Alexandra here, and I am a bit of a scatter brain after four very close pregnancies in a short space of time.  In the past I have struggled to keep a blog going as when life gets tough I don’t like to write, I like to pretend it’s not happening but as other bloggers have inspired me, and as I realign why I am blogging, I want to start afresh on this blogging journey. I am now a mum to two beautiful children that I have given birth to, and two that my husband blessed me with being a part of their lives.  Isis is 9, Shayla-Rae is 5, Judah is about to turn 3 and Eden is 18 months old.

We live in Lancashire and lead very normal lives, that revolve around music – I am a vocal coach and sing at the local church, dancing – I used to teach and the girls currently cost us a fortune with this passion, and social justice – before I was pregnant this passion led my husband and I together, and he has just qualified as a Social Worker July 2014.

After a very hectic start on our journey (both with a divorce under our belts), with things now settling down I want to keep a record for our children of our lives together.  For them to remember as they read back the joys and sometimes struggles we had raising our beautifully blended family. For them to see how much they were loved and record the memories of our adventures.

I hope you enjoy reading our tales of potty-training, school disasters, ballet exams, financial struggles, and all the creative fun bits in between.

Many thanks Alexandra

Don't Call Me Step Mummy, toddler love, Mother and Son kisses, Nikon

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, just clicked randomly on your link on Silent Sunday, and got drawn in. I have a daughter called Eden, I’m a social worker, and I’m forever campaigning on social justice issues, so it is obviously meant to be! I look forward to reading future posts.


  2. I just entered the world of two under two and found your blog looking for other survivors of the same situation :). Looking forward to reading it!



    1. Hi Andy, yes thanks, it is certainly fun. Haha, my husband will be starting work soon and Eden has now started crawling, so I’m looking forward to this next stage of mayhem. I’m thinking of time tabling my days. I will definitely post on my progress, hopefully it will help you on your journey. I’m great at showing what NOT to do 😉


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