Moving Schools in Year 4 – First Trial Day at a New School

Moving Schools in Year 4 – First Trial Day at a New School

Since I last blogged there has been so much going on at the Don’t Call Me Step Mummy house, that it has been difficult to get my head around what to blog.  So much has been happening, and with my starting work over the last week, a full-time 9-5 training schedule for 2 weeks before I start my night shifts, it has completely thrown my routine.  It’s been huge for the children to be without me, and we’ve had a lot to sort with yet more issues with the girls school.

Out of the drama, which I will blog about (tactfully) another time, something good has come.  The girls Mum and wife have come to the conclusion that yes it’s about time we looked at moving the girls to a different school.  There has been too many issues and we don’t want their confidence being affected by individuals that we feel have no right to be working with our children (a long story but let’s just say there are now investigations going on – nothing too sinister, just not good).  So, with Judah all set to start at his new pre-school in September we began to make enquiries about availability for the girls too.

The Headteacher was absolutely wonderful with me, very reassuring over the phone and set aside all the relevant paperwork to pick up.  James and I then went round to the girls’ Mums house and we all filled it in together.  I dropped it off at the school the next day and that weekend we attended their Summer fair.  The girls absolutely loved it and then became very excited to schedule in their trial days.

Today was the first of those days.  The girls stayed with us overnight last night so I could get them ready for their first day.  They were so excited.  We collected their Mum on the way and all went to drop them off at 8:30am.  They were so so so excited, I cannot stress how much they were looking forward to it.  Shayla-Rae was a little bit tearful when she first went into her new classroom but then made a best friend very quickly.  I rang on my lunch break from work and was told that her and another girl were inseparable all day.  I was so pleased, I’d spoken to this little girl when we were leaving and asked her to look out for Shayla, and bless her, she really had.  The teacher told me that Shayla had been chatting about how excited she was to come in tomorrow and couldn’t wait to start in September.

As soon as I finished work I rang the girls Mum to find out how their day had gone.  They were both so chatty and enthusiastic on the phone.  Isis had been assessed and done really well on the tests which was a huge achievement, we’re so proud of her.  This means there’s a strong chance that she can get into an excellent grammar school even with only starting working towards it in Year 5.  We are proud of the girls whatever they achieve, or wherever they go, but we want them to be in a school that will think and expect the best of them.  That will be proud to have them as their pupils as they really do shine.  We are not just biased parents, they are adorable children and I can’t wait to see them fully appreciated for the shining diamonds that they really are.

The thought of all four of them being there together for the last 2 terms (once Eden starts her free pre-school sessions at 3) makes me so happy.  I love the idea of them all going to school together, something we never thought would happen.  They say everything happens for a reason, and I really believe God was looking out for all our little poppets.  We’ve had a stressful couple of weeks but it looks like the silver lining on these clouds is really platinum.

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Our 9 Year Old Has a Boyfriend (and I’m happy about it)

Our 9 Year Old Has a Boyfriend (and I’m happy about it)

Last weekend when James went to pick up our beautiful girls, nine year old Isis Mae announced in the car to him that she has a boyfriend.  When he arrived home to mine and the babies happy faces (we love when the girls arrive) he seemed traumatised. ‘Tell Mummy what you’ve just told me’ he stuttered.  This usually means something good or bad.  James looked like he’d seen a ghost but Isis was smiling away, as was Shayla-Rae.  ‘Isis has got a boyfriend’ proclaimed Shayla.  Isis didn’t look embarrassed at all, she was really proud and happy.

I mirrored her smile (I didn’t want her to feel awkward, I figured Daddy had that covered) and asked ‘What’s his name?’, ‘What’s he like?’, ‘Is he nice to you?’.  She was beaming (let’s call him ‘T’ for the purpose of this blog), what poured out of her mouth next was so sweet.

‘He’s really funny’

‘He makes me laugh’

‘He makes me happy’

‘He reminds me of Daddy’

‘He makes me feel really special’

‘He’s nice to me’

‘He makes me want to go school’

‘He doesn’t look like Daddy but he reminds me of Daddy so it doesn’t matter what he looks like’

I glanced over at James who was still shell shocked by the fact she had a boyfriend, and asked him ‘Well, Daddy what more could you want?’

After making some poor decisions in my past when it came to choosing a partner.  I was once again reminded of one of the greatest choices I made in life, choosing James.  My husband is lovely to me, he is happy, kind, never speaks to me harshly, there’s never any name calling, he is kind, funny, generous and would move heaven and earth if I needed him to.  I remembered how I felt when I held my little man in my arms for the first time on my bed the day I brought him home from hospital and I cried.  I cried because I knew I was raising a man with the greatest role model that I could’ve found.  I knew that one day this precious bundle would love and make someone else feel as valued as I felt in that moment.

I know that James has been dreading this day, but we talked about it and I reminded him that the best thing we can do to assure her safety and security as she rapidly is becoming an adolescent, is to make her feel loved, supported, confident in her choices, and keep being the best role models that we can be.

I may come across over the top sometimes, but if you knew my history I guess you could understand why.  We go out of our way to affirm to our children that everything that happens to their physical bodies is their choice (obviously within reason, they’re not out trying to get piercings just yet).  If we ask for a kiss and they say no, that’s ok, we may say ‘you meanie’ but there’s no fake tears until they give in, even with the babies.  We want them to know it’s ok to say NO.  Now hear me out, we don’t want them to go through life feeling fearful because of experiences I have had.  This isn’t about putting my past onto them, but it is about us empowering them to be secure in their personal rights as they grow older.

You cannot protect your children from everything, no matter how much you want to, but I hope that we can impart wisdom, love, security and self-assurance to help them make the best choices for themselves.

Now, James and I haven’t met ‘T’ but from the way that Isis describes him, I think she has chosen wisely for her first real boyfriend.  She is missing him over half-term, I have said that if they’re still together when it gets to the Summer holidays I will speak to T’s parents about trying to meet up at a local park or something for an afternoon so they can all play together (and maybe do some reconnaissance *winks*).

We’re proud of you Isis Mae, may you always choose boyfriends that remind you of your Daddy.  We love you far too much to let you settle for anything less. xxx

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Carrie Underwood, School Tours, New Jobs and a big old mess #littleloves

Carrie Underwood, School Tours, New Jobs and a big old mess #littleloves

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in with this link up, but I noticed that all the links I partake in at the moment are grouped at the beginning of the week…trying to space out my blogging to make it more doable and I love, love, love this weekly round up… thanks Morgana.


I’m always shocking at this category as I don’t really make it a priority to read other than with the children.  I read blogs, and my way of switching off is watching mindless television that requires no concentration, so other than reading a prospectus for the school we intend to send Judah to, I’ve just not been reading.  I am very much into finding information when it’s needed, I can read for hours about ‘phonics’ if I’ve decided that’s what I’m doing… speaking of which, I have been doing lots of reading with Judah as he’s been completing his ‘Reading Eggs’ lessons.  Has anyone else used this?  We love it already and are only into day 3 of our 14 day trial, we will definitely be subscribing.

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I have been re-watching ‘Prison Break’ on Netflix with the hubby as he hasn’t seen them all.. thankfully I watched ahead whilst feeling unwell this week as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I was literally sobbing like a baby at a certain point.  If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t then I don’t want to spoil it.  Completely and utterly sobbing though (this is what happens when it’s that lovely monthly time) so much so, that when Judah saw me, he asked me what was wrong.  I blubbed out that I was watching something really sad that had made Mummy cry and he burst into tears *bless*.  Next time I will ask Martina to hold out bringing them to see me until I have stopped blubbing.  (She has looked after them a lot this week as I’ve been unwell).


Yep, as I said I’ve not been very well so I have been sporting various looks from the pyjama range.  I spent all day Monday tidying out the bottom of wardrobes etc. and found some of my old favourite shoes.  I wore my chestnut Bailey Button Uggs as we toured the school we’ve chosen for Judah but then put them back away for winter as it really isn’t Ugg weather no matter how comfortable they are.


Isis has really got into Carrie Underwood which I hugely approve of as I find her lyrics clean and wholesome (typical Mum) and as Isis rightly says ‘I love her voice’.  I like her having variety in her music tastes, she also loves Kings of Leon who we have to censor a little bit now that she’s getting older… I don’t really want to explain what the lyrics to ‘Milk’ are about… our fave at the moment though is this…

the video is beautiful too, it appeals to the dancer in our girls.


Again unfortunately not much going on here.. I let Martina make the Peppa Pig muddy puddle cakes that were from a box with the children so that they had an activity to do whilst Mummy was unwell.  Other than that, I pretty much made a huge mess whilst sorting things in the spare room that need to go to the charity shops.

and lastly..

We have been making huge plans as a family this week, looking into a few new seasons ahead in various capacities.  I have an interview next week for a job three nights a week which would mean a household wage increase without time away from the children.  I may need to nap a bit but we will see how we adjust as we have Martina here, and the children will still have me in the home, I may just need an afternoon nap sometimes.


‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #3

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 – #3

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Driving home from school last Thursday, our eldest Isis Mae, decided to tell me that she needed various things for her school trip the day after.  Hmm…. this was interesting as we were nearly home, we had no spare money, there wouldn’t be a great deal of shops open once James was back from work, and she had to be at school early the next day. Panic struck.  Nanny to the rescue, James’ mum said they would pay for the parts that Isis needed so once James was home from work, I took Miss Isis off to Sports Direct to buy her the things she needed.

This is so rare, being able to go shopping with Isis on my own.  It just doesn’t happen.  So we decided to not rush and take our time weighing up the best options, price wise and fashionably.  She was so excited for her trip but was going to be outdoors for the majority of it and the weather was freezing.  We worked out what she needed, she had no trainers, well, she has some twinkle toes but they will not cut it for rock climbing, and also, they’re brand new, if she still fit in her old ones, maybe she could’ve worn those but… yep, trainers were a necessity.  She has some school pumps but informed me that one of those was missing.  Why do they always lose one?  As it was so cold, she needed base layers…. to be honest I was quite frustrated that school would plan such a heavy outdoor themed trip at this time of year… she also needed some waterproofs.  She had a new tracksuit for Christmas (pictured above) from my Auntie so she had decided she would like to wear that.  I told her that so long as she kept her waterproofs on outside she could wear it, as her brand new tracksuit was supposed to be for to and from dance on a Saturday.

We enjoyed looking around together, because of the practical need that was involved Isis didn’t really get too much choice other than my asking when I picked up said base layers, ‘are these okay?, do you like these?’ etc.  when it came to the trainers again, we were focussing on flexibility, grip as they would be used for rock climbing, and walking in frosty conditions.  I found a pair that would be suitable but they weren’t the most attractive.  Isis found a pair that she loved, they were a pink version of some teal ones that I own.  She tried them on and was really excited to buy them.  So they were a definite.

Just the 2 of Us, justus2, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, shopping, mums and daughters,

I found a great half-price outdoor coat that was waterproof, a brilliant walkers jacket.  Isis requested the purple version, there were pink, black and purple.  She loves purple, so purple it was.  I could see she was getting the shopping bug and looking eagerly around at tracksuits too.  I reminded her that she had a tracksuit she could wear already at home.  We then went to the supermarket to buy some lucozade etc. to go in her pack lunch the next day so she would have plenty of energy.  She loves to push the trolley until it gets a bit heavy and therefore difficult to steer, that’s when I take over.  She helped me pack the shopping, it’s so sweet, she always wants to do that now.  Even Shayla has started joining in recently.  It’s cute but difficult in the small space, you know the expression…. too many chefs spoiled the broth.

When we returned home she put on a fashion show for Daddy to show him what we had bought:

First were the base layers, that definitely showed off her slight frame

Just the 2 of Us, justus2, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, shopping, mums and daughters,

Then she put her tracksuit over the top which is the top picture in this post, then she tried on her waterproof trousers and jacket

Just the 2 of Us, justus2, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, shopping, mums and daughters,

She was so excited to go the next day, off she went to bed absolutely beaming.  I was so grateful that Nanny had been able to help us financially.  We would’ve gladly paid if we’d had it as she was just so excited.  It was definitely worth the cost (I know that’s easy for me to say when it wasn’t us paying, but you know what I mean).

When she awoke the next day, I told her to also wear a long sleeved t-shirt above her base layer and below her tracksuit.  She chose this t-shirt that we purchased in our Boxing Day haul 2013, probably the last time we went shopping together, just the two of us.

Just the 2 of Us, justus2, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog, shopping, mums and daughters,

She definitely is a Daddy’s girl, so like him in character, mannerisms and just loves being with him.  I love spending time with her as she reminds me of him so much.  Our little comedian.  Isis wrote a blog post about her trip to Hothersall Lodge, so proud of how she loves to be part of the blog.  You can read about her trip if you click here.  Hothersall Lodge asked to include it on their Facebook page and website.  Very proud.
If you’ve had any quality one on one time with any of your littlies this week please link up below.

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School Trip to Hothersall Lodge – by Isis Mae

School Trip to Hothersall Lodge – by Isis Mae

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in her new base layers

Yesterday we went to get my shoes and clothes that I needed, you can read about it next week on ‘Just the 2 of Us‘.  Today I got up and put on all the stuff I got yesterday.  I looked for my gloves I could not find them, so we set off in the car.  We got stuck in really bad traffic, we even set off earlier than usual.  It was snowing and all the cars were going slow.  We rang the school up, no one answered so Mummy asked Daddy to keep trying instead, even after that we were still in traffic!!!  But, then it started moving and we got there in the end.  It took 50 minutes to get there, it normally takes 10.

When I got in school my friends kept saying ‘I thought you weren’t coming’ to me.  Quickly we got straight on the coach, on the way I saw sheep, cows and a donkey I was so excited I could not wait untill I got there.  Me and one of my best friends were partners, as usual I chose Georgia.  Soon we finally got there and then it started snowing, me and Georgia kept singing ‘walking in a winter wonderland’.  After five minutes of walking we got inside a shelter where we put all our belongings, we got introduced to our instructors.  Mine were called Tony and Jack.  Then we set off to go do caving.  My group was Mrs Bells group, I like Mrs Bell.  We had to put on a hard hat which was lucky because I hit my head on a stalactite ”woops”  then we found an upstairs part to the cave so we went up, there are no stairs so the instructor Jack lifted me up.  You got to choose if you wanted to go left or straight on, I went left and I hit my head again.  If you went left you had to slide on your belly.  After I went that way I went straight, it’s really thin and you have to walk sideways then I went down and the only way to get down was to jump.  Mrs Bell pulls your legs and whilst I was jumping down someone jumped on my head and said ‘I fell’ very believable *sarcasm* then I got out.

Then we went to do some rock climbing.  First I did a small wall it was easy, then I abseiled down it.  It felt weird because I have never done it before.  Then I did a really really big wall, I nearly fell at one point but i didn’t.  Jack said to try to only put my feet and hands on the green and red rocks so I tried.  It made a big diffrence and soon I got to the top, I tried abseiling down but I fell and flew down instead ”woops” it was still fun though, I did the chicken dance on the way down.  I then got told I was going to be in the school climbing team.

Next we all went to have lunch and after that we went outside again to do archery.  It made me think I was really weak, it was so heavy and hard to pull.  I tried to hit the target but I didn’t once.  I kept blaming my warm coat for getting in the way ”naughty coat” then we got put into teams.  I called my team ‘Doctor Chicken’  only one person didn’t like it, they said ‘you’re just naming it after you’, I said ‘exactly, it’s after me.’  Then we did a challenge with ‘Doctor Chicken’ against the ‘Fantastic 5’.  The Fantastic Five won, we only had 6 points.

Next we went on a nature trail and changed to Tony as our instructor.  He kept saying that white stones that are sharp are teeth. Everyone believed him, every one except me and Mrs Bell we just kept laughing.  Hehehe of course it wasn’t true.  Then we all went to do orienteering which I had no clue what to do and neither did Georgia, so we ran to the nearest red thing and then the whistle blew.  It was finishing time so we had to go back and that was the end.  It was a a really good day, in fact it was an awesome day.  After about five minutes we got on the coach and drove back, but again we got stuck in traffic and got back to the school at 5:00 insted of 4:00 – oh dear!

If you get the opportunity to go to Hothersall Lodge then take your chance.  It is definately worth going.  It has a 5 star rating from me.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Harvest Time

Harvest Time

I love this time of year when the leaves all turn beautiful shades.  James calls this my season because of my red hair, he often tells me how the season reminds him of me.  I just love all the different colours and shades that things go through as they disappear for the winter.  Harvest time is such a lovely time.  I have never understood why schools make such a big deal about it when the rest of the world seems to just keep passing by without even really being aware (unless you’re a farmer), but it is such a lovely thing that they come back to each year and it is so important for the children to understand.

I often talk to them about how blessed we are to live in this country, usually when it’s raining and we’re not so happy that it’ raining… we remember that it is a blessing to have rain and that it helps things grow.  We chat about the people who live in countries where they hardly see rain, and they struggle with their crops and many go hungry and thirst for water.  Looking back at our youtube videos as I try and tidy up our youtube channel I am so happy that we were able to pay for a water filter for a village as a family so that many could have clean water.  We did this as the fruit of our Ice Bucket Challenges together with my wonderful mother-in-law, you can find our videos here.

The Harvest assembly they did this year was taken by Isis’ class – Year 4.  It really drove home this message and spoke a lot about the need in other countries.  I was very happy with her performance, she gave it her all.  She stood out as usual as she had the main role and sang a solo but we would be just as proud if that wasn’t the case.  I couldn’t take any photos as I hadn’t asked permission of the school but I managed to grab a selfie of us afterwards.

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Isis wrote about the assembly for me as she wants to start contributing to the blog :

‘I did a harvest assembly at school it was called ‘Harvest Hope’, I was the main part in the production, I was a boy called Jack.

I had to sing a song called ‘the cheese song’ I sang one full verse on my own and then everyone else joined in with me .
It was fun but at first it was a bit scary but it was actually ok i tried my best though.

Mummy , Judah , Eden came to watch.  Shayla was already waching because she was in school too but not in the same class as me.

She is in reception and I’m in year 4.  Shayla just 4 more years to go!
Finally it was finished and over with .
It was a fun show but could have been just a little bit longer.
The music backing tracks were lost so we had to sing without any backing tracks.  I did not know all the words without a backing track or music to listen to but i tried.
I had lots and lots and lots of fun.
It was a very good play and I enjoyed it.’

I love how she talks about how much she enjoyed it but was so glad that it was over with.  Think that’s the nerves talking.  They made her repeat her little solo at the end whilst the children all stood up to go out to their classes.  I’m so glad that Eden was well enough for us to be able to attend.  I’ve always been able to make Isis’ assemblies and plays and wouldn’t miss them for anything.  We are so blessed to have such delightful, entertaining children.  Judah did well through the assembly too, I only had to bribe him with packets of raisins but hey, if it works?  What else can you do with a toddler and a baby in an environment where they need to sit still?  No… seriously, if you know any tricks let me know (winks).

The school had collected lots of food in and were going to give it to the local food banks, soup kitchens etc.  it’s good that they make the children aware that this happens on our doorstep too as well as in other countries.

I love this time of year and will always look forward to a little bit of ‘Harvest Hope’.

DIY Sports Bags

DIY Sports Bags

DIY sports bag, dontcallmestepmummy, crafting
the handles are folded under at the top

I saw a post on the Tots100 blog a couple of weeks ago about how to make some PE bags for your littlies.  I was very excited to try this as they looked so good.  So, after collecting the parts that we wanted (fabric swatches, canvas bags) we were able to begin.

If you want to make some too, you will need :

DIY Sports Bag, crafting

  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • various fabrics
  • canvas bag
  • cotton
  • sewing needle
  • fabric glue
  • buttons

I made Shayla’s knowing that she wouldn’t really be able to join in, but she told me where to sew the buttons.

unsewn buttons waiting for Shayla's approval
unsewn buttons waiting for Shayla’s approval

First thing you need to do is glue some cotton to the bag to make the hanging lines for the bunting.  Just lay one piece diagonally across the canvas and another at the angle you want diagonally back across to the other side.  You can smother the cotton in fabric glue to make sure it stays down.  This is an easy one for children to do as the glue dries clear so it doesn’t look messy when they have a go.

should look like a big sideways V across the bag
should look like a big sideways V across the bag

Then you want to cut out some fabric triangles that can be glued about a millimetre below the cotton lines to make the bunting look.  I had pre-cut these ready for Isis, as cutting cotton with scissors (that aren’t really meant for cutting cotton) can be tricky.

glue the fabric triangles down with the fabric glue
glue the fabric triangles down with the fabric glue

Once this is done and you can see the space that you have left to work with, you can write the child’s name in the middle, or they can write it themselves.  Again, I did Shayla’s for her, not because she can’t write her name but I worried it would be too big or too small, so this time I have done it for her, but Isis did her own and a great job she did too.  Once the name is written, take the same cotton and sew around the letters, leave little gaps in the stitching to make it more childlike and also, I like the raised patterned effect it gives it.

I sewed this for Shayla
I sewed this for Shayla

Then if you would like to add some button detail you can, or you don’t need to.  We just saw the cutest buttons in a shop whilst we were in Worthing that we just had to add them to our bags.

The girls were really proud of their bags and decided to use them for dance.  This was nice as the bag they had before is a beautiful dance bag, but it was bought from the shop below their dance school and since we purchased them, many now have them so it gets confusing sometimes on a Saturday.  Was really helpful to have their things labelled.  Now if I could just get them to put their things back in their bags, we’d be a lot better off *winks*.

Please let us know if you try this, would love to see some pictures.

Shayla’s turning Five

Shayla’s turning Five

 Our princess has gone off to her first day at school today.  We made a video a couple of weeks ago about all her current favourite things, how much she was looking forward to school and what she wants to be when she grows up.  I’m interested to see how this changes year on year.  Read all about her first day at school here.  We will be posting all about her party too but that is next week due to a friend’s little boy having his this weekend.
It’s going to be a great birthday Shayla-Rae, we love you very much.


Shayla-Rae’s First Day EVER at School

Shayla-Rae’s First Day EVER at School

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This morning we drove across town for a very special day.  Shayla’s finally started school, she is 5 this weekend so it has felt like a long time coming.  Not that we would want to rush her away, but if I’m honest she would’ve been ready last year.  She was so excited to start, she’s been watching Isis go for the last 4 years and was just so ready.  I think when you have an older sibling it does make you grow up that little bit quicker.  Again, not that I would ever want to wish away or rush her through her childhood but she was ready and raring to go this morning.

Shayla attends nursery when she’s with her Mum and has done for the last 2 years so she is far from a stranger to long days and interacting with large groups of children.  She will be in her element and is really looking forward to spending time drawing, playing, learning.  She is most excited to learn to read, as Isis reads to her a lot at home.  I think she is very excited to start to be able to wander into new worlds with her very vivid imagination.  She often sings and plays to herself and spends a lot of time happy in her own company despite having so many siblings.  She is just such a little cutie who adapts to everything that is thrown at her.

I’m hoping that she gets to discover more who she is without being in the shadow of anyone around her determining who she should be.  She spends all of her time around different people who have different ideas of who her little character is.  Even at nursery she was around Mum, Mum’s partner and then lots of staff members who knew the family well (Emma and Kerry worked at Shayla’s nursery with her).  So, this is Shayla’s first stepping out to see who she is without any preconceptions put on her (other than the fact she is Isis’ sister).

I think it’s hard even having a sibling at the school, especially when your sibling is as tumultuous as Isis.  Isis has developed quite a reputation for herself as a drama queen, someone who runs around screaming when the teachers not doing what she would like.  She plays the ‘daughter of broken home card’ well when it suits her, and has a relationship with the school play therapist.  I am desperately hoping that this is not then transferred by anyone (members of staff, even us family) onto Shayla.  She is definitely her own person and has always proven well adjusted until now, so long may it continue.  Isis, is also very well adjusted but is very, VERY clever and observant, she knows how to play the system fantastically.  Her new teacher is brilliant though and seems to have got to a point where Isis has learnt not to push the boundaries.  Last year was interesting due to many substitute teachers.

Anyway, this post is about Shayla, and how excited we are to see her come into her own.  She was so cute hanging her coat and bag up on her hook, and then going into her class.  Running off to play straight away, she was so, so ready bless her.  I want the world to know who she is and not have her defined by anything or anyone else including myself.  The future begins for our little princess today and I for one can’t wait to see her make her mark on the world.

Shayla's first day 2
with big sister Isis and friend Ellie
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little bro joins the fun