Mia Wray, Little Magic Pieces and the end of Depression #littleloves

Mia Wray, Little Magic Pieces and the end of Depression #littleloves

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Friday again already. Here is our weekly round up with the lovely Sian at ‘Potty Mouthed Mummy‘ as the beautiful Morgana is off sunning herself in France.


Again, a lot of blogs this week.  I don’t really ever pick up a book.  I really enjoyed the ‘Country Kids‘ round up this week over on Fiona at Coombe Mill’s blog.  I am getting excited about the Summer and seeing what you lovely lot have been up to is inspiring ideas of things we can do on our two weeks with all the children.  One of my favourite posts was the genius idea to have a ‘Farm Party‘ for their child’s birthday.  We won’t be able to do this, this year, but it is definitely stored in the memory for next year.  Go have a nosy at Let Kids be Kids, there’s also a lovely video.


I’m up to date and awaiting so many new seasons at the moment so I’ve not really had the desire to even switch on the good old Netflix.  I’ve been busy working away on video editing and my blog so I’ve barely had time to chill.  I like this though, sometimes watching lots of programs reminds me of when I was depressed.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a good switch off, we certainly need it as Mum’s but this week has shown me I must be happy as I haven’t even noticed that I’ve not been watching anything.  When I break for lunch I go hang with my beautiful children, but when I have needed to zone out whilst I eat I’ve been watching YouTubers.  My new discovery is ‘In the Frow’ Victoria is a fashion lecturer in Manchester and her YouTube video on her iPhone 6 tour gave me some fantastic new apps.  I’m really excited by Moldiv.


I have been enjoying the sunshine and heading out more with the children.  I dared to let Martina have the camera whilst we were out walking this week and she captured a few of me with the babies.  When I posted them to my facebook I had a few people comment on the blue New Look v-neck and how it suited me.

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Isis Mae was wearing the beautiful Watermelon headband handmade by Dovile at ‘Little Magic Pieces’ in our latest YouTube video.  She has done the ‘My Favourite Things’ tag…


We’ve been listening a LOT to the beautiful Mia Wray, she has original songs, but also creates stunning covers.  We’ve been using her for all our memory videos on YouTube.  Here is her beautiful version of ‘Shake It Off’. We’re a bit obsessed with her.


A huge mistake!!!  Yesterday we headed out to meet friends as it was pre-arranged, even though the weather was forecast to be atrocious.  So the children were in their wellies and wrapped up warm with layers on.  Well, the sun shone all day, and I didn’t have my suncream with me.  It’s usually in the baby bag.  Thank goodness it wasn’t too hot, as my beautiful baby has a little sunburnt face this morning.  I guess it’s the first time Eden’s skin has been exposed to sun without protection of any kind.  The others are out the odd times in the sun.  It’s not bad thank goodness, but I just feel horrendous because my baby has a sunburnt face, so we will be staying indoors today at least whilst I slap after sun on her throughout the day and if we go out tomorrow she will have the usual Factor 50 on whatever the weather.  I will NEVER make the mistake to not have the suncream with me again.

and lastly…

I have noticed this week and I don’t want to sound too dramatic here but if you knew the journey that I’ve been on…. I FEEL again.  I don’t just FEEL, I feel happy.  I have been so numb for so long.  Not that I wasn’t enjoying life, my lovely family would melt my heart, but there is now a vast difference.  I feel as though I’m finally healing, after years of hurt and years of restoration (amidst the busyness of having children) I just feel so happy.  All the time.  I feel like I’m me again.  It has been an epic journey and if I’m honest one I never thought I’d be free of.  I’m not saying it will all be smooth sailing from now on, I’m still taking medication but I FEEL.  I am so grateful that my husband stuck by me through hard times and my draining personality as I battled depression.  I’m just grateful to my God that heals and kept me through all the heartache and never let me forget He had a plan.

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14 thoughts on “Mia Wray, Little Magic Pieces and the end of Depression #littleloves

  1. I am so glad that you are ‘feeling’ and happy! You have had your share of worries, but sometimes just getting out for a walk, and spending time with your friends just helps to remind us to enjoy life! (And I not saying it’s as simple as that) But, long may it continue!

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  2. That last paragraph really made me smile. So wonderful to read lovely!! That blue top is gorgeous on you, it definitely does suit you.

    Oh bless her getting a little sunburn. I’ve been there before. I forgot it on the first sunny day at H’s nursery and they don’t put it on so he was a little rosy bless him. Have a lovely weekend xxx

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  3. Ooh I haven’t come across Mia Wray before, will have to check her out, especially as I’m always on the hunt for good music to put over our family youtube videos. Amazing that you are feeling more like yourself again; hurray for a God who holds us through everything! #littleloves

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  4. Love that watermelon hairband! What a lovely realisation that you are emerging from depression and feel happy again. I’ve been there myself and it’s not a nice place to be, so yay for feeling more alive again. Have a great week x

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  5. A Farm Party, that does sound fun. So good to hear that you’re feeling more ‘you’, it’s not an easy journey but God is faithful. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend with your lovely family xx

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