Shayla’s turning Five

Shayla’s turning Five

 Our princess has gone off to her first day at school today.  We made a video a couple of weeks ago about all her current favourite things, how much she was looking forward to school and what she wants to be when she grows up.  I’m interested to see how this changes year on year.  Read all about her first day at school here.  We will be posting all about her party too but that is next week due to a friend’s little boy having his this weekend.
It’s going to be a great birthday Shayla-Rae, we love you very much.


18 Days of Summer #17 – Happy Birthday Daddy

18 Days of Summer #17 – Happy Birthday Daddy

Today I awoke, a woman on a mission.  It’s James’ birthday and that means that I am pretty much on my own with responsibilities for a day, not because I have to be, but because I want to be.  After I had given Eden her morning feed, I showered, got ready and went down to make James some breakfast in bed.  Don’t ask me why but at some point during childhood James decided his favourite breakfast was Kiwi.  His Mum would always give him kiwi in bed on his birthday, I’ve seen photos.  I made James’ mum a scrapbook a few Mothers Days ago with all her picture memories in it and this started the tradition of me serving him kiwi in bed on his birthday.  This is third year running James has had kiwi for breakfast from me.  So once James had his kiwi and his brew I went down to face the music.

I was a bit out of it yesterday and hadn’t realised when I went to bed what a mess downstairs had been left.  James’ parents have a lodger, granted she’s hardly ever around but there’s always the potential that we are not the only ones in the house and we can’t afford to leave the kitchen a mess etc. overnight.  It’s something they would NEVER do, so out of respect for their home whilst their away, I set about cleaning.  It took me a long time to wash up and then clean and tidy the dining room, the babies leave quite a mess in their wake.  It was a good move to clean up as the lovely lodger turned up whilst I was making everyone blueberry pancakes to drop off some vegetables from her allotment, apparently she does this for James’ parents a lot.  What a lovely lodger, hardly ever in, pays for this privilege and then brings fresh vegetables, can’t complain.

Once everyone was fed, I took them all off for a shower, the girls mostly sort themselves but I just check their hair has been rinsed thoroughly, today I did their hair for them as they were managing to soak their Nanny’s bathroom completely (not used to their shower I guess).  I also chose their hairstyles today, mean aren’t I?  I decided that as we intended to go out to play on the splash pad, and maybe in the sea that their hair needed to be a swimming appropriate do.  Well, I know it doesn’t have to, but it’s nice when they don’t look like scarecrows after they’ve been playing (also I love their hair off their faces, shows them off and they look so much like their Daddy).  I went for the laced fishtail …
006 009
It’s crazy how similar they look in profile and from behind now.  It’s just like watching Isis at this age all over again.  Once all the poppets were ready we were going to head to Waitrose to grab some filling for some sandwiches, but James preferred the idea of KFC.  To be fair, by the time we’d raided Waitrose we’d have spent the same anyway and it’s birthday so we went for his option.
Judah managed to fall asleep sat on his buggyboard, so funny.  Where there’s a will there’s a way.  At least I know that it is suitable for when he is tired.  He snuggled right into the cosy toes like a pillow.
On a little side note, KFC was a good one to feed us all, even Eden could have the chicken breast from inside the breaded skin.  James would break her off decent pieces once he’d munched the coating.  Obviously, not the ideal, but it did mean that she was able to join in with us before munching her banana and ella’s kitchen fruit pouch.
After KFC, we headed to the ‘Splash Pad at the Gap’ in Worthing.  It didn’t seem to be on though, the children looked disappointed.  Instead, we moseyed across to the stony beach, they were happy with this.  Promptly stripped down to their swimming costumes and marching off to dip their toes in the sea with Daddy.  I sat with the baby and tried to take photographs whilst attempting to learn what to do with my DSLR – novice.
054 063 122 124
This pic makes me laugh, looks like they’re imitating a Baywatch pose.  They’re just shielding their eyes from the sun I presume.  Funny girls.158
After the children were fed up of the water they came to chill for a while.  Was really nice to just sit in the sunshine and hang out with our beautiful children.  A Lancaster Bomber flew overhead, children always love seeing planes don’t they?  That kept them excited for a while.
We made a video for James’ birthday.  We’ll do a new one each year to compare, just as we will for the children, Daddy was just setting an example :
 I am aware that my husband is very random, it’s like having another child most of the time.  Isis and Judah strongly take after his randomness.  I will have my hands full in a few years for sure as Judah comes into his own.  There’ll be 3 of them.  Let’s hope Eden is more like myself, then she, Shayla and I can hide in a room and play with make-up whilst they tear apart the house.
137 095 104

As we were about to head back for ice-cream we noticed that the Splash Pad was now on.  So off we went.  The children were very excited as this was what we were supposed to be doing today anyway.

Fresh Prince of Worthing
 The Splash Pad is great, such an easy way to entertain them for a very long time, but it can quickly get cold for them when the sun goes behind a cloud.  To be honest, they didn’t really feel the cold as it stayed sunny, but I was starting to get concerned for their fair skin in the water and sunlight.  So after a good half hour, we headed back for ice-cream on our way home.

187 189 210

bugaboo cameleon
Eden enjoyed the teether on her Lamaze toy whilst we all had ice-creams
tiny ice-cream
I was resisting an ice-cream so James broke off the end of his cone and made me a teeny one, he wanted me to join in

When it was time to walk home, we should’ve known better than to let Judah try and walk the 300 yards.  He was upset over his ice-cream dripping and decided to reenact his scene the other day, just lying in the street (at least this time it wasn’t raining).  However, this time Daddy was here and could just bring him to the bugaboo, where he rode the rest of the way home.

this from the social worker
this from the social worker-he wasn’t crying by the way just didn’t want to walk

I was exhausted when we got home, but James had told me earlier that he wanted spaghetti meatballs for dinner, so I set about preparing dinner.  We all sat together to dine and after dinner enjoyed a lovely Waitrose strawberry chocolate cake that James’ mum had bought and left for this purpose – a lot of which is still cling filmed for desserts tomorrow.

babyled weaning
as usual Eden enjoyed her food

238 281

We had planned to all watch a movie together but the babies were tired and wanted to go to bed, so it became an early night (which was infact 7:30pm, later than their usual bedtime, but earlier than they’ve been having these holidays).

James had a great day and I’m really pleased that he did, this is the first time we’ve been on our own as a little family for his birthday, instead a big family gathering.  It wasn’t what I would’ve originally planned, I would’ve loved for him to be around family, but we had a lovely intimate happy day.  Aside, from the constant cleaning I was doing when I wasn’t behind a camera, I thoroughly enjoyed my day too.

Love you babe, looking forward to another year with you, enjoy the last of your twenties.