Blog Love, Zara Haul, Shopping Small and Child Growth Hormone Deficiency #LittleLoves

Blog Love, Zara Haul, Shopping Small and Child Growth Hormone Deficiency #LittleLoves

Hello, welcome to this weeks ‘Little Loves’ post hosted by the lovely Morgana over at ‘But Why Mummy Why‘.  I’ve had an eventful week and this round up is really helpful in making me remember to focus on the positives.  I love it, so here goes…


I have been reading a lot of blogs this week.  I seem to have not done much of anything else.  Usually to unwind in the evenings I maybe watch something on Netflix, or even sometimes zone out playing *coughs* Minion Rush (I’m blaming Judah for this recent addiction), but this week I’ve barely left the world of blogging.  I’ve just been really enjoying discovering new blogs, Let’s Talk Mommy’s by DeleteAd” href=”#42734652″> ‘share with me’ blog hop is a great one for this, so many people come and link up maybe one or two posts.  I’ve found ‘Ghost Writer Mummy’s’ blog extremely educational this week.  I seem to learn something new everytime I head over there.  I particularly liked this post reminding antenal Mothers to be proactive in educating themselves and having CHOICE when it comes to their decisions for their baby.  I wish I’d read this whilst I was pregnant with Judah.

‘To the mother who is yet to be’ 

Also, I’ve been proofreading for our beautiful Italian Aupair, who I’ve encouraged to start blogging her journey, she intends to by DeleteAd” href=”#6486877″> travel the world inspired by ‘Eat Pray Love’.  I explained it’s an amazing way to keep her memories and photographs in one place, and will be something to show her grandchildren *winks*.  Please have a read by clicking HERE and sending her some commenting Blog Love.


As I said I’ve not been doing my usual Netflix rampage this week, but I have been watching a LOT of vlogs.  I’ve just started vlogging…. please check out our YouTube Channel and I’ve been watching lots of other vloggers.  Now I know I’m ridiculously late to the party and I definitely already knew her name but I watched this video from the beautiful Zoella last night and I was laughing so hard my husband didn’t know what was going on (he was trying to sleep, oops).  I genuinely cannot remember the last time I EVER laughed so hard.  James wasn’t sure if I was crying…. haha


Again, I’ve been mostly glued to a laptop most of this week, so I haven’t really been anywhere exciting to document what I’ve worn.  However, a couple of weeks back I wrote a post about Online Clothes Shopping for Children and whether it’s important for children to have unique clothes and shopping small at the likes of WAHM’s boutiques such as Little and Fierce Judah and Eden’s purchases have been arriving so they have modelled some toddler fashion for you…

zara haul, boys fashion, dontcallmestepmummy, children's fashion, toddlers, cute baby boy
Trying some clothes out from his Zara haul

love letters to our little ones, vlogging, our first vlog, parent vloggers, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family

Eden is marking her 18 month milestone by raiding our fridge and wearing new clothes that arrived from ‘Tui-B’ in the post the day before.  She has an ‘Anarkid Organic’ geo print top on (complete with an ‘I’ve been measured’ sticker from the hospital), the cutest ‘Saplings’ trousers that have a heart on her bum, the only shoes we could find small enough to fit her (watch our recent vlog [at the bottom of this post] to find out who makes them), and a cute headwrap by ‘Sunday’ the label.

saplings, dontcallmestepmummy, Sunday the label, toddler life, dontcallmestepmummy, childrens fashion


I’m so lucky that my husband shares random love of all things I find annoying with the children.  They keep singing this song and I don’t mind hearing the children sing it, but I would never watch the video with him and the children, but yet, I’m sharing it here.  Listen for a few seconds if you dare to see how annoying it is

I’ve also been asked to sing at a local hospital radio station and share a bit of my story, so I spent a bit of time trying to find a song I would like to do.  After raving about Brooke Fraser and her new album on my Little Loves post last week it reminded me of how much I loved her earlier work.  It’s a gospel show (as most of my readers know I’m a believer) and so I thought maybe this song would work, it’s called ‘The C.S Lewis Song’ as it’s written from his beautiful quotes.  I’ll also sing one of my own (but I won’t subject you to that here).


As I’ve already said, I have spent a lot of time editing and making videos for our YouTube channel this week.  After some very disappointing news at the hospital this week I’ve decided to start sharing our journey about Eden’s potential Growth Hormone Deficiency.  I’ve called the series ‘Thumbelina’ as she was nicknamed by my cousin. She has grown recently and I was convinced they would sign her off, but alas that was not the case.  I have been struggling to find any relatable research on the internet this week, so I decided we would document our journey so that if others find themselves in our position they are not alone in learning facts and making the decisions involved.  The Endocrine Specialist did recommend the Child Growth Foundation to read up on, so that will be my mission for next week.  I have already contacted them and asked for some information to be sent out, so here we go…

and lastly…

Yay, it’s half term and I know a lot of you will be off on holiday, so have an amazing time.  I’m looking forward to stealing the girls for some extra days this week, and lots of fun.  We enjoyed a family picnic last week and I’m hoping for many more, come on sunshine!
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22 thoughts on “Blog Love, Zara Haul, Shopping Small and Child Growth Hormone Deficiency #LittleLoves

    1. Here’s hoping xxx the babies have gone to my Mum’s today, as I’m in bed with lovely monthlies pain so I’m going to indulge in lots of reading and LOTS of commenting xx have a great weekend x


  1. Oh I just love Eden’s little leggings! My children are always in the fridge too… they take after their mammy I fear! It sounds like you have had a very busy week (thank you for all the lovely comments you have given me.) I am going to watch your vlog while I prepare dinner, and then I will try to figure how to comment over there – I am a total newbie – and maybe a one hit wonder! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’ve just started this week, and I’m learning so much already. Mine is a lot more boring than yours but I guess educational for those in the same boat haha. You have to do more for sure, you’re really natural in front of the camera x


  2. I go through phases with blog reading and sometimes I will read NOTHING ELSE but recently I’ve been really bad at it. I keep losing blogs I love because I forget to follow/save them and then it takes me ages to come across them again.

    I love the little headwrap. Elsa would not allow me to put one on her though!

    I used to really like Zoella back in the day when she first started out and was posting mainly fashion and beauty bits. These days she seems really commercialised and childish and I don’t really bother with her anymore. I have a completely different sense of humour to the youngens it seems 😉

    Have a great weekend xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I love her fashion and beauty posts. I’ve been thinking we may do a few childish things on ours but with the children, mainly because they’ll absolutely LOVE doing it and so will James. The children love watching back videos of themselves so that will be fun x enjoy your Bank Holiday xx Eden barely keeps them on her head too, she loves hats again now though so that’s good timing for Summer 😉 x


  3. Aww those little trousers are so sweet 🙂 I hope you manage to find some helpful stuff about Eden’s potential condition, I’m sure that by sharing your journey you’ll be a source of help for other families. Have a lovely time with your family over the holidays 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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