Moving Schools in Year 4 – First Trial Day at a New School

Moving Schools in Year 4 – First Trial Day at a New School

Since I last blogged there has been so much going on at the Don’t Call Me Step Mummy house, that it has been difficult to get my head around what to blog.  So much has been happening, and with my starting work over the last week, a full-time 9-5 training schedule for 2 weeks before I start my night shifts, it has completely thrown my routine.  It’s been huge for the children to be without me, and we’ve had a lot to sort with yet more issues with the girls school.

Out of the drama, which I will blog about (tactfully) another time, something good has come.  The girls Mum and wife have come to the conclusion that yes it’s about time we looked at moving the girls to a different school.  There has been too many issues and we don’t want their confidence being affected by individuals that we feel have no right to be working with our children (a long story but let’s just say there are now investigations going on – nothing too sinister, just not good).  So, with Judah all set to start at his new pre-school in September we began to make enquiries about availability for the girls too.

The Headteacher was absolutely wonderful with me, very reassuring over the phone and set aside all the relevant paperwork to pick up.  James and I then went round to the girls’ Mums house and we all filled it in together.  I dropped it off at the school the next day and that weekend we attended their Summer fair.  The girls absolutely loved it and then became very excited to schedule in their trial days.

Today was the first of those days.  The girls stayed with us overnight last night so I could get them ready for their first day.  They were so excited.  We collected their Mum on the way and all went to drop them off at 8:30am.  They were so so so excited, I cannot stress how much they were looking forward to it.  Shayla-Rae was a little bit tearful when she first went into her new classroom but then made a best friend very quickly.  I rang on my lunch break from work and was told that her and another girl were inseparable all day.  I was so pleased, I’d spoken to this little girl when we were leaving and asked her to look out for Shayla, and bless her, she really had.  The teacher told me that Shayla had been chatting about how excited she was to come in tomorrow and couldn’t wait to start in September.

As soon as I finished work I rang the girls Mum to find out how their day had gone.  They were both so chatty and enthusiastic on the phone.  Isis had been assessed and done really well on the tests which was a huge achievement, we’re so proud of her.  This means there’s a strong chance that she can get into an excellent grammar school even with only starting working towards it in Year 5.  We are proud of the girls whatever they achieve, or wherever they go, but we want them to be in a school that will think and expect the best of them.  That will be proud to have them as their pupils as they really do shine.  We are not just biased parents, they are adorable children and I can’t wait to see them fully appreciated for the shining diamonds that they really are.

The thought of all four of them being there together for the last 2 terms (once Eden starts her free pre-school sessions at 3) makes me so happy.  I love the idea of them all going to school together, something we never thought would happen.  They say everything happens for a reason, and I really believe God was looking out for all our little poppets.  We’ve had a stressful couple of weeks but it looks like the silver lining on these clouds is really platinum.

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Harvest Time

Harvest Time

I love this time of year when the leaves all turn beautiful shades.  James calls this my season because of my red hair, he often tells me how the season reminds him of me.  I just love all the different colours and shades that things go through as they disappear for the winter.  Harvest time is such a lovely time.  I have never understood why schools make such a big deal about it when the rest of the world seems to just keep passing by without even really being aware (unless you’re a farmer), but it is such a lovely thing that they come back to each year and it is so important for the children to understand.

I often talk to them about how blessed we are to live in this country, usually when it’s raining and we’re not so happy that it’ raining… we remember that it is a blessing to have rain and that it helps things grow.  We chat about the people who live in countries where they hardly see rain, and they struggle with their crops and many go hungry and thirst for water.  Looking back at our youtube videos as I try and tidy up our youtube channel I am so happy that we were able to pay for a water filter for a village as a family so that many could have clean water.  We did this as the fruit of our Ice Bucket Challenges together with my wonderful mother-in-law, you can find our videos here.

The Harvest assembly they did this year was taken by Isis’ class – Year 4.  It really drove home this message and spoke a lot about the need in other countries.  I was very happy with her performance, she gave it her all.  She stood out as usual as she had the main role and sang a solo but we would be just as proud if that wasn’t the case.  I couldn’t take any photos as I hadn’t asked permission of the school but I managed to grab a selfie of us afterwards.

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Isis wrote about the assembly for me as she wants to start contributing to the blog :

‘I did a harvest assembly at school it was called ‘Harvest Hope’, I was the main part in the production, I was a boy called Jack.

I had to sing a song called ‘the cheese song’ I sang one full verse on my own and then everyone else joined in with me .
It was fun but at first it was a bit scary but it was actually ok i tried my best though.

Mummy , Judah , Eden came to watch.  Shayla was already waching because she was in school too but not in the same class as me.

She is in reception and I’m in year 4.  Shayla just 4 more years to go!
Finally it was finished and over with .
It was a fun show but could have been just a little bit longer.
The music backing tracks were lost so we had to sing without any backing tracks.  I did not know all the words without a backing track or music to listen to but i tried.
I had lots and lots and lots of fun.
It was a very good play and I enjoyed it.’

I love how she talks about how much she enjoyed it but was so glad that it was over with.  Think that’s the nerves talking.  They made her repeat her little solo at the end whilst the children all stood up to go out to their classes.  I’m so glad that Eden was well enough for us to be able to attend.  I’ve always been able to make Isis’ assemblies and plays and wouldn’t miss them for anything.  We are so blessed to have such delightful, entertaining children.  Judah did well through the assembly too, I only had to bribe him with packets of raisins but hey, if it works?  What else can you do with a toddler and a baby in an environment where they need to sit still?  No… seriously, if you know any tricks let me know (winks).

The school had collected lots of food in and were going to give it to the local food banks, soup kitchens etc.  it’s good that they make the children aware that this happens on our doorstep too as well as in other countries.

I love this time of year and will always look forward to a little bit of ‘Harvest Hope’.

Shayla-Rae’s First Day EVER at School

Shayla-Rae’s First Day EVER at School

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This morning we drove across town for a very special day.  Shayla’s finally started school, she is 5 this weekend so it has felt like a long time coming.  Not that we would want to rush her away, but if I’m honest she would’ve been ready last year.  She was so excited to start, she’s been watching Isis go for the last 4 years and was just so ready.  I think when you have an older sibling it does make you grow up that little bit quicker.  Again, not that I would ever want to wish away or rush her through her childhood but she was ready and raring to go this morning.

Shayla attends nursery when she’s with her Mum and has done for the last 2 years so she is far from a stranger to long days and interacting with large groups of children.  She will be in her element and is really looking forward to spending time drawing, playing, learning.  She is most excited to learn to read, as Isis reads to her a lot at home.  I think she is very excited to start to be able to wander into new worlds with her very vivid imagination.  She often sings and plays to herself and spends a lot of time happy in her own company despite having so many siblings.  She is just such a little cutie who adapts to everything that is thrown at her.

I’m hoping that she gets to discover more who she is without being in the shadow of anyone around her determining who she should be.  She spends all of her time around different people who have different ideas of who her little character is.  Even at nursery she was around Mum, Mum’s partner and then lots of staff members who knew the family well (Emma and Kerry worked at Shayla’s nursery with her).  So, this is Shayla’s first stepping out to see who she is without any preconceptions put on her (other than the fact she is Isis’ sister).

I think it’s hard even having a sibling at the school, especially when your sibling is as tumultuous as Isis.  Isis has developed quite a reputation for herself as a drama queen, someone who runs around screaming when the teachers not doing what she would like.  She plays the ‘daughter of broken home card’ well when it suits her, and has a relationship with the school play therapist.  I am desperately hoping that this is not then transferred by anyone (members of staff, even us family) onto Shayla.  She is definitely her own person and has always proven well adjusted until now, so long may it continue.  Isis, is also very well adjusted but is very, VERY clever and observant, she knows how to play the system fantastically.  Her new teacher is brilliant though and seems to have got to a point where Isis has learnt not to push the boundaries.  Last year was interesting due to many substitute teachers.

Anyway, this post is about Shayla, and how excited we are to see her come into her own.  She was so cute hanging her coat and bag up on her hook, and then going into her class.  Running off to play straight away, she was so, so ready bless her.  I want the world to know who she is and not have her defined by anything or anyone else including myself.  The future begins for our little princess today and I for one can’t wait to see her make her mark on the world.

Shayla's first day 2
with big sister Isis and friend Ellie
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little bro joins the fun

Isis First Day Back at School – Year 4

Isis First Day Back at School – Year 4

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I want to be an actress when I grow up…

This morning was a crazy chaotic rush.  We don’t have the girls on a Monday so you may think that we’re cuckoo with it being Year 4, but we wanted to be there for Isis first day back at school.  Since we moved back in March, we’re not a 5 minute drive anymore and I woke up with a horrendous headache.  We really wanted to see her though, so we got the babies ready and grabbed the camera and off we went.

We got stuck in traffic coming off the motorway which was a nightmare so we didn’t get to actually walk with them to school (it’s a 5 minute walk), but, we did meet them as they were walking up to the school.  Isis was so happy to see us.  It was lovely to be there and her Mum said that Isis was very excited when she knew that we were coming to wave her in for her first day back.

These are the days where it is hard choosing to love them as my own, as they are not my own, but I really wanted to have been there getting her ready this morning, ironing her clothes, packing her lunch bag, styling her hair, but she already has a Mummy for that, and I am privileged to fill in when they are at our home.  We have extended our days again with the girls, now that I am into the swing of things with the 2 babies and will be collecting the girls Thursday after school and dropping them back on Sunday afternoons.

I am so proud of Isis Mae going into Year 4.  She says that she wants to be an actress at the moment when she grows up.  I could see this happening if she was tenacious in her pursuit but we’ll see how her little life progresses.  She would definitely be a triple threat with her dancing and singing too.

I start teaching the choir at her school as well this week, and they want me to go in for ‘Super Learning Day’ on Wednesday to work with the children.  Will see how it goes…. I’m sure there will be a few blog posts about this (I’ll be working with the play therapist who I have not got along with so should be interesting)…

Shayla starts her first EVER day at school next Monday so we’ll be travelling to be with her for that too.  The joys of parenthood and being part of a blended family… wouldn’t swap it for the world *winks.*

Shayla-Rae’s Top 5 ‘First Day at School’ Must-Haves

Shayla-Rae’s Top 5 ‘First Day at School’ Must-Haves


Here are Shayla’s Top 5 ‘First Day at School’ must-have’s :
 1. backpack
 2. school shoes
 3. school coat
 4. umbrella (let’s face it we live in England)
 5. pencil topper
Click on the numbers highlighted to see who makes them and how you can buy.
Shayla is so looking forward to starting school and these are just a few of things she believes are her school starter necessities.  I hope what we don’t have for when she starts we can tick off her list when her 5th birthday comes round in a few weeks.  After all, only the best is good enough for ‘the princess.’