{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #22 – Vlogging

{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #22 – Vlogging

Over the past couple of weeks a new ordinary has crept into our lives.  It wasn’t particularly invited, it wasn’t thought out, it definitely wasn’t planned but we tried our hand at something, and it brought us a lot of joy.  We have been having a go at Vlogging.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about making some more memories for us as a family, and being inspired by an interview I saw between Jenny at ‘Let’s Talk Mommy‘ and Lucy at ‘Dear Beautiful‘. Lucy was talking about how there is something about video when capturing children that just can’t be felt the same way on a 2 dimensional still photograph. She is so right, the cute little waddle that Eden has as she walks, the way Shayla’s eyes light up as she goes from somber to happy. Isis doing never ending cartwheels and Judah bopping his head as he dances. These moments are not caught the same on photographs and so we started picking up the camera more in video mode.

We have been experimenting with what sort of YouTube channel that we want to be, or if we will just be eclectic and put whatever we like on there.  We don’t have many subscribers so far so no-one is telling us what they would like to see more of, or less of yet, but maybe we’ll get there.  For now, we are just having fun experimenting with all the different kinds of things that we like to watch on YouTube.

I was recommended to try the ‘My Favourite Things’ Tag by Charlotte at ‘Write Like No-One’s Watching‘ and then Isis had a go too.

The children saw a funny challenge and thought it would be a great idea for James and I to have a go at ‘How Well Do We Know Each Other?’, mainly because it involved us getting our faces covered in whipped cream.

Isis was doing a book review for our blog and decided to add another dimension to it by vlogging about it too.

Shayla has been having a go too, but that is still at editing stage.  We also have been making video diaries and film reviews, chatting about how we’ve been getting on with Eden at hospital and tomorrow I’m going to be unwrapping one of our recent purchases.  We’re not sure, which direction we want to go in.  Isis wants to have a go at hair tutorials, as we love watching ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles‘ and sometimes we make our own variations.  There are so many things that we could maybe do, please if you have any suggestions for us comment below as this is all very new for us.

We’re all having fun and I remembered how much passion I have for media and editing, I studied it at college.  We’ll keep experimenting until we find our groove or until it isn’t fun anymore.  For now we’re enjoying ourselves and the children are loving watching themselves back.  Even Eden at 18 months has started posing and saying ‘cheese’ when she sees me with a camera.  I guess that’s the life for bloggers children.

The more of these memories we can store up and treasure the better for me.  I also had the awful thought recently that if (God forbid) anything happened to James or I then the children would have a more accurate and fuller picture of how much we loved them, who we are as individuals and together, and what we want for them and really think about them.  Having two cousins that we adopted as siblings when I was a child I know that they would’ve loved to have these memories (my sister was telling me the other day).  Their Mum made a beautiful video for them that they’ve watched over and over as years have passed and it is their greatest treasure.  With that in mind we’ve even been getting the Grandparents involved.  It’s enough to help all of us get past our inhibitions and shyness in front of the camera.

As always we’re linking up with the beautiful Katie at Mummy Daddy Me, so make sure you click on the badge below to go see all the other wonderful Ordinary Moments.


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