The Baby Diaries – Judah – Week Thirty (finding a home)

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The Baby Diaries – Judah – Week Thirty (finding a home)

This week has been so much better because we found a home.  Somewhere we can live as a family.  The girls will have a gorgeous HUGE room and we will have a room for baby boy once he’s old enough to go into his own room.  There is so much packing to do, and moving is so stressful but I’m so glad that we at least know where we are going at the end of next week.

It’s been interesting because James’ parents have come up North (they live on the South Coast) so that they can help us pack.  James is unwell, so I went with my new in-laws to the old house to start packing up.  Also, Alan (James’ Dad) ran me to the hospital for my physio appointment.  Little did I know I would be coming out on crutches.  Not a happy bunny.

I’m not as sick this week, it’s calming down.  Only a handful of times a days instead of constant.  I really hoped it would have passed by now.

My sister is due back from Mallorca at the weekend so I’m looking forward to seeing her, but it’s good timing that we’ll have a home to move into next week as it would be very crowded at my Mum’s.  We’re able to move into the church refuge for our last week next week.  I lived there after my ex left me, will be strange in my old room with a whole family, and pregnant instead of on my own.  I was always so sad there.

In my journal this week –

‘By this stage you probably have the impression you’ve been pregnant forever and may be feeling a bit fed up.  Make sure you talk to your partner about how you’re feeling so you don’t end up arguing over petty things.

THINGS TO DO Start thinking about what you want to include in your birth plan.  Discuss your options with your friends from birthing classes and people you know who have already had children.  Fill in your preferences on page….

How am I feeling this week? 

Energy : great, been packing up our home.  Comes in bursts though and then I’m wiped.

Mood : good, stressed about house and things.  Down about being put on crutches.

Appetite : want food little and often or I’m famished

Cravings : KFC lol, really wanted one for weeks, finally got one this week.

Sickness : Not too bad, occasional

Notes : staying at the ‘rents and Lydia House is stressful.  Not having a home ready for baby.  Put on crutches as my hips keep dislocating and stomach muscles are tearing.

I’m so pleased we’ve found somewhere to live, as exciting and eventful as it has been feeling like refugees at this time.  It really isn’t the best season for it.  I’m just longing to nest but unable to do so… yet.  Very excited for our new home.
Baby Diaries

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