Eden’s First Hike

Eden’s First Hike

There are some first milestones that just pass us by as parents and others that stand out to us.  I decided that Eden’s first time walking outside without her buggy would be a moment we would capture.  At the start of last week the weather was a bit gloomy and we were waiting for some sunshine as we were desperate to go outside.  Wednesday afternoon was just beautiful and I realised we’d left the buggy in the back of the car which Daddy had taken to work.  So, not to be deterred I asked Judah if Eden could borrow his monkey backpack (which he doesn’t really use anymore), after much deliberation he decided she was allowed to use it.  He didn’t have much of a choice really, but I couldn’t be doing with the potential tantrums.

After being freshly inspired about keeping memories by watching ‘Let’s talk Mommy’s’ interview with Lucy at ‘Dear Beautiful’ about creating videos (you can view by clicking here) I decided as I often do to grab the camera, this time with the intention of capturing some video footage as well as photographs.

She does so well with her little legs, it’s hard to tell how small she is seeing her next to Judah and Martina who are also very small.  If you imagine that Judah is about to turn 3 but still wearing 18-24 month old clothes, and Martina is not much taller than Isis who’s 9, you may start to get an idea of just how petite our Thumbelina really is as she walks alongside next to them.

I’m definitely learning as I go, I was in pain with my hips as I was walking so most of the time they were way ahead of me, which is saying something, with how long it takes Eden to get anywhere on her little legs.  If I could move the way I used to be able to, I would’ve captured a lot more close ups and got down more to their level.  Maybe even remembered that whilst I was busy taking photographs of them in the beautiful bluebells I could have caught some footage of their happy faces.  I forget when I see a beautiful shot that what is beautiful on photo, can sometimes come even more alive on film.  It may have only ended up as a 2 second clip on our video but I would’ve captured the way they interact with each other even more.

Eden's first hike, toddlers walking without buggy's, monkey backpack reins for toddlers, sibling love

It was really special to me to by DeleteAd” href=”#13002762″> share this moment with Martina our lovely aupair as on days like this when really I physically could barely move (I’m not exaggerating) with her help I’m able to get the children out to enjoy the sunshine.  I don’t feel sad that it’s her that’s in the videos holding my child for these first moments, I feel grateful.  Grateful that we were able to find such a wonderful aupair (you hear such horror stories), grateful that despite not having much disposable income we were able to afford some help.  Grateful that my babies are able to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be facilitated to because I have someone else helping spur me on when we can see that they’re feeling the cabin fever.

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{I’m going to be starting a series on the blog ‘Our Beautiful Aupair’ and over on our YouTube channel about Martina as I am asked so many times about what an aupair is, does, and how did we find her?  If you have any questions please comment below as I will try and answer them all in my first post.}

It was a really lovely afternoon.  When we finished walking around the little trail they played in the field at the bottom of our road for ages.  Judah LOVED just running around and it made me desperately crave a garden.  Again, I realised how blessed we are to have this little field just 400 meters away from our doorstep so they can run around and have fun.  It’s near to a really busy junction but is completely enclosed, so it’s quite surreal seeing them play as though they’re in the countryside.

dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, parent blog, Eden's first walk dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, parent blog, Eden's first walk

Judah and Martina stayed playing in the field whilst I took Eden home and prepared dinner for James’ arrival home from work.  Eden was so tired out after her hike I carried her the last part home, not recommended when you can barely walk yourself, seriously 50 meters feels like a marathon.  Eden fell asleep in my arms and then napped on the sofa (very helpful whilst I’m cooking).  It was perfect timing.  Martina and Judah came back at 5:45, James walked through the door 2 minutes later and then we all ate together.  The babies went to sleep so happy and content.  Then and there I made a mental note, that although I could now barely move, we would do this as often as we can on the sunny days.
Here is our little video of Eden’s First Walk

Well done Eden we love you very much.

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    1. Thank you Katie, I ended up losing the HD, we need high speed internet. I was ready to throw my laptop out of the window. Going to go Fibre Broadband next week, and an iMac is definitely on the Christmas list 😉 thanks so much for watching xxx


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