‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 #10

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 #10

Just the 2 of Us, justus2, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, soft play, cuddles, mummy and daughter, learning to walk

This week I have spent a lot of my time being escorted around by my youngest.  She is finally walking and has reached the precious part of the process where she will take my finger and lead me around wherever she would like to go.  Yesterday Judah, Martina, Eden and I went to meet friends at a soft play centre and I spent almost the entire time being led around, usually away from the play areas towards the food by this little monkey.

I obviously couldn’t capture a photo of this moment without setting up my tripod in the middle of soft play (not a good idea) but it made me realise somehow before this phase passes I am determined to capture a photo of this.  Eden is still so small, as you can see from the photo above in comparison to our standard sized cushions, but she is now in age 6-9 months clothes.  She is definitely growing.  This is helpful as I’m not sure with my back I would be able to walk around with her this way otherwise.  I completely missed out on this phase with Judah as I was pregnant with Eden, on crutches and usually bed bound.  I would watch as James would walk around with him, but I was never involved in the process.  Judah was also very independent and never really wanted to hold anyone’s hand.  Eden, is not like this and I can honestly say I LOVE IT!! Probably because I missed out with Judah but I never tire of her reaching for my hand, leading me out of my seat (her little tugs are strong but obviously can’t pull me) and showing me where she would like to go.  This is a moment I would look enviously on at friends who were experiencing this phase when I couldn’t barely read a book to Judah nevermind play with him or become involved in his world.  I am so glad that I am getting to enjoy this stage with Eden.  (I also managed to take Judah down the big slide a couple of times which is something I’m grateful for too)   My mobility is slowly coming back and I am so pleased that I can enjoy these times with my littlies before they’re too big to play with Mummy, or don’t have the same time when they’re at school.

Just the 2 of Us, justus2, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, soft play, cuddles, mummy and daughter, learning to walk

I’m not sure of her expression in this photo but it was the only one I managed to capture without other clambering children in the shot.  It’s only £1 for entry on a Monday so the place was heaving.  She was so proud of herself being able to get up and down this little area.  She’s definitely grown in length recently.  People still look on in amazement when she’s walking around (especially when she’s not holding my hand) because she looks so young.  I have to point out to them as she’s clambering on and off ride-on toys by herself that she’s a lot older than she looks.

Her new word of the week is cheeky, she says ‘I cheeky’ and it is the cutest sound.  She started saying it last night to Daddy when he was putting her to bed and she repeated it for me many times this morning.  I feel like I say this every week but it’s dawning on me slowly that she is definitely not a baby anymore.  She looks so much like one, and her voice is so quiet you would miss it if you weren’t listening but she is 100% a cheeky toddler.  I’ve taken to calling her my ‘punk princess’ as she is so mischievous.  Blink and she is doing the very thing you’ve asked her not to.  Fully aware of what she’s up to.  James and I seem to breed really clever babies, they literally scheme and constantly astound us.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.
If you’ve had any one on one time with any of your littlies this week, from a stolen moment to an outing, feel free to grab the badge and link up below, make sure to hashtag on twitter #justus2 and I will be able to find you and retweet…

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