18 Days of Summer #3

18 Days of Summer #3

Sundays are always spent predominantly at church, however this morning when we woke (I hadn’t slept properly due to an awful nightmare) I was my usual stuffy, head-cold self when I’ve not really slept, and James had a horrendous headache.  I knew he needed to rest.  Normally, this would mean that I would take all 4 children by myself, they’re well behaved and they love the kids church, but because I also didn’t feel very well, and I’ve been struggling with some anxiety issues (yes, unfortunately this is rearing it’s ugly head again) the idea didn’t appeal to me.  I would normally force myself for the girls sake, as it is a constant in their lives that they love, but as we had them all day instead of going back to the ‘other mummy’s’ in the afternoon, I decided to rest too (by that I mean, not run around like a mad woman getting them all ready and out of the door) and took the children downstairs for breakfast and to hang out, so as not to wake Daddy.  The girls were able to come to church with us in the evening instead.

The girls chose a hairstyle each that they wanted from the Cute Girls Hairstyles app.  They absolutely love this site.  Isis will go on it on her tablet at the ‘other mummy’s’ and practice styles on Shayla, so cute.

Isis chose the lace braided ponytail
Isis chose the lace braided ponytail
Shayla chose the diagonal bow braid - I did not have the correct equipment
Shayla chose the diagonal bow braid – I did not have the correct equipment

I love learning to do these new styles, Shayla’s was exceptionally difficult though as I didn’t have the right equipment to pull the loops through.  I was trying with a curby grip and it was nearly impossible.  So difficult.  Need to stock up on some more hair supplies before we try this one again.

My parents nipped in with my brother after church to see how we were as it was so odd that we weren’t there.  They ended up taking Judah back with them for the day, so we had more room to pack things to take over after church in the evening, as we are being based over at theirs for the week.  It was nice to see my brother, we haven’t crossed paths recently, I was able to give him his birthday presents a little early so we could all see his enjoyment of opening them.  He also like the cards the children had spent all yesterday afternoon making him.  Happy 21st Jacob if you see this.

he loved his new t-shirt
he loved his new t-shirt

We were supposed to go to a friends for lunch, but James just wasn’t very well, so bless them, they came to us, they brought bountiful food, a big dish of macaroni and cheese, a pasta bolognese, salad, garlic bread, and an amazing chocolate cake.  They are quite a new married couple, and Laura I don’t think had ever cooked for so many people before so she had gone a little bit overboard, but it was so thoughtful and considerate of them.  We felt very spoilt and blessed by their company.

We had an hour after company left to finish packing and get to church as James was serving in the kids church this evening which meant we needed to go early for briefing, set-up etc.  We got packed up and arrived at church on time, had a great service, then drove to my Mum’s (aka Nana’s).

my little toast munchers, look how small Eden looks
my little toast munchers, look how small Eden looks

120 123

Can you guess which of the three toast munching pictures I took?  My husband had the camera for the rest.

They were hungry when we arrived but it was late so they munched some toast and then were reunited with their brother who heard them and came downstairs.

Isis is wearing my Mum’s dressing gown

Judah was the most tired I have seen him for a long time, I think he was just far too excited to have us all at Nana’s.  He was so upset when it was bedtime, he didn’t even want us to sing him a song, infact he cried to make sure we wouldn’t sing him a song ‘Not want twinkle, twinkle!’ came the cries.  Ok, no problem, quite happy to not sing the same song as we have to do every other night.  Eden was happy enough in her new surroundings.  The girls have gone to sleep excited for what tomorrow may bring weather dependent.  In the morning I’m making them pancakes.

My princess before I got her into her sleepsuit
I love how she always smiles when the camera is out, well trained already
Judah needed cuddles to help him go to sleep

I’m looking forward to this time with them all.  I think I’m most excited because they’re so excited.  Ah to be a child again, nice that we kind of get to live the childhood memories again as we create new ones for our own.

18 Days of Summer – #1

18 Days of Summer – #1

18 days of summer 1

So at 4pm this afternoon, well 3.25pm as I was too excited and ended up early, I went to collect our beautiful girlies for 18 whole days.  I love when we get the girls for a long stint, obviously it’s hard having 4 children, but this is our time now, our time to holiday, to just do lots of fun things and enjoy being our big blended family.

We made a bucket list of things they would like to do in this time a few weeks back.  We will be having the first week in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire and the second in Worthing, West Sussex.  I have been planning food menu’s and allsorts for our time together as I want it to be the best that it can be, for as cheap as possible (we don’t have much disposable income at the moment).

We want to do craft projects, go for walks round lakes, go to the beach, have a picnic in the park (they’re pretty inexpensive with their suggestions which is always helpful).  Today whilst James was at an appointment in town, I took them to the park near to our home.  The council spent a lot of money doing it up a couple of years ago, we’re fortunate to have it on our doorstep.  My cousin travels to this park with her son from over 20 miles away.

can you spot our 3 eldest on this climbing frame?
can you spot our 3 eldest on this climbing frame?

I love watching them play together, Judah is so shy when I take him the park on his own, infact, he’s a bit of a grandad lol.  He just walks between things too scared to try anything, sometimes tries to climb up a few steps but then decides he needs a sit down and finds a bench. Haha.  When the girls are here too though, well then he’s wanting to try everything that they do, and all of a sudden knows no fear.  It’s wonderful how it just takes someone to pave the way every now and again and we feel braver isn’t it?  I love that he has his big sisters to look up to and teach him to be daring.

The girls made me laugh, they always come back when I collect them in whatever dress they had worn to church on Sunday the week before, as I drop them off afterwards.  This did not stop them clambering straight up to the top of the climbing frame, and going down the zip wire.

Shayla-Rae on the zip wire
Shayla-Rae on the zip wire

I love the action setting on our camera.  I would never have been able to capture such a clear shot as Shayla was flying away from me at considerable speed.  It doesn’t look it here, but it is quite high off the ground for Shayla and I was unsure of whether to let her have a go, but she went for it and loved it.  We had to stop after 2 go’s each though as Judah wanted a go, now that would’ve been completely irresponsible parenting.  He’d have flung off in milliseconds and we’d have been at A&E with him having concussion at least.  I’ve told the girls that ‘Daddy will take them next time, and we’ll wear leggings so it’s easier, and I will be able to take Judah off to distract him, as there’ll be two parents.’ (just imagine my best explaining voice).

teaching their little brother bad habits
teaching their little brother bad habits

I took so many photos of them but I won’t post them all here.  We have 17 more days to record our memories.  I will be spoilt for choice for my Siblings post next month.  So, because Eden obviously can’t join in here is a snap of her with the rest of the gang before we headed home.

18 days of summer 5

When we arrived home James decided to make us a fancy family dinner to celebrate having the girls, I wish I’d snapped a picture.  It was chicken with pancetta and a cranberry jus, served with mash and gravy haha.  He has a way of presenting food beautifully that makes fish and chips look like you’re in a 3* michelin restaurant.  We were all very grateful for his efforts (especially me, who then didn’t have to cook), the children were all then bathed and I plaited the girls hair ready to rock some waves tomorrow.

Tomorrow if the weather is nice we’re going to watch my brother play cricket, something we never get to do because of their hectic dance schedule in term time, so this will be a lovely family outing that I’m looking forward to.

The Baby Diaries – Judah – week twenty-one (our holiday in Paphos)

Baby Diaries

The Baby Diaries – Judah – week twenty-one (our holiday in Paphos)

week 21

Most people like to use the excuse of ‘eating for two’ when they’re pregnant, although scientifically this is inaccurate.  Your body is actually more efficient when you’re pregnant, your metabolism increases causing you to need about an extra 500 calories a day.  Sorry.

My pregnancy journal as seen notes that your appetite will increase at around this stage.  For me this wan’t the case, Due to my hypermesis gravidarum I could barely keep anything down and as a result had become very fussy, just wanting bland stodgy food like toast, potatoes etc.  I pretty much took my only bump photo on this holiday, I stuck my tummy out as I liked looking pregnant (especially as I’m overweight to begin with, it was nice for a season to look like I had a genuine reason to be fat haha).


How beautiful is Paphos? and to think this was early February, being in the warm was definitely a welcome break.  I enjoyed being on holiday a lot, we seemed to go at a season and to a resort were most of the people were aged 50+.  Obviously we weren’t going to be out drinking and partying, we had gone all inclusive so that we didn’t need to worry about cost, so I had a lot of virgin cocktails whilst James enjoyed the watered down limitless spirits and cocktails.  James and I decided to embrace the fun and join in most of the activities, I won the darts championship one day, shuffleboard (haha, now I sound old), sucked at the archery and rifle shooting, but obviously as an ex entertainer won their version of X factor singing Leona Lewis’ version of ‘Run’ in the talent show.  We thought it was funny collecting the certificates and there wasn’t much else I could do as on the odd days we did do trips round the ‘Tombs of the Kings’ and to some beaches, and shopping, I was just too exhausted as it was hot and I hadn’t been able to keep down much food.

I have to say the only thing that upset me on this holiday was not having the girls with us.  We kept seeing things that they would enjoy, activities they would be good at, sights we wished we could share.  We vowed not to go away without children again apart from overnight or long weekends at a push.  It was important for us to have that couple time before the babies came along and it continues to be important for us to have dates.  Something we struggle to schedule in but are trying to get better at.

holiday selfie
holiday selfie

We would go swimming every day in the afternoon, so my hair spent most of it’s time plaited to not become a hassle.  I hated dealing with my hair when I was pregnant.  It just irritated me, funny what hormones do to you, I think if I could carry it off a pixie cut would have been adopted quick smart.

Here are the notes I made in my pregnancy journal this week :

How am I feeling this week?

Energy : Good, joined in most of the games, went swimming every day, early nights were still needed though.

Mood : great, had a fantastic holiday in the sun with my hubby to be.  Took lots of photos in and around cyprus with bump.

tomb of the kings
a much needed sit down in one of the tombs

Appetite : very little I can eat on this all inclusive, and I have a very little appetite.

Cravings : mainly salted potatoes ie. chips, hash browns etc. and ice-cream as it’s been hot but my body doesn’t want dairy.

Sickness : not really subsided but travel and heat won’t have helped.

The best thing was I got to spend Valentines Day with my amazing fiance, who was crazy enough to go into the freezing swimming pool, that NO other guests were using.  Daniel Craig eat your heart out lol.

Daniel Craig eat your heart out
Daniel Craig eat your heart out