{Me & Mine} 2015 – February

{Me & Mine} 2015 – February

me and mine February, family portrait, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, family portrait project

February is the month of my birthday, February is the month of Valentines Day.  This is a month that I look forward to most years.  This year it just snuck up on me.  I think when you stop expecting things to be special it’s more of a surprise when the beautiful moments just happen.  These photos were taken on my birthday.  We had enjoyed a lovely relaxing morning and then gone for a walk locally before settling down for a girlie evening.  I wrote about it here and you’ll be able to see the video of beautifully ordinary day.  I will always love this video as it encapsulated everything that I feel when I look at these photographs and yet, so much more.

This month :-

James is loving :

passing his driving test – wuhoo!

lots of interviews with new job prospects

wearing lots of suits to work as I get more on top of the laundry

the 20p per extra filling on the work cafeteria sandwiches

our new gluten free diet as we are cooking for Martina

Eden is loving :

walking, finally bless her

chatting and humming the theme tune to Fireman Sam

dancing along to any happy sounding music she hears

lots of cuddles, still a very cuddly baby

all food, nothing new there

me and mine February, family portrait, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, family portrait project

Shayla-Rae is loving :

all things school related, it has not grown old at all for her

baking, she’s made many things this month at home and at school

trying new hairstyles from the cutegirlshairstyles youtube channel

spending time with family

ham and cheese sandwiches

Isis is loving:

performing in her first pantomime Peter Pan (she was amazing, and will be writing a blog post for us soon)

the end of all the long rehearsals for Peter Pan

her new scooter that was for Eden but Eden won’t be able to use for a while yet from ‘Bright Surprise

planning her superhero birthday party for next month

always leaving a last morsel on her plate

me and mine February, family portrait, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, family portrait project

Judah is loving :

learning how to use the scooter (he’s really good at it)

Fireman Sam – yep, still

Toy Story 3, I’m so pleased he’s discovered he likes this

Being finally 100% nappy free

playing the minion game on Martina’s phone (and now my iPad)

I am loving :

having our amazing au pair with us now

feeling less stressed and enjoying more time with the children

a slightly cleaner home

that things are on the up in lots of ways

Breaking Down the Riffs – check out Natalie Weiss on youtube

I’m looking forward to what next month will bring and then definitely the month after as James should be earning a much stronger wage.  I am looking to go back out singing so things should really start to shift to a positive direction around then.  Life is a lot less stressful already and I couldn’t ask for anything more.me and mine February, family portrait, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, family portrait project

30 thoughts on “{Me & Mine} 2015 – February

  1. Such a lovely post and photos, can see them going in a frame! You get such a sense of love from your photos. Good luck party planning – super heroes sounds fun! We are on a camping theme this year! Love the nautical outfit too – the head band is super cute xx ps good luck with the job interviews too!

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  2. Oh happy belated birthday! These photos are just lovely, I really want to do a ‘off for a walk’ one at some point in the year! #MeandMine

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  3. Lovely family photos. I glad you had a great birthday. You sound very positive in this post, it sounds like you are looking forward to the change. I hope it all goes well for you x

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  4. Lovely photographs this month, I love being outside and getting some photographs of the family. I’m impressed everyone is looking at the camera, I don’t manage that with just one child! Have a super March xx #MeandMine

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  5. Gorgeous photos – what a beautiful family you have and it sounds like you have had a great month. Hope you had a lovely birthday, well done to James on passing his driving test and to Eden on walking. Hope you are enjoying all the yummy things that Shayla-Rae is baking and glad Isis enjoyed doing Peter Pan. Well done to Judah for being 100% nappy free and how lovely that you have an amazing au pair and are able to spend more time with the children 🙂

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