‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #7

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #7

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This week we had some friends staying and we only have one car.  James was, as usual, mostly at work and I was driving my friend and her family around most of the beginning of the week.  It was so lovely to have Martina working with us and know that Judah was happy playing at home.  I know what it’s like having two so close in age, so instead of throwing Martina in at the deep end I kept Eden with me as we were running errands.

Judah and Martina were able to really bond, playing with play-doh, watching Fireman Sam, Toy Story 3 and he would take a nap on the couch with her.  Martina would send me little whatsapp shots of our sleeping little man, or whatever he was up to at the time.  Nice, because I didn’t ask for this, but it does help to ease my conscience and know that he is happy.  So, I was free to just be with Eden.  Sometimes, I forget what it’s like to have just one child with me.  To be able to walk around with my baby perched on my hip and have her with me, like my little best pal.  Mothers of one child or more will remember this feeling.  Little babies are so dependent that you take them with you everywhere.  They are pretty much an extension of who you are until they old enough to go to nursery, or you return to work.  If you have more than one, you will identify with the fact (especially if you have 2 under 2 or 3 under 3) that this is never quite the same with the second, or subsequent children.  Younger siblings pretty much have to fall in line, and get on with it as they are carted around to dance recitals, school runs etc.  When Eden was less mobile she would constantly be attached to me in a sling.  It was much easier to run around after my death (just) defying toddler.  She was so small that when she got to about 10 months I realised that I should probably let her down on the floor more as I felt like I was stunting her progress.  I would almost forget she was there as she would just snuggle in and only whinge if she was hungry.

This week it was lovely to be able to have some one on one time with my baby again.  We were able to have lots of cuddles, play with toys, sing nursery rhymes.  All things we try and squeeze in normally but this time I had lots of moments over a couple of days as my friend needed to run some errands.  Even just being able to push the buggy around without constantly checking that I have three other children with me, was just so much more peaceful.  I had a little taste of what it will be like when Judah goes to nursery.  I don’t want to rush it here in any way.  I’m sad that it will all come to an end in September and I will have to start sharing my baby boy with the world, but I know that I will be able to bond with my little girl afresh in new ways.  It will be a new season in my Motherhood journey.

Eden turned 15 months this week, so I will be writing her a little letter of how much I’ve seen her change this month.  I won’t write it all again on this post.  I just loved chatting with my baby girl this week and having lots of cuddles.  If you’ve had any one on one time with any of your littlies this week, from a stolen moment to an outing, feel free to grab the badge and link up below, make sure to hashtag on twitter #justus2 and I will be able to find you and retweet…

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