The Baby

The Baby – Eden

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Our pint-sized princess is finally growing.  After earning herself the name ‘Thumbelina’ as she was 1 year old before she progressed out of newborn nappies.  She is still undergoing tests at the hospital but for the first time I am excited for her impending appointments as I know they will be shocked at how much weight she has put on.  She is coming up to 18 months old next week and still only just in 6-9 month clothes but she no longer looks gaunt and her size shows what we’ve always known.  She is a really healthy toddler.

Eden means ‘delight’ and she really is, we are so blessed to have her in our lives.  I stopped breast feeding her a few months ago and was gutted when she didn’t like me baby wearing (especially as she weighs so little) anymore, as I am very aware that she will be our last and joke that she stays small as she knows there’s no more babies coming and wants me not to be sad they’re all growing up too soon.

Most of our time together is spent cuddling and making sure she doesn’t meet any doom as she performs death defying tricks.  Climbing from the sofa to the top of the piano, diving off our high bed as she is completely fearless and so tiny.  She is hilarious to be around.  So sweet, she will often run up behind me and kiss the back of my legs as she wraps her arms around me whilst I’m cooking or tending to something else.

Judah is her best friend and she loves her family very much.  An extremely content and loving child.  We have been truly blessed.

Excited for the life that is laid out ahead of her…. the rest is still unwritten.

She is our delight and I love to sing to her :


Thumbelina, Thumbelina tiny little thing

Thumbelina dance

Thumbelina sing

O Thumbelina, Thumbelina though you may be small

When your heart is full of love

You’re 9 feet tall

~ Hans Christian Anderson

The day we met Eden

Happy 9 months Eden

Happy 10 months Eden

Happy 11 months Eden

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