Happy Fifteen Months Eden

Baby Diaries

Happy Fifteen Months Eden

Well my little baby girl, this month we have seen some changes in you.  You are finally walking.  Not much, but you will walk 8 or 9 steps at a time.  You seem to prefer to walk around if you can.  You hit your face on the table the other day when you tried to reach for it and missed.  It shook your confidence a little.  You still try though.  You stand up A LOT.  Nanny and Grandad are coming to visit at the weekend and they will be so shocked to see your tiny little body walking around.  You still fit in your 3-6 month clothes.

You have got a hilarious personality, it is coming out more everyday.  You know to run away when we ask you to come to us for a nappy change or if you have something you shouldn’t have.  You laugh and make a dash for it.  You steal Daddy’s glasses.  You love to have my phone.  You get really upset if we take it off you, but you can’t do anything with it other than activate Siri who often says ‘I’m sorry Alexandra I didn’t quite get that’.  Mostly you just throw it on the floor or hit me in the face with it, unless you’re trying to call Nana.  Then you just place it to your ear and cheekily exclaim ‘hiya Nana’.

We ended our feeding journey this month.  You just weren’t too bothered and although I definitely miss the ease of being able to comfort you in seconds if you’re upset, I feel it was the right time for us.  You are happy, you don’t miss it.  You take a bottle at bedtime very easily instead.  You still really like your pacifier for comfort.  I would’ve thought that it would be on it’s way out by now.  I’m not sure when we should end that journey, but you only really want it when you’re going to sleep.

You’re still not interested in the television.  I like that you don’t want to watch the TV all the time.  It was at about this age that Judah became absolutely fascinated with Peppa Pig.  The first film he watched that held his attention for the entire feature length was Despicable Me 2.  Still one of his favourites now.  You do however love music.  When your brother is watching Fireman Sam and other things you like to dance to the theme tune.  You love music, you are happy sat at the piano plinking and plonking away at the keys.  You love playing on the xylophone at Nana’s house.  You’re always plucking at Daddy’s guitar strings or your brothers ukelele.  I think you’re going to be another avid music lover.

You’ve become really experienced on the little trampoline and slide that we bought your brother for his second birthday.  They were bought with you in mind too.  We knew you’d be following close behind.  I don’t think I realised how quickly behind him you would be, especially given your size but because you see the others, you know no fear and just join in.  It’s great when you just head to the trampoline and start jumping around.  I love that you can entertain yourself independently most of the time.  You come back for snuggles every so often.  You are definitely a snuggly baby.

I seem to be your favourite at the moment.  You will cry for me sometimes if I’m not in a room.  I think that’s because you’re at the separation anxiety stage and you spend most of your time with me.  At the moment you seem most like me in character too, whether that is imitation or nurture remains to be seen.  It is lovely to have a little mini me.  I think because you don’t have red hair like I do, I didn’t expect you to be a mini me.  I thought you would be another mini Daddy like all our other precious princesses and prince.  You are definitely like me though, you look a lot like Auntie Lauren sometimes too.  You are an independent little creature though who will definitely make her mark on the world for being yourself, you may look like us but I know you will be your own person, I see it already and we’re so proud of you.

Happy Fifteen Months baby girl

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