Taking The Camera Off Auto, James Bay & Whipped Cream #littleloves

Taking The Camera Off Auto, James Bay & Whipped Cream #littleloves

Wow another week has passed by and it’s Friday.  I love this round up post to remind me to take stock of all the little things that made up our week.  It always puts a smile on my face.  The lovely Morgana is back from holiday now so we’ll be linking up with ‘But Why Mummy Why‘ again.  Let’s do it..


I received ‘the busy girl’s guide to digital photography‘ from my husband back in February.  You know what it’s like though when you’re a Mum, I haven’t really sat down with it properly.  Yesterday I sat there with the book and my DSLR and I have finally worked out how to get off Auto with my camera.  It took quite a lot of practice to get my head around it all.  I used one of the children’s Peppa Pig toys as a model (the toddlers were not co-operating) and once I’d mastered figured out how my camera works, I was able to take some snaps of the babies.  I am a LONG way off being a dab hand with my camera, but I am so happy that my journey has finally begun.  I love being creative, and I know I will feel a lot more satisfaction when I look at my photography, knowing that I helped create it, rather than just pointing and clicking.


Pretty Little Liars was back on Netflix this week.  I’ll be honest when I first started watching it, I watched it because I didn’t have much else to watch.  The plot is addictive, it’s kind of like a teen movie with thriller elements.  We’ve not known who the villain is for 5 seasons, although there’s been reveals along the way that made you feel you knew who it was.  There was a big plot twist at the end of Season 5 and Martina and I have been waiting with baited breath for the Season 6 premiere.  Normally we have to wait until September for new seasons from the U.S to start but they have called this the ‘Summer of Answers’ it began airing 2nd June so I’m excited to see what we find out.  I know I’ll still be left questioning a lot but half of the fun for Martina and I is the constant guessing.  She finds it hilarious that I’m always coming up with new theories of who ‘A’ is.  We loved watching the first one, and I won’t include any spoilers.  If you are a viewer and didn’t know it was back head over to Netflix right now.  It was a brilliant Season premiere.

Also, last Saturday Isis and I went to watch ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ check out our review below


I finally made some time to have something done for me.  I am now sporting some HD Brows, I think they look amazing.  I never knew that my eyebrows could look like this.  I have seen HD Brows look great and I’ve seen some look terrible.  I went to my cousin’s boutique ‘Peach Beautique’ and I am so, so happy with the results.  I will not go anywhere else now.  They look so natural, and really show off the shape that can be achieved if you know what you’re doing.  My eyebrows have always been blonde (James calls them invisible) so I usually just put a bit of mascara on give some shape.  Apologies for the miserable looking, no make-up selfie below but I am absolutely made up with them.

HD Brows, Peach Beautique, Don't Call Me Step Mummy, mummy blog
excuse the late night grainy photo from the flip side of my camera phone


Our wire that connects to our phones has broken in the car, so instead of listening to our Spotify playlists, we’ve had the radio on this week.  I’m quite pleased as I’ve found some music I just wouldn’t have heard otherwise.  I will be buying a new wire today though as the girls want to listen to the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ soundtrack so will make sure we have that before they are collected this evening.  My favourite song from our week listening to the radio is the lovely James Bay.  I love his voice.


We ordered a ‘Magic Bullet’ last week and it arrived this week.  Martina and I have been having fun experimenting with different recipes.  It really does make everything so much quicker and easier.  We’ve had omelettes packed full of vegetables, quesadillas for the children packed with veggie goodness, gluten-free blueberry muffins.  There are so many things that we can do.  We will probably vlog some of our efforts as we’ve been enjoying doing that.

gluten-free, blueberry muffins, Don't Call Me Step Mummy, mummy blogger

We also made a big old mess when we did the ‘How Well Do We Know Each Other’ challenge.  The children enjoyed smashing us in the face with a plate of whipped cream when we got the answers wrong.

and lastly…

I’m preparing for Judah’s 3rd birthday later this month, so I am having a day out today with a friend.  I cannot remember ever doing this since children.  I managed to steal some time away for lunch the other week with my friend Rachael, today I am trying a little bit longer.  It isn’t something that will be a habit, but because of the nature of my shopping trip I can’t have Judah with me without spoiling the surprises.  I gave Martina the day off yesterday to prepare her for having a longer day with the children on her own today… wish us luck, that she copes and I’m not having a panic attack being out without them.  I’m being picked up around 9:30 and will be back after lunch … eek!


20 thoughts on “Taking The Camera Off Auto, James Bay & Whipped Cream #littleloves

  1. Great round up, I love that idea of the how well do you know yourself blog, I shall be watching that later 🙂 I definitely need to invest in that digital photography book, I would love to learn how to use my camera properly for better photography. Have a great weekend and week ahead #LittleLoves

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  2. I should really get that book! I have had a Canon DSLR for three years and still have it on auto! Good for you for making a start! I love your eyebrows, I really love having mind done too! Hope you have a great week xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m desperate for a DSLR, maybe for my birthday! Your brows look great. I love how having your brows done can make all the difference to your face – that reminds me I need to book in to get mine threaded again next week as I may have neglected them for about 2 months and they really don’t look good! Have a great weekend x

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    1. I’m enjoying it. Have so many pics, but getting irritated by having to view my pics on photoshop rather than easy thumbnails as I’ve been shooting in RAW. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though xx


  4. I will get that book (and an actual DSLR camera!) one day I swear! I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time this week and even though it’s not a huge change in the scheme of things I think it makes you feel so much better to have a shapely eyebrow eh?! Not heard of HD brows though.. And not sure what a magic bullet is either (like a Nutri-bullet?). I definitely need a better blender though. Hope you had a lovely weekend and took some great snaps Xx #littleloves

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovely, HD Brows is just the name for the method I think, they just take a long time, it’s a combination of waxing, threading and just shaping them by taking their time. It took her about 45 mins. Magic bullet is a new version of the nutri bullet yes, made by nutri-bullet. It definitely made me feel better to see the difference it can make with a good brow haha. I had a great weekend, hope you did too. Have a lovely week xxx


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