{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #8 – Family Visits

{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #8 – Family Visits

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James’ parents, my lovely in-laws live down on the South Coast.  They aim to visit about once every 6 weeks.  Usually it is around the time of someone’s birthday (obviously there are a lot in our home) or to come and support the children in whatever adventure they are undertaking.  This week Isis Mae was in her first pantomime ‘Peter Pan’ (she’ll be blogging about her experience for us later) and of course this meant that Nanny and Grandad came up to see their superstar Granddaughter.  It was James’ Dad’s birthday this week so we bought them tickets to see Isis perform.  Normally when Georgie and Alan are around it is a crazy weekend revolving around a birthday party, dance runs, church… it is usually exceptionally busy.  When it’s a birthday party I am up to my eyes in decorations, cupcake making, bouncy castle supervision and costume choices.  They come to visit us and end up just helping ferry children around where they need to be whilst James and I run around like headless chickens.  This time it was different.

They came up Thursday evening and stayed in a nearby hotel, so they were able to come Friday before lunch time.  I then rushed Isis off to the theatre for her last day of performances and they stayed with Martina and the rest of the children.  Georgie made the children sandwiches for lunch.  Then we didn’t have anywhere to rush to until the evening when they were going to watch Isis in her final performance.  I had time to cook dinner for everyone.  They went to collect James from work so he didn’t need to get the train and they could have some extra time together.

Saturday, no-one had anywhere that they needed to be.  This is quite unheard of for when Nanny and Grandad visit.  It was really lovely.  We were going to go out for a walk but literally the heavens opened and hailed down on us.  The children were not best pleased (it can be quite painful when hail hits you in the face) and we retreated quickly home.  So, we just did NOTHING, but play, potter around doing housework (Georgie can’t help herself but wash up and help me when she’s up, not expected but so kind and helpful), watch shows that the children prepared for us, and munch some birthday cake that Shayla and Martina made for Grandad.

the ordinary moments, grandparent visits, family visits, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, birthday cake

We had been hoping to get some photographs of us all together whilst we were out on our walk that never happened.  So I decided to get the tripod out anyway and see how many people we could fit on our little 2 seater sofa.  It was funny squishing us all in.  I really love my in-laws, I know that I’m really fortunate to have such wonderful family and Grandparents that the children adore and are great role models.  I wish that we all lived closer.  They are aiming to move further North later in the year so they can be inbetween us and James’ Grandad that they help look after most weekends.  I hope that we will have a lot more peaceful visits in the future.  Are you noticing a theme on our blog recently?  We like peace and calm.  There has been a lot of drama, rushing around over the last few years.  Now we are enjoying the calm, and are all about putting things in place to make life the least stressful it can possibly be.  I’m looking forward to when James’ parents move closer, his brother is looking into it too which will be lovely.  Family is the most precious thing we can be gifted with and I am so grateful for all of ours.

the ordinary moments, grandparent visits, family visits, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog,

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  1. Awww what beautiful photos of your family- it sounds like you are really close and you are right that is most definitely the most precious thing you can have. Sounds like a lovely couple of days with Nanny and Grandad. x

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