‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #4

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #4

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Shayla-Rae and I were really looking forward to our one on one time this week.  With Isis in rehearsal every Sunday until February half-term we have been having some fun on Sunday afternoons.  This week, we had planned to set off early to collect her from rehearsal so that we could go for a coffee date together.  I love that it was Shayla’s choice to do a coffee date, she had the option of the park, cinema, any thing like that but she wanted to go and sit and have a coffee.

Well, in true Mummy mistake style, we started gathering her things for going back to her ‘other Mummy’s’ and then she informs me she has quite a lot of homework this week.  So, our quality time ended up being doing her homework.  I have realised that sometimes I don’t plan as well as I would like.  We could’ve sorted the homework so much earlier if I’d had my wits about me.

We spent our time cutting, and glueing teddy bears.  Shayla practiced writing her name out several times on a page in cursive letters (part of her homework) and I cut out all her teddy bears.  She had a sheet with 20 teddy bears, all jumbled up.  I cut them out and then she had to stick them in her book in the correct order.  This isn’t difficult for Shayla at all, but it was time consuming.  As it had got to a time where we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere before collecting Isis, we decided that we would read through her school books instead.

This really wasn’t the quality time that I had been hoping for, or eager to write about so instead above is the photo from that morning where we had gone through the McDonald’s drive thru to get a drink and a muffin whilst Daddy and Judah were in his RugbyTots class.  We had managed to steal 10 minutes sitting chilling having breakfast together (Shayla had already had toast, but the blueberry muffin was my breakfast *tut tut*) before the boys came out of their class and we went to church.  Eden was asleep in her car seat at the back.  We’d bought her a plain bagel incase she woke up, but she did not.

Hoping to have a better quality one on one time this week.  It was still nice to do her homework together though and I know those are the moments that are soon forgotten when they’re old and grown.  I’ll miss these snatches of time one day all too soon I’m sure.
If you’ve managed to catch some one on one time with one of your littlies this week, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to grab the badge and link up below.

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