Me & You {February}

Me & You {February}

Me & You February, dontcallmestepmummy, family portrait project, blended family, couples, mummy blog

This month has been one of our most stressful in the four years that we have been together.  We’ve come to a financial crossroads.  You know that phrase ‘the night is always darkest before the dawn’?  Well, we are just about to see the dawn but it’s all looking very messy at the moment.  If you’ve been a blog follower from the beginning you will know my husband only graduated university last July and started work in October.  As a Social Worker, being able to drive was kind of crucial.  He passed his driving test last week after completing a three day intensive course.  We are so proud of him, but the contract he is on at the moment is with an agency and because he took those days off, of course he doesn’t get paid for them.  Was a bit of a gamble but it desperately needed doing and because he passed first time – Wuhoo!!! – his earning potential has now increased.  Lots of interviews lined up, again, he will lose pay to attend, and then probably have to work a month in hand (he currently gets paid weekly) but the dawn is about to break.  We’re just going to struggle in the interim.

Due to this, (and the arrival of Martina) we obviously have NO spare money.  None at all.  His parents brought us a load of food shopping yesterday as they always do when they come to visit and it has NEVER been more appreciated.  So helpful to know there are full cupboards when there’s 7 mouths to feed daily.  We decided we would stay in and take some time together just chilling and watching a movie.  This is something we do often, so it wasn’t like anything in particularly special but we made sure that we went outside first and took some photographs of ourselves for this months Me & You.

Me & You February, dontcallmestepmummy, family portrait project, blended family, couples, mummy blog

These photographs were just taken in the private carpark we share with 3 neighbours behind our house.  They must’ve wondered what we were doing.  We had tried to go out for a walk but the hailstone decided to make an appearance.  Not much longer after we’d all gone back inside, the sun came out.  Was very frustrating but at least we managed to capture these before it started to hail again.  I was disappointed that we hadn’t managed to go anywhere before this month’s project was due, but we have had an interesting week, with friends staying in our already very full house.  We will be going out somewhere this week, somewhere free or very cheap of course, but we will make sure that we make the effort.

We watched the movie ‘Country Strong’ on Netflix.  A little bit dark, but if you like ‘Nashville’ you would probably enjoy it.  Country music and lives of celebrities facing substance abuse problems.  It wasn’t the sort of movie that left you feeling all romantic, but it held both of our attentions whilst we snuggled on the couch and it was thought provoking.  I love Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) and enjoyed her role in this.  She’s great at playing sweet characters, very ‘Cher’ like – Alicia Silverstone in Clueless – and I think she has a great voice.

Me & You February, dontcallmestepmummy, family portrait project, blended family, couples, mummy blog

We’re all a little bit under the weather at the moment, but having Martina here has been brilliant for us as a couple, and our stress levels.  I’ve been well enough to potter on and get things done in the house whilst Martina supervises the children playing.  James has been able to go to work knowing that I’m not going to pass out and leave the children unattended.  A genuine concern of ours when I’m having a bad health day.  Getting on top of the housework slowly and knowing that we won’t lose anymore money because James can go to work every day however I’m feeling.  It has eased the tensions between us and I’m so glad that we took the plunge in hiring an au pair.  She has been invaluable already.  I’m enjoying having my husband back and less stressed even though things look most bleak at the moment.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m not sure about next month, but I’m convinced by April’s Me & You, we’ll be able to go for a great night out together, dinner and a movie?? Wow, now that would really be pushing the boat out *chuckles*.
Me & You badge, dontcallmestepmummy, family portrait project, blended family, couples, mummy blog

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