Water of Life – Compassion UK

Water of Life – CompassionUK

We were nominated pretty much as a family to do the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge.’  I have been watching the videos, reading the news articles – ‘Is it pointless?’ ‘Should McMillan have stolen the idea?’ ‘ALS needs awareness and money for research,’ ‘ALS give only 27% towards research of funds donated.’  I one hundred percent know that ALS did need awareness raising and I think the ‘ice bucket challenge’ has been awesome to do that, and has certainly had everyone talking whichever viewpoint they take.  Do I feel as though my money will make a huge difference this late in the game when where the money goes is in question anyway?  I don’t know.
I have been mulling over what we would do if nominated for a while.  So, I decided (and double checked with my husband) that we would donate to ‘Water of Life with Compassion UK.’  £48 covers the cost of a Water Filter that runs pretty much forever.  Anyone, who can get to it can use it for clean water.  It can transform an entire community.  We decided as a family and with my mother-in-law (who was going to donate to Oxfam for clean water, equally important but we had found a specific project so she joined in with us) that we would donate the £48 to buy a water filter.  The girls were so happy that as a family we had managed to provide this.  It feels as though we achieved something with our ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, something tangible.  Again not to detract from it’s original purpose as I thoroughly agree with the function it served.
 The girls were so excited to actually carry out the challenge.  To be honest, if it wasn’t for them I’m not sure if we would’ve gone through with it.  Judah did not enjoy it, he cried as he thought we were hurting Daddy when he created a big reaction.  Isis was amazing, she hardly reacted at all and trust me there was plenty of ice in the bucket.  I was very impressed with her lack of drama, especially as she usually needs a plaster if she scratches herself.  She nominated the ‘other mummy,’ Kerry her Mum’s partner, and Shayla-Rae.  When their Mum came to collect them I informed her they had been nominated *chuckles.*  Kerry said that they had been waiting for the girls to do it with them anyway, so that was nice.  The girls will be able to do it all over again.  The joys of being part of a blended family.
 My husband, ever the performer, made a very melodramatic video to stay true to form.  Judah was very upset though, I think Daddy’s acting, although completely unconvincing to myself, was too good.  He thought it was funny by the time we got to mine, but he didn’t quite understand what we were doing at first.
 So I guess in conclusion whatever anyone thinks, whatever your opinion we had fun completing this challenge and we managed to fund something substantial that we can remember for years.
Please feel free to comment below, I appreciate all opinions even if they are contrary to my own.


I can’t just do nothing!

I can’t just do nothing!

displaced children at risk
displaced children at risk

How many of us are absolutely horrified by what is happening on the news at the moment?  I have mentioned before that I have a faith on my ‘Ordinary Moments’ post (found here) and as much as this has been about standing in solidarity with those being slaughtered for sharing my beliefs, it has got to the point where this is about humanity.  I cannot abide what is done to the LGBT community in Russia, I am repulsed by what I see going on in Israel, but when it comes to children being systematically murdered.  I cannot stand by and do nothing.

I have seen all the shocking news stories via Facebook links, I have written to my MP, I have signed the petitions and tried to raise awareness through my posts so others can do the same, but it just doesn’t seem enough.  My heart has been broken and I have wept buckets, and even thrown up over some of the things that are happening.  The world is in a very messy state.  Friends of mine encourage me to pray, as a Christian I do believe God can move and change a situation if He so chooses so much quicker than I can, but I also believe that praying without actions too is not good enough.

My friend who saw my meltdown on Facebook shares my heart and we are going to be fundraising over the next few months in various ways to try and get aid across to those who have been displaced from their homes and are running for their lives.  We are planning bake sales etc in the children’s schools once term starts, an entertainment benefit (this is the best way my skillset knows how to make money after years as an entertainer myself and now as a vocal coach), coffee mornings and whatever ways we can think to raise money and awareness.

We will be donating all funds raised through the RedCross.  This post is just to raise awareness and please if you feel compelled to, click on the link above and donate too.  As always comments are appreciated and especially any fundraising tips and ideas for us also.