Me and Mine

me and mine

In 2014 we attempted to join in with Lucy at Dear Beautiful‘s ‘Me & Mine’ project.  As I hate having my photo taken, especially since having huge weight issues (no pun intended) after Eden was born.  I have really struggled to keep up with this project.  We only managed August & September last year.  I would always use not having a tripod as an excuse, my partner really treasured the idea of us having these photos of us all.  I have decided to face my fears and buy a tripod (they’re not expensive) so we can capture a monthly shot of us all together.  We’ll be posting each month around the end of the month and hopefully I’ll be shrinking as the year goes on.


Me & Mine January

me and mine February, family portrait, blended family,

Me and Mine May, Family photo project, Family portrait, Don't Call Me Step Mummy, parent blogger, vlogger, blended family, summertimeme and mine July


me and mine, dontcallmestepmummy, family portrait projects

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