Online Clothes Shopping for Children

Online Clothes Shopping for Children

When it comes to buying clothes for our four children I have always been a HUGE Next fan.  They wash well, they last, they’re affordable and the children always look so beautifully presented.  I have noticed the only downside to this is that all the other children’s parents seem to have figured this out too.  I can’t recount every time that I have turned up somewhere and Judah is wearing the exact same top as a couple of other toddlers around.  Now I’m not meaning to be snobby, it’s not the end of the world that I have similar taste to other parents that I like, but when you’re trying to keep your eye on your little one at softplay bobbing in and out of padded areas, I like to be able to identify him.  I’m usually sat with a teeny toddler in a different area so it’s difficult to keep track of them both.

maxi dress, Next, fashion for children
Isis really suits these ‘Maxi’ dresses and gets one every Summer
prom dress, fashion for children, Next
Shayla looks amazing in the ‘prom’ dress cut

The girls ADORE Next clothes, we will never stray away from Next entirely, there are a few styles that they regurgitate in different patterns each season that look so beautifully cut, and hang perfectly on their frames that we will continue to buy the new version until their shape changes (if that ever happens, Isis is a clothes horse).  Even just looking through their online pages to find photos for this post there are so many things that I want to buy.  I love all the variety of colours of skinny jeans.  I don’t think there is anywhere else that compares for that, and I love a POP of colour especially in the Summer.

Next, skinny jeans, fashion for children
skinny jeans available this season from Next

However, despite also loving some of the beautiful ranges from Debenhams ‘Butterfly’ by Matthew Williamson use to be one of our faves, but at the moment they don’t stock this brand for children anymore.  J by Jasper Conran and Baker by Ted Baker often do some really beautiful dresses.  Zara we love for cool fashion staples, they never fail to deliver all the hottest trends and cuts whilst retaining simplicity and affordability.  River Island is really stepping up too in the children department.  I wouldn’t feel right not mentioning these great high street brands, but recently I am becoming more interested in shopping small.

There are so many amazing little boutique shops out there now, with platforms like etsy for these sellers and instagram, the options are endless.  I love that a lot of these online shops are run by WAHM’s (work at home Mommas) and the detail that goes in to the product to make them unique and comfortable (a lot are organicly made) without compromising style.  My main problem with instagram is I see something I absolutely LOVE, it may not be too expensive but then it will come from the US, or Australia and I have to then pay shipping which bumps it past what I would think is an affordable option that I can justify to my husband.

George Hats, trucker hat, fashion for chidlren
I’ve just purchased one of these funky trucker hats for Judah

The great thing with the blogging community too, is that certain brands flash on your instagram feed often.  You begin to recognise them as a reputable seller (you still need to be careful where you send your money off to, always use PayPal) and you’re supporting these amazing Momma’s in their business ventures.  I often see something beautiful and when I question where it’s from (or someone else has commented and been answered before me), it’s from Fritha’s shop ‘Tigerlilly Quinn‘.  I love Fritha’s shop, full of colour and beautiful designs that are stylish for your home and aesthetically exciting for children.

kate and james shop, tee, fashion for children
I’ve ordered this adorable tee for Eden, she’ll look so cute at the beach in the Summer in this

I am a HUGE supporter of Morgana and her ‘Little & Fierce‘ accessories store for children.  She puts so much thought into every piece that she adds in to her online shop.  She is passionate about quality and diversity for children rather than them all having the same character headbands from whichever fad is out at the time (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s about children having CHOICE too).

Our favourite online website at the moment is – granted some of the ranges are a bit pricey for us (a girl can dream, hmmm…… Roberto Cavalli) but there are some great brands that just maintain that unique edge of not being everyday high street whilst being affordable.  Spanish brand ‘Mayoral‘ is one of those for us.  Isis is a big fan of their dresses., dresses, fashion for children
one of the beautiful brands at

I could rant on about this all day but I guess I just wanted to remind all us Mum’s and Dad’s out there that the internet makes individuality so much easier these days.  The world is a lot smaller than it used to be.  If you’re not really one for online shopping, I encourage you give it a try, but be careful, keep the credit cards locked away as it can be addictive.
*Images used in this post are taken from the respective companies that I have mentioned in their captions.

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Little + Fierce – Our Wishlist Top 5

Little + Fierce – Our Wishlist Top 5

little + fierce wishlist, childrens accessories, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family

So today Morgana over at has launched her childrens accessories online shop

We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this as the girls have looked excitedly on Morgana’s instagram account in the past at some of the things Noo & E have been wearing in the pictures.  It is obvious that Morgana has an amazing eye for fashion, but it’s not just about that…. it’s about creating a platform for the smaller brands to sell.  For children to be more individual in their choice of accessory rather than just wearing the generic bigger branded/cartoon character items.  Not that there’s anything wrong in those things, if Judah could wear any item of clothing, hat, shoes with George from Peppa Pig on everyday of the week, he would, if I let him.  This is so girls like Isis and Shayla can find things that they like, that are designed with them in mind and empowering smaller businesses.

Above are our top 5 picks and we will be making a purchase of 3 of them shortly,the others may need to wait for more pennies *sighs*.  We are so excited for all that Morgana and the team at Little + Fierce will be doing in the future and I’m sure the girls alone could almost keep them in business.

Your little ones will be able to create a ‘wishlist’ on the site which will enable you to be able to mysteriously know what to get them for those all important events – Christmas, Birthday’s, Friday’s (us girls don’t need much of an excuse for something new, am I right?)

Click on the numbers below to find out prices and be able to order….

1        2        3        4      5
NB. This post is not sponsored in anyway, we just wanted to celebrate Morgana’s achievement in todays launch and have genuinely been so excited for the launch.

Preston Fashion LIVE

Preston Fashion LIVE

Shayla sporting a beautiful tutu (she actually has this exact one at home too) and some cute wellies
Shayla sporting a beautiful tutu (she actually has this exact one at home too) and some cute wellies

So the girls got to be in a fashion show last week with ‘The Dancers Wardrobe‘.  The sportswear, gymnastics and dancewear that they stock is very handily situated underneath the dance school that they attend and run by the wonderful Jessica who is the daughter of the principle of the dance school.  The girls were very excited that Miss Jessica needed some girls to be models for the fashion show.  There were some communication errors from the lady arranging the fashion show though which meant that the plans changed but the girls enjoyed the day very much just the same.

They turned up at 10am to the dance school, had their make-up and hair done (they always enjoy this) and had to practice some routines for the catwalk and choose their outfits.  Every girls dream day.

enjoying wearing make-up
enjoying wearing make-up

They felt right at home doing this with the other girls from the dance school as it wasn’t that long ago since they were involved in the show. They were happy choosing different outfits to strut down the catwalk in.  Although, due to some last minute changes (down to the lady who wasn’t great at communicating) they didn’t get to wear them all.  They still thoroughly enjoyed the experience though.  It meant that Shayla only walked down the catwalk once and Isis went down carrying various different accessories.

Isis 1
pirouette on the catwalk
Isis 3
showing how this handy backpack is suitable even for little shoulders
Isis 4
showing the beautiful ballet shoe print bag to it’s full potential
Isis 2
‘yes I know I’m gorgeous’
Isis 5
starfish pose

Judah and Eden enjoyed watching their big sisters in the ‘show’ as Judah called it.  We sat right at the front so I could snap these photos whilst the worked the runway for the first time in their little lives.  Maybe not for the last time?  Was so proud of how brave they were in a shopping mall packed full of people.  Their confidence levels never cease to amaze me.  I was a very proud stepmummy that day.

Judah wanted a picture too
Judah wanted a picture too

We felt all the models and dancers were amazing, and wish we had asked permission first to take some photos.  They had some truly beautiful costumes to view and it was lovely to be there for the first one ever in Preston.  Hopefully the planning will be done better next time and Miss Jessica will get the true credit she deserved for her and the team that helped from ‘The Dancers Wardrobe’.

Thank you Miss Jessica, the girls felt like movie stars.


Top 30 Buys for Eden’s A/W Wardrobe

Top 30 Buys for Eden’s A/W Wardrobe

a/w 14 1

image image image image

I have been excited for my pint-sized princess to grow all year.  Last year I bought her so many clothes whilst I was waiting for her arrival, and as she hasn’t really grown all year, she is still in 0-3 months clothes, I have been waiting to see what season it will be when I can buy her some new clothes.  I think I can now buy her some 3-6 months clothes in the A/W range and the above are all on my hitlist.
1) bird dress

2) printed dress

3) butterfly sweatshirt

4) short cardigan with bow

5) double breasted jacket

6) crown sweater

7) shirt with frill collar

8) shirt with crochet collar

9) flower print t-shirt

10) jeans with hearts

11) leggings with buttons

12) knitted beret

13) loose fit trousers

14) loose fit printed trousers

15) shimmer harem pants

16) printed low cut dress

17) leather maryjane with bow

18) ballerina with bow

19) pink bow prom dress

20) polka dot leather blucher

21) ochre cord shorts

22) turquoise faux fur gilet

23) grey knitted stripes and spots tights

24) red dot and bird print babygrow

25) purple floral leggings

26) printed jersey dress

27) crown headband

28) fluffy bunny earmuff

29) flower crochet snood

30) baby skye skirt

I’m sure there will be many more things as the season continues but these should be a good start.  Now, to just find some money to purchase them *winks*.