‘Nemo and Giraffe’ Book Review

‘Nemo and Giraffe’ Book Review

I love being sent new things to review as a blogger, and this time we were sent a great little item that had been funded by a Kick Starter campaign.  Author Lee Hunter’s first children’s book ‘Nemo and Giraffe‘.  Having four children that love to read I jumped at the chance to review this item.  Isis Mae wanted to get involved and so I handed her the e-copy that we had been gifted to have a read through.  It was very easy for her at age 9, so we passed it along to Shayla-Rae aged 5 who is great with reading despite only being in her first year at school.  I sat with Shayla as she read through it and it was brilliant for a new reader.  She learned a lot of new words.  It was a challenge for her, but great as she has been looking for a book that she can read through herself.

This book isn’t designed to be a phonics challenge for new readers, but Shayla really did enjoy it.  This book is absolutely perfect to read to children who are experiencing a new pet.  Lee designed it this way as she wanted her children to accept their new cat.  This teaches a lovely message that anyone can be best friends.  Any age, shape, size, animal… even a cat and giraffe.  The illustrations are lovely too.

Here is Isis Mae’s review :

‘Mummy was sent this book to review but she thought because i do a lot of reading it might be good for me to review so then I chose to review it.

So first I read it but then I thought oh maybe it’s a good one to read to Shayla, Judah and Eden so we all sat down in a huddle and I read the story out loud and clear so every one could hear exactly what I was saying.

The book was good but maybe for the younger ones, I first read it through then I read it to Shayla who enjoyed it, because it was about a cat and then to Judah and Eden although Eden just ran away after the first five pages hahaha (nothing new there).

Nemo and Giraffe was teaching a lesson about how friends can be anyone big or small ,boys or girls even a cat and a giraffe!

I know Judah liked it because he stayed quiet and listened, he also liked looking at the pictures.

Judah was so cute after I had read it to them all he said ‘I really liked the book Isis’ and ran away with a smile on his face straight out the door.

I think it’s a good book to be read again and again to Judah and Eden because Judah always says you are my best friend to everyone, he is so adorable!

I enjoyed reading Nemo and Giraffe to them all whilst they where all cuddling up to me it made me smile!  I thought maybe I should read books like this to the littlies more often if they like me reading to them.  I love making people smile because it makes me smile especially when I’m making Shayla, Judah and Eden smile but I love making anyone smile really.  I think It can be for age 1( if read to by someone) to 6 years which can probably read independently or be read to)

This book has definitely inspired me to read more books like this to my siblings.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions of books I should read to them or any books you want me to review! Thanks 


She’s so lovely, I love how this book inspired her.  Please make sure you go and watch her video review it’s only a few minutes long and be sure to leave a thumbs up if you’d like to see more reviews like this from Isis Mae.

If you’d like to go and support Lee and her venture then make sure to buy a copy by clicking here.

You can also follow Lee and ‘Nemo and Giraffe’ on twitter and facebook.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/NemoandGiraffe

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nemoandgiraffe

*We were gifted an e-book version of Nemo and Giraffe for review purposes.  All opinions and words are honest and ours.

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