Carrie Underwood, School Tours, New Jobs and a big old mess #littleloves

Carrie Underwood, School Tours, New Jobs and a big old mess #littleloves

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in with this link up, but I noticed that all the links I partake in at the moment are grouped at the beginning of the week…trying to space out my blogging to make it more doable and I love, love, love this weekly round up… thanks Morgana.


I’m always shocking at this category as I don’t really make it a priority to read other than with the children.  I read blogs, and my way of switching off is watching mindless television that requires no concentration, so other than reading a prospectus for the school we intend to send Judah to, I’ve just not been reading.  I am very much into finding information when it’s needed, I can read for hours about ‘phonics’ if I’ve decided that’s what I’m doing… speaking of which, I have been doing lots of reading with Judah as he’s been completing his ‘Reading Eggs’ lessons.  Has anyone else used this?  We love it already and are only into day 3 of our 14 day trial, we will definitely be subscribing.

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I have been re-watching ‘Prison Break’ on Netflix with the hubby as he hasn’t seen them all.. thankfully I watched ahead whilst feeling unwell this week as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I was literally sobbing like a baby at a certain point.  If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t then I don’t want to spoil it.  Completely and utterly sobbing though (this is what happens when it’s that lovely monthly time) so much so, that when Judah saw me, he asked me what was wrong.  I blubbed out that I was watching something really sad that had made Mummy cry and he burst into tears *bless*.  Next time I will ask Martina to hold out bringing them to see me until I have stopped blubbing.  (She has looked after them a lot this week as I’ve been unwell).


Yep, as I said I’ve not been very well so I have been sporting various looks from the pyjama range.  I spent all day Monday tidying out the bottom of wardrobes etc. and found some of my old favourite shoes.  I wore my chestnut Bailey Button Uggs as we toured the school we’ve chosen for Judah but then put them back away for winter as it really isn’t Ugg weather no matter how comfortable they are.


Isis has really got into Carrie Underwood which I hugely approve of as I find her lyrics clean and wholesome (typical Mum) and as Isis rightly says ‘I love her voice’.  I like her having variety in her music tastes, she also loves Kings of Leon who we have to censor a little bit now that she’s getting older… I don’t really want to explain what the lyrics to ‘Milk’ are about… our fave at the moment though is this…

the video is beautiful too, it appeals to the dancer in our girls.


Again unfortunately not much going on here.. I let Martina make the Peppa Pig muddy puddle cakes that were from a box with the children so that they had an activity to do whilst Mummy was unwell.  Other than that, I pretty much made a huge mess whilst sorting things in the spare room that need to go to the charity shops.

and lastly..

We have been making huge plans as a family this week, looking into a few new seasons ahead in various capacities.  I have an interview next week for a job three nights a week which would mean a household wage increase without time away from the children.  I may need to nap a bit but we will see how we adjust as we have Martina here, and the children will still have me in the home, I may just need an afternoon nap sometimes.


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  1. Aww hope you feel better soon. As much as I love summer, it’s always nice to see those boots again at winter time isn’t it? Good luck at the job interview! Hope you have a lovely week xx

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