Online Clothes Shopping for Children

Online Clothes Shopping for Children

When it comes to buying clothes for our four children I have always been a HUGE Next fan.  They wash well, they last, they’re affordable and the children always look so beautifully presented.  I have noticed the only downside to this is that all the other children’s parents seem to have figured this out too.  I can’t recount every time that I have turned up somewhere and Judah is wearing the exact same top as a couple of other toddlers around.  Now I’m not meaning to be snobby, it’s not the end of the world that I have similar taste to other parents that I like, but when you’re trying to keep your eye on your little one at softplay bobbing in and out of padded areas, I like to be able to identify him.  I’m usually sat with a teeny toddler in a different area so it’s difficult to keep track of them both.

maxi dress, Next, fashion for children
Isis really suits these ‘Maxi’ dresses and gets one every Summer
prom dress, fashion for children, Next
Shayla looks amazing in the ‘prom’ dress cut

The girls ADORE Next clothes, we will never stray away from Next entirely, there are a few styles that they regurgitate in different patterns each season that look so beautifully cut, and hang perfectly on their frames that we will continue to buy the new version until their shape changes (if that ever happens, Isis is a clothes horse).  Even just looking through their online pages to find photos for this post there are so many things that I want to buy.  I love all the variety of colours of skinny jeans.  I don’t think there is anywhere else that compares for that, and I love a POP of colour especially in the Summer.

Next, skinny jeans, fashion for children
skinny jeans available this season from Next

However, despite also loving some of the beautiful ranges from Debenhams ‘Butterfly’ by Matthew Williamson use to be one of our faves, but at the moment they don’t stock this brand for children anymore.  J by Jasper Conran and Baker by Ted Baker often do some really beautiful dresses.  Zara we love for cool fashion staples, they never fail to deliver all the hottest trends and cuts whilst retaining simplicity and affordability.  River Island is really stepping up too in the children department.  I wouldn’t feel right not mentioning these great high street brands, but recently I am becoming more interested in shopping small.

There are so many amazing little boutique shops out there now, with platforms like etsy for these sellers and instagram, the options are endless.  I love that a lot of these online shops are run by WAHM’s (work at home Mommas) and the detail that goes in to the product to make them unique and comfortable (a lot are organicly made) without compromising style.  My main problem with instagram is I see something I absolutely LOVE, it may not be too expensive but then it will come from the US, or Australia and I have to then pay shipping which bumps it past what I would think is an affordable option that I can justify to my husband.

George Hats, trucker hat, fashion for chidlren
I’ve just purchased one of these funky trucker hats for Judah

The great thing with the blogging community too, is that certain brands flash on your instagram feed often.  You begin to recognise them as a reputable seller (you still need to be careful where you send your money off to, always use PayPal) and you’re supporting these amazing Momma’s in their business ventures.  I often see something beautiful and when I question where it’s from (or someone else has commented and been answered before me), it’s from Fritha’s shop ‘Tigerlilly Quinn‘.  I love Fritha’s shop, full of colour and beautiful designs that are stylish for your home and aesthetically exciting for children.

kate and james shop, tee, fashion for children
I’ve ordered this adorable tee for Eden, she’ll look so cute at the beach in the Summer in this

I am a HUGE supporter of Morgana and her ‘Little & Fierce‘ accessories store for children.  She puts so much thought into every piece that she adds in to her online shop.  She is passionate about quality and diversity for children rather than them all having the same character headbands from whichever fad is out at the time (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s about children having CHOICE too).

Our favourite online website at the moment is – granted some of the ranges are a bit pricey for us (a girl can dream, hmmm…… Roberto Cavalli) but there are some great brands that just maintain that unique edge of not being everyday high street whilst being affordable.  Spanish brand ‘Mayoral‘ is one of those for us.  Isis is a big fan of their dresses., dresses, fashion for children
one of the beautiful brands at

I could rant on about this all day but I guess I just wanted to remind all us Mum’s and Dad’s out there that the internet makes individuality so much easier these days.  The world is a lot smaller than it used to be.  If you’re not really one for online shopping, I encourage you give it a try, but be careful, keep the credit cards locked away as it can be addictive.
*Images used in this post are taken from the respective companies that I have mentioned in their captions.

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6 thoughts on “Online Clothes Shopping for Children

    1. There really is so much variety, it’s hard to choose. I’ve seen so many today since I posted I forgot to mention, but I guess people get the jist xx I too am a big fan of independent businesses, can’t wait for some of my latest purchases to arrive 😉


  1. I completely agree. I LOVE Next clothes but everyone has the same outfits it seems I do have to support my lovely friends Fritha and Morgana their shops are amazing as are they. Great list hunny. AlexandAlexa is one of my faves too and I do get a lot of my clothes from the usa but I cheat and have my mom ship them to me instead of paying international prices. That can really hurt the price indeed babes. Agreed. Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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    1. Thanks Jenny 🙂 x yes must be great to be able to get things from home. You have great style xx I have found some great little ones on Instagram recently, I love tui-b but they seem to make for my youngest and then not the next one up so I guess won’t be any good for you, unless anymore little ones come along 😉


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