Siblings 2015 {February}

Siblings 2015 {February}

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I am finding it more and more difficult to choose between pictures for the Siblings project.  I’m always torn between, one of their faces looking a bit more precious in a picture, and it’s hard to find one where they are all at their most radiant, if I was a whizz with photoshop I would have the ULTIMATE siblings photo, but I am not, and so, our photos are all natural and captures of those milliseconds where the intonation of their faces change moment to moment.

If you read ‘Our Great Outdoors 2015 Bucketlist’ post this week,  you will see that we snook off to the beach after the children finished school on Friday, as Judah wanted to build sandcastles… it was freezing and of course I didn’t remember to take a bucket and spade, but once they were there they just wanted to run around and play.  I decided it would be a great time to get the camera out and take some photos for this Siblings project as we had the girls with us.  So much nicer now the evenings are staying lighter longer to be able to do anything outdoors after school has finished.

siblings, beach day, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, family portraits

Eden loved sitting on these little steps, each step was just a bit longer than her ankle to knee so as she was sitting it was the perfect height for her.  She almost looks as though she’s standing (she practically is, but with some support).  She liked being able to sit and pose herself.  It was quite sweet, like she understood what we always were doing with the camera and now she could be a part of it and pose all on her own.  It’s funny when babies become so independent.  Judah is now at a stage where he doesn’t let us know if he’s going to the toilet, he just takes himself off, flushes the chain – this is something his older sisters could learn from him, washes his hands assisted by his little step, it’s very sweet how much he wants to do everything “by my own”.

Shayla and Isis are both doing so well at school.  Shayla has transitioned into school life so easily and she loves it.  Her teachers love her and every day I pick her up she presents me with something she’s made, baked or painted.   She stereotypically can never remember what she’s done with her day if you ask her, the answer is always “I don’t know” but she always remembers what she had for lunch.  Isis has come on leaps and bounds since we stopped all the interaction with the schools ‘play therapist’ and also since moving up a school year.  She’s doing fantastic.  There was an incident this week with a child who was picking on her, but a quick visit into the school from ‘other Mummy’ and the teachers being aware and keeping them away from each other soon resolved that.  I’d had a heads up from their Mum and when I followed up with the Head Thursday at pick up, everything had been smoothed out, so long may that continue.

siblings, beach day, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, family portraits

We’re so proud of our beautiful children and I often think about how blessed we are that they are all good sleepers, usually happy, easy going children.  Some people like to believe it’s a product of good parenting and instilling discipline.  I do believe part of that is true, but also, I’m aware that you can have all the routine in the world and some children really struggle with sleeping.  I don’t ever want to take that for granted.  I see others struggling and my heart goes out to them, but I don’t think I can relate with that issue.  Sure, I definitely knew sleep deprivation (real, I’m seeing imaginary people, sleep deprivation) once I’d had Judah and his 5 day labour, but after that, it wasn’t easy, but certainly easier than most have it.  I believe that God knows where my limit is and the way I struggle to juggle the four of them and the washing/ messes they produce.  This was apparently all I could cope with, so He left it there *chuckles*.

siblings, beach day, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, family portraits

Remembering to be grateful is helping me with my postnatal depression.  There’s a lot in our lives going on at the moment that I don’t always write about because this isn’t the best platform for it.  I know though that whatever issues we’re struggling with, we have so much to be thankful for.  We all have our health, it may not be very exciting but there’s always food in the cupboards and we live somewhere with radiators, running water and lots of space.
Our little people and their carefree play, their interactions with each other and joy usually expressed on their face reminds me that there is much in our lives to be thankful for.  I’m so excited for all that is coming up in our futures and how I get to be a part of helping these little people to grow and develop in their giftings, confidence and individuality.  Being a Mum really is the best job in the world.

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  1. Oh all of your pictures are always lovely but that first one is flipping MARVELLOUS. I love it! I’m sure that there must be a little space in your home somewhere to put that one in a frame – it’s worth looking at all day long. x

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