+Rehab London Male Skincare Routine {Review}

+Rehab London Male Skincare Routine {Review}

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The wonderful people at +Rehab London (click here to check them out) heard of my husbands extremely sensitive skin and decided to rise to the challenge and send some products for us to review.  My husband suffers with Rosacea on his cheeks and nose area and also Psoriasis at the base of his hairline due to his scalp.  Usually the only products that he is able to use are medicated and prescribed from the GP.  Being able to use anything other than those was a distant dream really.  Definitely, he would never think to find anything more specific than a medicated wash and some soothing gel that are on repeat prescription.

I don’t want to write this review for my husband really as the real review has been captured in his words and by the video camera.  I will summarise though as I myself was so impressed.

James very rarely shaves, it’s extra irritation that he just can’t be bothered with.  When he does he dry shaves with a clipper so never really achieves a close shave which would be better for his work life on those days he needs to attend court.  When he does try and shave closely he usually is full of red patches and cuts as his skin is just so sensitive.  Enter the ‘Argan Oil Shaving Gel‘ that +Rehab London sent to us, it really did work wonders.  You can see James’ shocked reaction as he runs the razor through smoothly first time.

Rehab London, male skincare, beauty blogger, male bloggers, video review, male skincare routine, male skincare for sensitive skin, anti-fatigue, stress relief, exfoliators for men

James would definitely never dare try an exfoliator unless it was prescribed, well, saying that, he once did because I suggested it may help, before he had a diagnosis from a facialist and GP, it didn’t have great results – oops!  The ‘Scrub Up Daily Detox‘ was brilliant, he said his skin felt smooth afterwards and refreshed, there was absolutely NO redness.  I’m not being dramatic here, this feels like nothing short of a miracle after seeing how sensitive his skin is and how it flares up to everything.

With the ‘Calm Balm‘, ‘Shine Free‘ and ‘Revive Survive‘ I wasn’t expecting such negative reactions, but even still I was pleasantly surprised.  James was really impressed and he’s kept up the regime for the past two days post review, which is extremely unlike his dyspraxic self so he must’ve decided it works well and like the results or he just simply would not bother.

As his wife I am just so pleased that he felt pampered, that these luxury products are compelling him to keep up with a skin regime that makes him feel nice and more confident about himself, although he probably wouldn’t admit that, as to him they’re just ‘beauty products’ but I think the guys and gals at Rehab London may have made a convert out of him.  I also have to point out that they smell delicious, his skin feels so smooth, and it makes kisses and cuddles even more special if that’s possible *winks*.

Don’t take my word for it though, please watch James’ Review on our YouTube channel or by pressing play below.

These products are certainly not cheap, but they are also extremely affordable for what they are, ranging from just under £10 to around £20 per item.  We’re yet to see how long they will last, but with the easy pump on the moisturisers it’s likely to not get spilled or overused so we’ll be expecting at least 4 months from those and maybe need to replenish the scrub before then.

*Disclaimer – we were gifted the luxury products from Rehab London for the purpose of Review, all opinions are however honest and our own.

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 #12 – {Cinema Date with Isis Mae}

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 #12 – {Cinema Date with Isis Mae}

Saturday morning I was catching up with some blogging before chilling with the family.  The weather was not the best so we were planning on a lazy day.  Isis was helping me by reading a book that we had been asked to review so after we had finished I thought it would be nice to treat her.  I knew that ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ was out at the cinema, and wouldn’t specifically be James’ cup of tea, I’d asked my cousin a day earlier if she fancied it watching it and told me that the reviews she had heard were that it was rubbish.  So, I had put it in my ‘won’t bother with that’ pile.

However, Isis absolutely loved the first one, she saw it on DVD with her Mum.  I knew that it was a 12A so with Isis being 9, James and I had a brief discussion.  We basically decided she would see it on DVD with her Mum anyway probably when it came out and it was a treat to take her out to the cinema for always being so helpful.  We decided to go for it, I knew that if there was anything inappropriate I could always have a chat with her if needed.

The film was on at 11:30 am so it would be over lunch time, I didn’t want her to go hungry, I can usually wait until later, but if she started having hunger pangs, it would take away from the fun of watching, so we treated ourselves to some nachos and popcorn.  This is very rare at the cinema for us, we have decided that the prices are so extortionate it’s better to eat before or go for an ice-cream afterwards, but this was a treat for Isis.

We loved the movie, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, as there wasn’t really much of a plot but we LOVE music, dancing, singing and so we seriously enjoyed it.  It was funny, there were a couple of rude parts but they were funny, they weren’t portrayed crudely.  It certainly wasn’t anything that would destroy her innocence.  The innuendos just went over her head and mostly mine.  I’m really rubbish at getting things like that.

Here are a couple of iPhone snaps we popped on Instagram as we didn’t take the big camera with us (wasn’t really that sort of trip) –

just the 2 of us, justus2, quality time, one on one, mummy and daughter dates, cinema, pitch perfect 2, don't call me step mummy, mummy blogger, parent blog, vlog, movie review

just the 2 of us, justus2, quality time, one on one, mummy and daughter dates, cinema, pitch perfect 2, don't call me step mummy, mummy blogger, parent blog, vlog, movie review
toilet selfie after the movie

Later in the afternoon we filmed a review for our YouTube channel if you’d like to watch.  It’s just a short clip of what we liked about the movie.  If you’re not sure if it’s one to part with your money for then take a peek, we’ll help you decide

If you’ve had any one on one time with any of your littlies this week, from a stolen moment to an outing, feel free to grab the badge (I’m just fixing this now I’m self-hosted, it all went wrong) and link up below, make sure to hashtag on twitter #justus2 and I will be able to find you and retweet…

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‘Nemo and Giraffe’ Book Review

‘Nemo and Giraffe’ Book Review

I love being sent new things to review as a blogger, and this time we were sent a great little item that had been funded by a Kick Starter campaign.  Author Lee Hunter’s first children’s book ‘Nemo and Giraffe‘.  Having four children that love to read I jumped at the chance to review this item.  Isis Mae wanted to get involved and so I handed her the e-copy that we had been gifted to have a read through.  It was very easy for her at age 9, so we passed it along to Shayla-Rae aged 5 who is great with reading despite only being in her first year at school.  I sat with Shayla as she read through it and it was brilliant for a new reader.  She learned a lot of new words.  It was a challenge for her, but great as she has been looking for a book that she can read through herself.

This book isn’t designed to be a phonics challenge for new readers, but Shayla really did enjoy it.  This book is absolutely perfect to read to children who are experiencing a new pet.  Lee designed it this way as she wanted her children to accept their new cat.  This teaches a lovely message that anyone can be best friends.  Any age, shape, size, animal… even a cat and giraffe.  The illustrations are lovely too.

Here is Isis Mae’s review :

‘Mummy was sent this book to review but she thought because i do a lot of reading it might be good for me to review so then I chose to review it.

So first I read it but then I thought oh maybe it’s a good one to read to Shayla, Judah and Eden so we all sat down in a huddle and I read the story out loud and clear so every one could hear exactly what I was saying.

The book was good but maybe for the younger ones, I first read it through then I read it to Shayla who enjoyed it, because it was about a cat and then to Judah and Eden although Eden just ran away after the first five pages hahaha (nothing new there).

Nemo and Giraffe was teaching a lesson about how friends can be anyone big or small ,boys or girls even a cat and a giraffe!

I know Judah liked it because he stayed quiet and listened, he also liked looking at the pictures.

Judah was so cute after I had read it to them all he said ‘I really liked the book Isis’ and ran away with a smile on his face straight out the door.

I think it’s a good book to be read again and again to Judah and Eden because Judah always says you are my best friend to everyone, he is so adorable!

I enjoyed reading Nemo and Giraffe to them all whilst they where all cuddling up to me it made me smile!  I thought maybe I should read books like this to the littlies more often if they like me reading to them.  I love making people smile because it makes me smile especially when I’m making Shayla, Judah and Eden smile but I love making anyone smile really.  I think It can be for age 1( if read to by someone) to 6 years which can probably read independently or be read to)

This book has definitely inspired me to read more books like this to my siblings.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions of books I should read to them or any books you want me to review! Thanks 


She’s so lovely, I love how this book inspired her.  Please make sure you go and watch her video review it’s only a few minutes long and be sure to leave a thumbs up if you’d like to see more reviews like this from Isis Mae.

If you’d like to go and support Lee and her venture then make sure to buy a copy by clicking here.

You can also follow Lee and ‘Nemo and Giraffe’ on twitter and facebook.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/NemoandGiraffe

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nemoandgiraffe

*We were gifted an e-book version of Nemo and Giraffe for review purposes.  All opinions and words are honest and ours.

Eisberg ‘Alcohol-Free’ Wine Review

Eisberg ‘Alcohol-Free’ Wine Review

eisberg alcohol-free wine, review, cabernet sauvignon, family meals, special occasions, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog

The lovely people over at ‘Eisberg’ asked us if we would like to review some of their ‘alcohol-free’ wine.  After 3 years being either pregnant or breastfeeding I have come across their range before.  My husband bought me their lovely Chardonnay when I passed my driving test at 30 weeks pregnant with Eden.  We chose a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and it was sent straight out to us.

The best thing about this range is that they follow all the normal process involved just without the alcohol so it is the closest alternative to the real thing, perfect for those that are pregnant and craving their favourite bottle of wine.  There is a lot of advice on the Eisberg website about pregnancy and alcohol consumption, you can find it by clicking here.

At only 26 calories a glass it is a lovely alternative to supplement any family meal.  We rarely drink, I have half a bottle of gin left since last September when Eden had dropped her night feeds and I had enjoyed a glass of gin and tonics before bed maybe 2 nights in a row, but I decided that the potential headaches were just not worth the sacrifice when I was already so tired.  James gave up alcohol after he started working in hospitals, he just doesn’t want to drink anymore.  I have enjoyed a glass of malibu and coke recently as I fancied a treat, but it is definitely a huge exception in our home as opposed to the rule.  Again, I’m not against drinking in moderation, just don’t think it’s worth the dehydration, potential headache, extra tiredness, and also as someone who has been battling postnatal depression, I didn’t believe it wise to then consume a natural depressant.

On that note, we jumped at the chance to review the Eisberg range.  For us, it is a lovely alternative but we have tasted the real stuff.  Absolutely delicious, don’t get me wrong, I can not fault it’s fruity aroma.  My problem is I LOVE alcohol, my husband isn’t really a fan of the taste, he used to drink in his younger days to get drunk, to join in with everyone else, but I adore the taste of spirits.  I abhor the binge drinking culture and what it does to society and young lives that are put in danger so many nights as they don’t remember what’s happening to them.  I couldn’t do this review without highlighting the importance of reading up through campaigns like ‘Drink Aware‘.  It’s amazing having companies like Eisberg that can provide this alternative.  It’s like having a protein chocolate mousse as opposed to an actual chocolate mousse.  A mighty fine substitute but you can taste what’s missing.

This is 100% going to become a regular staple for us at family meals.  It tasted like THE most delicious grape juice, The lovely folks over at Eisberg also sent us some recipes to include the wine in, and mocktails.  We will be recreating these at another date and posting a follow up review.

It is highly accessible, you can buy the Eisberg range at Morrisons, Spar, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Nisa Local, Londis, Spar, Ocado, Budgens, Bargain-Booze & Slurp.co.uk.  It is a great product and extremely affordable at usually under £4 a bottle.
eisberg alcohol-free wine, review, cabernet sauvignon, family meals, special occasions, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog

*For the purpose of this review we were gifted a bottle of Eisberg ‘alcohol-free’ Cabernet Sauvignon, all opinions and photographs are our own.

Spring is Coming – Mothers Day & a Special Treat from Debenhams Flowers

Spring is Coming – Mothers Day & a Special Treat from Debenhams Flowers

reviews, flowers, mothers day, dotcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog,

It’s our three year wedding anniversary this month and when we married my bouquet was made completely of yellow roses.  I love roses, I love lilies, I love tulips, I love orchids, this is why it was so hard when Debenhams Flowers said that I could choose one of their beautiful Mothers Day Flowers to review on our blog.  I simply couldn’t choose so I gave them a couple of options and asked that they make the decision for me.

I was delighted when the result was this gorgeous Sunshine Lily & Rose bouquet.  It seems so appropriate to have yellow roses in our home again this month.  I love the pop of yellow in Spring, yellow in Daffodils, yellow rapeseed fields.  I just love having some bright and beautiful colour to awaken the dawn of Spring.

reviews, flowers, mothers day, dotcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog

They come beautifully presented so you can display them as they come or you can take them out of the bouquet and arrange them yourself.  I prefer them in the white wrapper but for the purpose of this review and so you can see what I mean I also took some photos without.  Obviously this bouquet will be absolutely stunning once the Lilies come out to bloom.  I fed the flowers with the plantfood provided and am just eagerly waiting.

reviews, flowers, mothers day, dotcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, Debenhams Flowers, Sunshine Lily & Rose bouquet

As you can see my favourite vase was infact broken not too long ago by a child who shall remain nameless, but my Mum found me this vintage one for 50p at a charity shop, as I think she was sick of my putting flowers in jugs.  Having to photo my vintage vase (which is not my taste at all) made me aware that I really need to buy myself a new one.  If you have the same problem you can add a beautiful *ahem* tasteful vase onto your order when you order from Debenhams Flowers or order one of the beautiful bouquets that comes present in a gift bag.

If you’re like me, I love Lilies but react to them being in the house, I discovered that if you just cut off the pollen sacs, it stops me having an allergic response to them and also prevents any staining that the pollen sacs cause, to the flower or anywhere else.  Win, win!

reviews, flowers, mothers day, dotcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, Debenhams Flowers, Sunshine Lily & Rose bouquet

reviews, flowers, mothers day, dotcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, Debenhams Flowers, Sunshine Lily & Rose bouquet

The flowers arrived promptly and in a beautiful box, great for any gift.  As a special thank you to our blog readers we’d like to offer you a 25% discount from the Debenhams Flowers range.  The ideal gift for Mums, Nans, friends, or even just to treat yourself.  I was so pleased to have such a beautiful treat appear courtesy of the post man.  You can have a beautiful bouquet by clicking on the Flower Delivery link and choosing any of the gorgeous choices, the only ones exempt from the 25% discount are the ones in the Flowers by Post range.
To receive a 25% discount just enter DFBLOG25 at the checkout.

*For the purpose of this review we were gifted the beautiful Sunshine Lily & Rose bouquet for free.  All opinions, photos and happy feelings from beautiful aesthetic surroundings are our own.

‘Ducks of Hazzard’ our squirting ducks review with H&A Bathtime Buddies

‘Ducks of Hazzard’ our squirting ducks review with H&A Bathtime Buddies

review, h&a, bathtime buddies, squirting ducks, bath time fun, toddlers in the bath, tots 100, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family

When we first heard about the opportunity to join the Bathtime Squad and review H&A’s wonderful Bathtime Buddies products we were really excited.  We have recently started a new routine with the babies and at the same time EVERY evening they enjoy a bath before bed.  They absolutely LOVE bath time so getting some lovely new bath toys/products to play with is something we would eagerly desire here at dontcallmestepmummy.

We were sent the fantastic squirting ducks to review, and we knew we had to come up with a creative idea to be in with a chance of competing with so many amazing bloggers.  We decided upon Ducks of Hazzard for our theme and even rewrote Jessica Simpson’s soundtrack single from the movie.  We had so much fun with this blog post but more importantly the children have absolutely loved playing with the squirting ducks.  Eden can’t quite get the ducks to squirt yet, but Judah is having plenty of fun showing her how it’s done.  Also, they’ve been learning to share, as Judah has been informed that he can’t play with all four ducks at once when his sister is in the bath with him.

h&a, bathtime buddies, squirting ducks, bath time fun, toddlers in the bath, tots 100, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family

It’s great as they come in four different colours: purple, yellow, orange and green.  So the children can choose the colours they want.  Judah has now learned these colours and I know in time Eden will be able to vocalise them too.  Four ducks is great also as it’s a fantastic starting point for learning to count.  Our little ones understand that when they’re both in the bath they are allowed two each.  These ducks are made with phalate free plastic which means that should one of our little darlings manage to actually get a bite out of one (extremely unlikely but you never know) they won’t be harmed from ingesting it.

My favourite thing about the H & A Bathtime Buddies products is that they are so affordable.  These little beauties retail at around £2 a pack and are available from your local Supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Wilko & Sainsbury’s) making it so easy to make bath time more fun.  It is such an important part of our routine, and brings back so many memories of the girls making words out of the alphabet letters at our first home together.  Bath time is something children seem to really enjoy, and is a great way to tire mine out before bed.

h&a, bathtime buddies, squirting ducks, bath time fun, toddlers in the bath, tots 100, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family, review

Judah loved sliding the ducks down the ramp he made from part of his train set and I’ll never forget his face the first time he learned how to squirt Daddy with water by squeezing the duck.  Our little boy has always loved Bath time and is now teaching his sister how much fun it is too.

shooting Daddy with his rubber ducky
shooting Daddy with his rubber ducky

We had so much fun editing our ‘Ducks of Hazzard’ video.  James loved rewriting the lyrics to ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’…. ‘These Ducks are Made for Waddling’ he was absolutely in stitches trying not to laugh out loud whilst I recorded the vocals on my iphone voice memos.  Apologies for the quality of sound, but we had an absolute whale (no pun intended) of a time coming up with creative ideas for our Ducks of Hazzard.  Who knows what else we could’ve got up to had we planned props better.  We had wanted Daisy Duck to wear one of Barbies bikini tops, but in true fashion the girls couldn’t find any of their Barbies’ bikinis.

We hope you enjoy our short video of the children putting their squirting ducks to good use.  Thank you very much Tots 100 and H & A for allowing us the opportunity to take part in this fun review and for sending us the colourful ducks to do it with too.

*We were gifted the squirting ducks for the purpose of this review, all opinions are our own.

Taste Inc Review – A Challenge my Husband was Happy to Take

Taste Inc Review – A Challenge my Husband was Happy to Take

taste inc review, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, food on the go, healthy snacks, food for busy people, microwave subs, TASTE INC

The good folks over at Taste Inc, sent me some vouchers to review their yummy products.  Off I went to the local Morrisons to choose for this arduous task.  Now, my husband is a social worker in a very busy hospital and rarely gets time to eat a snack, nevermind have a lunch break, so I chose with him in mind.  The Morrisons near us had a limited selection but I was able to choose one of each product and get this, at the moment these microwaveable subs are selling for £1.  An absolute bargain compared to sandwiches or choices in the cafe at work.  As all of them are less than 500 calories they are a brilliant option for the busy man/woman at work, or Mum’s that always forget to eat, or feel like they never have time to eat.  James is very particular with food, he’ll pretty much eat anything but he definitely doesn’t like everything.  If you’ve read any of his posts for our blog before you will know he can be quite flamboyant in his writing.

This is his review:

‘In the 63rd year of the reign of our Majesty the Queen, I was set a herculean challenge by my wife; to consume a selection of savoury layered bread snacks, more commonly known as sandwiches.

taste inc review, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, food on the go, healthy snacks, food for busy people, microwave subs, TASTE INC

The first sandwich I digested was a southern fried chicken, (typically 410 calories) this was most pleasing to the pallet.  The chicken content was most agreeable and unlike most microwaveable items, it actually contained some chicken as opposed to the festering remains of chicken carcasses pressed together and bleached into a toxic bundle of faux chicken terror. I enjoyed this sandwich greatly, it only took a minute to heat which was helpful as I work in a busy hospital and I never have time to take a break, it had just enough sauce to stop it being too dry but I would have liked a little bit more, although from a sheer mastication perspective it was great – this was just personal preference.

taste inc review, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, food on the go, healthy snacks, food for busy people, microwave subs, TASTE INC

Up next was a chicken and chorizo sandwich, (typically 380 calories) I was eager to shove this down my pie hole as I am a fan of that spicy spanish sausage stuff, however it did turn out to be quite dry and a tad lacklustre in flavour, the former sandwich was definitely it’s superior.

taste inc review, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, food on the go, healthy snacks, food for busy people, microwave subs, TASTE INC

At this point I was to enter the final half of the breaded gauntlet, I ran into a meatball sandwich (typically 425 calories) with some kind of sauce which fades in the memory.   My impressions of this were initially similar to seeing my second born child, it was great but as much as Shayla’s wonky shaped head confused me, as did the colour of the meatballs which were a pale colour reminiscent of the monster from Pans labyrinth with eyeballs on his hands if he were to be meatballerised.  However, despite this it was actually very tasty and had more than sufficient meat content.  Again, a touch more sauce would have been welcome as I like the edges of meatball sandwiches to run red with the blood of a thousand tomatos.

taste inc review, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, food on the go, healthy snacks, food for busy people, microwave subs, TASTE INC

Regrettably now the end was in sight and free sandwiches were to be a think of fond memories.  I signed off with a ham and cheese melt with mustard sauce (typically 350 calories).  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to running afoul of this beast as I am not a huge fan of mustard at the best of times (barring being roasted on a nice piece of gammon etc but even then it would be a gentle flavour rather than an all permeating mustardy blast) and ham and cheese just reminds me of bland things like lunchables. I was pleasantly surprised however to find that this was actually possibly the nicest sandwich of all, having the melty cheese and a decent sized (though again perculiar visually) lump of pig inside.  The mustardy sauce enhanced the overall flavour and was delicious, again at just a minute in the microwave it was great as I hadn’t even had a chance to spare 1 minute at work so shoved it in the food nuking maching upon return home.

All of these sandwiches were under 500 calories which is great as this allows me to shove more chocolate in my face to make up for the other 2000 I’m allowed each day (or whatever it is) whilst still consuming a respectable lunch.

These were free but they seemed more than reasonable at the price and save so much time in queuing at the cafe at work or even worse, milling flour, baking bread, slaughtering pigs and chickens, and creating your own ones from scratch.

Thank you Taste Inc for feeding me.’

As you can see any of the sandwiches would’ve been fantastic at the price and calorie level for lunches or even a more substantial snack.  Don’t be deterred by some of his visual descriptions, it definitely did not put him off consumption and they certainly made up for any aesthetics with taste.  I however, was most impressed with the ‘Ham & Cheese Melt’ at the least calories and the most tasty, this would definitely be one to stock up on for James’ lunches for work.  He just doesn’t get the time for much else, and I know this lovely warmed tasty sandwich at only a minute in the microwave would definitely beat the cold cheese ones I often serve up.  I know he wouldn’t be disappointed with any of the Taste Inc offerings that’s for sure.

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*Taste Inc did send us vouchers to review their products, but all the words as I’m sure you can probably tell belong to my husband.  This is an honest review.

Infantis from Bio-Kult up for Review – plus a chance to win a 3 month supply #Rafflecopter Giveaway

Infantis from Bio-Kult up for Review – plus a chance to win a 3 month supply #Rafflecopter Giveaway

Bio-Kult, Infantis, healthy guts for children, rafflecopter giveaway, competition, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog

‘We’re bringing Healthy back… ‘ (yep, my husband thought it was lame too *chuckles*)

We were contacted by the good folk over at Bio-Kult and asked if we would like to review ‘Infantis‘ probiotics for little ones.  We were sent a months supply for Judah and Eden and although ironically it took us a long time to collect as we kept being unwell, we were very grateful once we had collected and were able to start putting some ‘healthy’ back into their little bodies.

My first concern was – probiotics? for little ones? is this safe? where are the statistics?  I had a read around on the internet and it didn’t take long to find various dieticians and paediatricians backing up probiotics for infants.  Infantis is very well designed, gluten-free (this was a concern for us with Eden at one point, however was quickly taken away with one of her many blood tests) it does contain traces of milk and soya but they’re at a level that won’t affect someone who is lactose intollerant, this is great for any little ones that may want to have probiotics but cannot take the yoghurt drinks.

The team at Bio-Kult were very helpful when I rang them with many questions especially concerning dose, whether it was a good idea to start when they babies were unwell, how to administer it to Eden especially (she can be a little monkey).  Half a sachet is a great dose to start with for under 3’s, so Judah and Eden shared a sachet a day each.  Judah was very easy, it could just be poured straight into his mouth (he was always a fan of the Nelson’s chamomila granules for teething so this was not unusual for him).  Eden wouldn’t take much liquid at the time other than from myself, and she wouldn’t let me pour it into her mouth.  The team explained that you can also add a little water and make it into a light paste.  I would paste onto myself and when Eden took her breastfeed she would just suckle the probiotics straight from me.  This was a great little tip and a fantastic way to administer them to a breastfed baby.

As for whether you can start them on the low dose when they’re unwell, you can… for us it could not have come at a better time.  We had been going through a phase of constant illness with the babies, you may have noticed a big quiet period on the blog.  Once they were used to it and they hadn’t seemed to react negatively, after a week I upped Judah’s dose to a sachet a day, and kept Eden on half with her just weighing so little.  You can store the sachets at room temperature and they have a shelf-life of 2 years so it was ok to split her sachets over two days.

it’s always a difficult one to know whether they would’ve been unwell more/less often if they hadn’t been taking ‘Infantis’ but I have been really pleased with the product.  The babies however have been well since taking Infantis until recently.  We were all hit with this viral bug over Christmas.  James and I were very unwell  and the babies didn’t seem to have the virus for anywhere near as long as we did, especially me…. hmm… think I need to look into the adult products from Bio-Kult.

Would you like a 3 month supply for your little one/s?  Enter our Rafflecopter Giveaway and we will be sending some healthy bacteria your way.  Whilst the adults are detoxing, let’s put some goodness back into our little ones this New Year.
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*we were gifted a months supply of ‘Infantis’ for the purpose of review, all thoughts, words expressed and opinions are our own

Ellie Illustrates up for Review

Ellie Illustrates up for Review

dontcallmestepmummy, ellie illustrates, blended family, step mum

So as I am back for keeps with this blogging lark we decided (well, I asked James and he said yes) to sort out branding for ‘dontcallmestepmummy’.  There are so many beautiful blogs out there and various different people who can help you design a blog package.  I am a huge fan of Katie at ‘Mummy Daddy Me‘ s blog and always think how beautifully she presents everything…. major blog crush *laughs*.  Katie actually offers a blog design package too.

I had noticed the wonderful work of Helen Braid popping up everywhere on twitter and various blogs that I love and couldn’t help but have a nosey at her blog design packages.  Helen is very gifted and if you click on the previous link you will see she has a wide variety of style but also a very specific style too for the usual Mummy blogger.

Helen will contact you when you register interest and let you know when she’ll be available to start work on your request, as you can imagine she’s a highly sought after lady.  The date can be secured for a small deposit and then Helen will contact nearer to the date to get your thoughts on your design and what you would like.  I was very specific in what I wanted and Helen has captured everything perfectly.  The day my first draft was sent to me was a couple of days earlier than I was expecting, what a lovely surprise, we added a few minor touches (curls to Shayla’s hair and the pair of ballet shoes) which Helen was really happy and very quick to change.  I was so pleased and uploaded it to everything as quickly as possible.  The blog design package includes the blog header, individual gravatar and a background design to match.

ellie illustrates, dontcallmestepmummy, gravatar design, blended family, step mum

The gravatar for my personal profile pictures I was so happy with too.  I just love Helen’s style and think she has done a wonderful job.  I also had my social media icons designed by Helen for my page.  She uploaded and linked them to all my various social media sites ‘pinterest, youtube, googleplus, instagram, facebook and twitter.’  You just send Helen your log in and she discreetly sneaks in and updates everything for you.

social media icons template social media icons template social media icons template social media icons template social media icons template social media icons template

Helen also made sure I had my blog header design in all the various sizes for the different social media sites as it can be a nightmare to adjust the cropping etc without cutting off some of the picture.  I am so pleased with the service from start to finish, professional, intuitive, helpful.  Helen even designed my ‘just the 2 of us’ badge and showed me a site I could use to create my grab button rather than pay her to do it.


I can not recommend her highly enough.  I feel as though I am now set up for blogging in the long haul.  Maybe in a couple of years when I get bored (and the children grow) I will be going back for a redesign if Helen is still in the business.
*I was not gifted a redesign from Helen for the purpose of review, I was just so delighted with the service I wanted to post about it.*