‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #9

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #9

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‘Isis Mae, you’re certainly the most busy of all our beautiful children, and managing to grab a stolen moment with you proves difficult sometimes.  So, just before bed on Saturday I decided to sneak you out to MacDonald’s for a milkshake.  We had already eaten toast for dinner as we’d had a big lunch, but you managed to find room for a snack wrap and a McFlurry’.

Oh, it was nice to be able to sneak away with our eldest on Saturday.  She has been so busy with rehearsals for her first ever Pantomime and then the show was on over half term.  She has worked so hard since Christmas week when it all began with auditions, and I feel like every spare moment was spent at rehearsals.  It was worth it though, she absolutely amazed us.  Grandad (James’ Dad) couldn’t stop telling anyone who would listen about how amazing she was once he had been to see her in the show.

I really enjoyed nipping out (when really it was bedtime) just to have a little time just the two of us.  She was telling me how glad she was that rehearsals were over.  I asked if she would want to be involved in the next one if rehearsals started as early as next week (they don’t by the way, we were being hypothetical).  She said that she would go if they started tomorrow, as even though it was hard work, she LOVES being on the stage.  I guess as a parent, there’s no better answer really…not that we’re about getting her on the stage, but that she is thoroughly enjoying what she’s doing and sees the reward at the end of her efforts.  We work so hard to NOT be the pushy parents, trying to make their children do everything better than everyone else.  This is certainly not (as Judah would say) why we get her involved in these extracurricular activities.  It’s because she loves it, she thrives on it, and beams from ear to ear after each little achievement, be it a show or an exam.  She is learning the art of being satisfied as a result of her own efforts and hard work.  Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds from the shy child who would hide in the corner sucking her thumb at the age of five when I met James.

We spent some time on pinterest choosing the things we’d like to do for her Superhero themed 9th birthday party.  Check out our party planning board by clicking here.  So we’ll be making invites first and then things such as masks and backdrops for our photo booth etc. over the next few weeks.  If you’ve seen our instagram feed you’ll have seen we’ve had fun doing nails and hair too this weekend.  I love being all girlie with Isis and Shayla, and especially with Isis as she really knows her creative mind and tells me exactly what she wants.  She challenges me often.  There’s not much that I do outside of the children, laundry, cleaning etc. I work on this blog, we go to church as a family and so, I really treasure the times where we just allow time to sit and be creative playing with nail art or braiding.  It’s time to just unwind together and it allows the girls to feel special and pretty.  Even though we’re all beautiful in our own way, it’s nice to feel pampered sometimes.  Our girls would look gorgeous with scratty hair and dressed in a bin bag, but you can see the difference when they ‘feel’ extra beautiful because we took the time to do these girlie things.

Check out Isis’ amazing stage face and presenting skills on our new YouTube trailer that we filmed on Saturday.  We left it unedited and natural so you could see just how much of it is their natural ability and not just clever editing of multiple takes.

If you like following vloggers on their journey, please subscribe.  The girls know that as it stands we have 0 subscribers to our YouTube channel.  It would mean the world to them to know that any subscriptions we had were due to their amazing presenting skills.  Isis will be taking some time to film her birthday vlog soon in the lead up to her 9th birthday so you’ll be able to get to know her a little bit better through that.  We are so proud of her and all that she’s becoming, she is so helpful with her younger siblings, beautifully creative and a great character to boot.
If you’ve had any one on one time with any of your littlies this week, from a stolen moment to an outing, feel free to grab the badge and link up below, make sure to hashtag on twitter #justus2 and I will be able to find you and retweet…

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