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I have taken the plunge.  After reading a post by Jocelyn at ‘The Reading Residence‘ I decided that was it, dontcallmestepmummy needed to get it’s own domain name.  For those that are serious and in this for the long haul it was inevitable at some point.  I just was putting it off.  I’d read another article from Brit Mums about why brands don’t work with certain blogs ‘Why I didn’t pick your blog to work with our brand’ and I realised, it’s all well and good spending a lot of time working on this blog, but it just doesn’t have the same professionalism without it’s own domain name.

We’re not all about working with brands and we document our lives here for our own personal memories, I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to reminisce and look back here in years to come.  To remember the little things and exactly how they looked at each moment.  To see the videos of how they’ve grown, to remember first steps and birth stories.  Also, those ordinary moments that we document each week that may not otherwise have been as memorable as the milestones.  Despite not blogging “properly” for a couple of months I have still been reading other blogs and have been so inspired by various bloggers, their tenacity, excellence, consistent contributions to the blogging world and  it has reignited the passion I had to blog in the beginning. I don’t want this to be another project I never followed through, I want this to remain the labour of love and great source of joy that it began as.

I get myself bogged down sometimes because, much like my housework, I can think of all the things I want to write about and it becomes overwhelming.  To blog every day as some bloggers do, just seems crazy, but the reality is, I spend so much time sat at this laptop in the evening just watching Netflix with the hubby there’s absolutely no reason why I can’t spend an hour putting together all the countless photographs that I take in to create a polished post.

I am feeling excited about a lot of things that are happening at the moment.  I am starting a new job next month (Yay!!! I was successful at my interview) and Judah begins nursery in September.  There is so much to be grateful for and I’m sick of looking at how much I can’t do due to my physical health and want to remember all the things I’m blessed to be able to do.  I live in a country where I have the freedom to just wander off to the beach for the day with my children, or the park.  Oh my goodness, how frighteningly aware are we these days with the internet making the world so much smaller, that this is not the reality for everyone?

I love reading all these beautiful blogs, I have many favourites… Katie at ‘mummy daddy me‘ is up there for me.  The beautiful and often so colourful photography, all these dream holidays, and the sweetest children I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing (on youtube of course), she inspires me often to keep blogging and all that can be achieved through it.  I may never be a top blogger but I’ll be definitely giving it my very best from now on.  It is a joy and a privilege and I’m so grateful for the opportunities we have had so far.  We’re in this for the long haul, as a family and I am as an individual.

Watch this space!! We’ll be filling your twitter and facebook feeds I’m afraid.
dontcallmestepmummy, domain name, keep blogging, blended family, step mum, mummy blog

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  1. Well done on going self hosted Alex- that’s a big and exciting step! You will carry on being a great blogger, I am sure of it! And thank you so much for mentioning me on here, your kind words have actually made my day! xx

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