{Me & Mine} 2015 – January

{Me & Mine} 2015 – January

me and mine, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family, family portrait projects, family photo, woodland

Earlier this month we set off out about to the woodland area across from our front door. Having tried and failed miserably to participate in the Me & Mine challenge last year, this year I stopped with the excuses and bought a tripod. No more excuses as to why I can’t be in the family photographs that I so love to take. In fact as much as I am not a fan of being in front of the camera, it was so much fun posing with the children as the self-timered flash kept coming.

I had hoped to get out again at some point for some snowy pictures, but it just didn’t stick around where we live other than at times when Daddy was at work and the girls were at school. As I trekked around a Wintery wonderland yesterday with the babies, I was sad that I didn’t have the rest of the family with me and our trusty tripod.

me and mine, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family, family portrait projects, family photo, woodland

I know this year will be so much more of a success and we look forward to capturing our family pictures. I had such a positive response to our family portrait on my personal facebook page earlier in the month. I know that as the year goes on it will really chronicle us a family and I’m already excited to look back next year at how the children have grown and all the happy memories we’ve captured together.

This month we had fun, we had captured our Siblings photo and if you saw that post earlier in the month you’d remember my husband was covered in mud from falling down the embankment. That didn’t stop us from snapping away to get some shots of us all together.

me and mine, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family, family portrait projects, family photo, woodland
I’m so excited for this project, can you tell? I will probably mention it on every post this year. Very grateful to Lucy and the ‘Me & Mine’ team for inspiring me to get in front of the camera sometimes, these are the photos I know I’ll treasure forever and the little ones will be able to see Mummy was part of their memories, not just always the one behind the camera.

dear beautiful

14 thoughts on “{Me & Mine} 2015 – January

  1. Ahhh I love how silly and fun the last one is and the others are beautiful. What lovely family captures for January. Glad you all are having fun with it. I am hoping to get more creative and fun with ours too as we go along. It’s such a great photo project and it’s great to have all those family photos at the end of the year. Beautiful #meandmine

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  2. OH you are such a good-looking family and you make me so broody for more children – four seems to be such a great number! I’ve found the tripod to be invaluable, it’s sooo much easier to get in pictures when you don’t have to hunt for convenient places to perch the camera.

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  3. Aww love these photos and the last one is so fun! I, like you, am always the photographer and so I am loving setting time aside to actually be in the photos via this project šŸ™‚ x

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  4. It’s such a great project to be involved in! I was so glad I persevered last year ā€” it was lovely looking back over the full set of 12 pictures. Amazing to see how much my boys had grown, from beginning to end! Good for you, getting a tripod! You’ve no excuse now!! X

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  5. Aww, love how fun these are. And I kept holding out for snowy family portraits too, but we didn’t get enough to stick either. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x

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  6. tripods and remote triggers are just the best, especially for getting everyone in the picture – plus you can hand the trigger off to the little ones and that way they tend to look at the camera!! They’re a lovely set of photos and a perfect start to the year!

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