{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #11 – Pillow Talk

{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #11 – Pillow Talk

the ordinary moments, pillow talk, step daughters, mummy blog, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy

This weeks photos are all taken on my iPhone as we were just hanging out in Daddy and my bedroom.  We decided we would sneak some girl time together.  We do this every once in a while but not as often as I’d like.  Normally James and I are so tired we send the children off to bed at bedtime every evening and enjoy some peace from the madness.  My sister arrived back from Australia this week and she couldn’t cope more than 20 minutes hanging out in our living room with the children all being crazy and making noise as they normally do in the day.  It’s funny what becomes our beautiful ordinary, mine is toys splayed everywhere, books being shoved in my face and Judah petitioning me for the iPad, and then crying when he’s told no.  What is it about technology and toddlers, it’s like crack to them.  Anyway, last night I decided to keep the girls up and enjoy some pillow talk in our room.

Isis is being so cuddly lately, I feel genuine love from her often these days.  It used to just feel like she loved me because I was constantly running her around to everywhere she needed to be, but as life has become calmer, she often comes and snuggles in to me, just for cuddles.  The last time I remember her doing this so affectionately was on our wedding day 3 years ago.  This epitomises her being happy to me.  I am so delighted at this, we have been on quite a journey with our eldest over the last 4 years as we worked out the kinks and found a ‘balance’ with contact between the two homes that allowed her to feel secure.  We must’ve had 5 months of calm without acting up at school now too.  This is amazing if you knew any of her story with school.  She has given me permission to blog about it if I’d like now that she’s out of the thick of it.  I didn’t feel it fair to write about her struggles whilst she was going through them as she reads this blog avidly.  After all, I blog for them.

We sat chatting about what they want to be when they grow up, here are their current options:


– a dance teacher

– a singer that goes out on gigs


– a ballerina

– a dance teacher

– a princess

– a teenager

We were laughing about how Shayla wants to be a teenager, I explained that she would get her wish for sure with that one.  We chatted about how they need new pyjamas.  Shayla is so random, we’ll be chatting about normal things and then you hear the end of her sentence ….’wee in a pot’.  She’s hilarious, she is definitely her father’s daughter.  The vivid things she comes up with remind me so much of James.  If you’ve ever read any of his guest posts on our blog you’ll understand what I mean.

Eden’s room is the walk-in attached to our room, it has been perfect whilst she’s been small, whilst we were chatting there came a ‘Let it Go’ from her room.  Absolutely hilarious, we were all in stitches, she was nicely asleep and then just started singing, and then went back to sleep.  It was such a funny outburst.  She’s always singing at the moment, she is going to be like me.  Always singing, always humming and dancing happily away to herself and the tunes that must be whizzing around in her head.  I love that baby (well, toddler now) she is just full of joy all the time.

the ordinary moments, pillow talk, step daughters, mummy blog, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy

Isis and Shayla tried on my engagement ring, it fit Isis’ thumb nicely haha and I’m only a size J and they started to tell me about who they wanted to marry when they grow up.


– her boyfriend Sean (shh…. don’t tell Daddy)

Isis winds her up by calling him ‘Sean the Sheep’, I ask Isis about boyfriends and she says all the boys at her school suck, none are worthy…. haha.


– someone like Daddy

– someone protective

Shayla randomly kisses Isis’ foot, this is normal for our crazy household.  Isis tells her she’s strange.  We started searching for some photos of when I was younger that the girls wanted to see, we didn’t find them, but we did find an annoying toy we thought we had escaped.  It was one of those hamster toys that just moves on it’s own and makes little noises.  They thought it would be funny to put outside Martina’s door (she’s got the third floor to herself), so Shayla snuck up and put it outside her bedroom door.  It made Martina laugh, she text me thanking the girls… haha.  We then all started plotting little pranks we could pull on Martina, just being silly of course, we love Martina, this was not ‘The Sound of Music’ esque where the children want to get rid of the au pair, we were just being silly.

Isis said that we could put some of our lining wallpaper (that they use for drawing) on the wall outside her room with tears in and write (in red she specified) ‘You’re Next!’.  I asked her what crazy things she had been watching as she sounded like she could direct a horror movie with those suggestions.

We watched the slide show of the photos we took of them in their ‘World Book Day’ costumes, we had an ‘ultra hug’ like a group hug but renamed by the girls.  Isis pointed out that Shayla’s knees looked strange in the Gruffalo costume, Shayla misunderstood and thought Isis was insulting her knees in general and then retorted with ‘your knees look like a square’.

We were all having such a lovely time but it was getting later so I decided that it was time for the girls to go to bed.  We just kept chatting and we were all so comfy, they weren’t getting out any time soon, so I then proceeded to throw them out of the bed, of course safely, but they thought it was hilarious being tipped out of the bed.

Isis then proceeded to pretend that they had died and were coming back as Zombie’s to attack us for kicking them out of the bed.

the ordinary moments, pillow talk, step daughters, mummy blog, blended family, dontcallmestepmummy

Thank you to Katie over at ‘Mummy Daddy Me‘ again for this lovely link up.  I always enjoy taking the time to remember the beautiful ordinary that occurs in our week.  Follow the badge below to see the other posts linked up.

6 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #11 – Pillow Talk

  1. Aww this really is lovely Alexandra. I absolutely loved reading all about normal chats and life in your house- and it made me really sentimental as I can imagine having similar sort of chats with my girls when they are bigger. You know just the normal stuff that make a family. They sound lovely- you must be so proud of them. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks Katie, yes we really are, they are so amazing, so similar and yet so different. They have very vivid imaginations. Yes, your beautiful girls will be the best of friends and I can’t wait to hear about their adventures as they grow… scary how quickly it comes around xx


  2. This is so gorgeous! The chats in bed with my toddler are limited to what he can see, what he wants to eat RIGHT THIS MINUTE, what colour Thomas the Tank Engine is… I do love these moments of course, but it must be fascinating to get a glimpse of what goes on in your kids’ heads as they get older too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely 🙂 I can’t wait until my two youngest can communicate this way, although to be fair my two year old son is crazy in touch with how he’s feeling and can explain to me why etc. our 5 year old has only recently developed this skill. I love how different they all are x


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