Siblings in September

Siblings in September

18 days of summer 5
our minions

It has been such a lovely month having time with the children all together.  20 days we had them all together for in the end, and it was amazing.  They really bonded so well, Judah has struggled a bit since but it won’t be long until the girls are back again.  There still were not many times that I was able to get the camera out and try and capture them all together though.

Eden is now crawling every chance that she gets, she wriggles off in the hopes for food she can scavenge usually.  Judah will never really look at the camera, but the girls bless them, the girls are always ready to pose.  So, we just need to spend more time making sure that we take Eden out of the pram and try to capture moments where all four of them can be in front of the camera.  I’m sure taking part in this project will feel easier when they’re all that little bit older and I can tell them where to stand (and stay) if they want to get some chocolate *chuckles.*

So this picture above, the first one I took of the four of them at the start of our 18 Days (that turned into 20) of Summer remains my favourite for the Siblings shoot this month.  I love how all of their clothes kind of match, even though it was completely unplanned.  I had just collected the girls from their Mums so they were wearing the clothes they had gone back in the Sunday before.  I love how they are all relaxed and giggling happy.  It marks the start of a beautiful season for us all.
I look forward to many more beautiful photos of our precious minions as this monthly Siblings project unfolds.

dear beautiful

18 Days of Summer #19 – Overtime

18 Days of Summer #19 – Overtime

Overtime - 1

So as you will know if you’ve been reading we had our beautiful girls for 18 Days but due to our whereabouts (down South) and their Mum travelling to where we were a day and a half after we would’ve had ‘hand over’ we thought it made sense to keep the girls down with us a little bit longer.  So, we changed our plans, sorted it out with the girls Mum who of course was missing them but could see it made sense for the girls not to do the long journey twice more than was needed.  This meant we got to have an extra full day with the girls.  Hence this last post to tag along with our 18 Days of Summer.

As we had failed to make it to the museum the day before (it was closed) we planned to venture out that way again later in the day.  Shayla and I had been out in the morning for our stepMummy and Daughter time which you will have seen on last weeks ‘Just the 2 of us‘ post. We hadn’t gone anywhere though before we had spent time choosing which hairstyles they wanted from the cute girls hairstyles app again:


Isis went for this 'double dutch braided tie back' inspired by Heidi Klum
Isis went for this ‘double dutch braided tie back’ inspired by Heidi Klum

Shayla chose the ‘running braid’ which was fantastic for the following day too.  Both of them looked great when they’d been messing in the water for a while as well.

This will be great for sports at school, or swimming
This will be brilliant for sports at school, or swimming

On our way to the museum we found an exquisite little fabric shop that had the most gorgeous fabric swatches.  We bought some to create bunting for their school sports bags that we’re making, you’ll see more about that in a future post, some cute buttons, gift tags for the thank you biscuits that we made later in the day.

The children loved it in the museum, it made me laugh though.  Why do children always go straight to do something they could’ve done at home?

museum 1
look at the concentration

museum 2

 There were ready made templates of flowers and cats etc. on the tables for the children to draw around and scissors provided to cut them out with.  This was a nifty little idea, and one I intend to use.  I have some card that I will make some templates out of for our craft time, probably more like Peppa Pig and Minions from Despicable Me, but it will rescue me having to stop what I’m doing to draw them all the time *winks*.
museum 3 museum 4 museum 5
museum 6
Judah thought this skeleton was a Pirate – he may be right
museum 7
the girls weren’t impressed with these hats, they refused to point to one they would wear
museum 8
‘want these out Mummy’ – drawn straight to the “toys”

Eden was much happier once we were outside and back in the sunshine, we headed to the beach, not before picking up supplies to make biscuits first.

018 019

We headed to the splash pad again, as they had enjoyed it so much on James’ birthday.  It was lovely to see them all running around and having fun.  It makes my heart smile.

splash pad 1
Judah was a lot braver this time
splash pad 2
our lovely ladylike children pretending they could urinate like men
splash pad 3
gorgeous Isis
splash pad 4
beautiful Shayla

As we all walked back down the prom I felt sad knowing that tomorrow they would leave.  I also feel so proud seeing all my family together, I feel so blessed to have my hands so full.  I just wished we could all swan around Worthing forever in the sunshine and never return to real life, but alas, that cannot be so.  I’m sure many of us wish this at some point, not always about Worthing *chuckles* but when it’s been one of ‘those’ holidays that you just don’t want to come back from.

mini me


When we got home I made them sausage and tomato pasta, ‘my favourite’ Shayla said with delight, as we had been talking earlier about her favourite food.  She seemed shocked that I remembered and we were having it *bless.*  It’s the little things that matter to 4 year olds.

Shayla enjoying her food
Shayla enjoying her food

I didn’t want them to go to bed so we made our thank you biscuits which you can read all about here.  It was the perfect day, I loved hanging out with all of them.  It was really special even though we didn’t really do much at all.  I want to remember days like this forever, and it makes me grateful to be able to blog about it.

What was your favourite day this Summer?  Is there a specific holiday that stands out when you look back that you wish had never ended?


Water of Life – Compassion UK

Water of Life – CompassionUK

We were nominated pretty much as a family to do the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge.’  I have been watching the videos, reading the news articles – ‘Is it pointless?’ ‘Should McMillan have stolen the idea?’ ‘ALS needs awareness and money for research,’ ‘ALS give only 27% towards research of funds donated.’  I one hundred percent know that ALS did need awareness raising and I think the ‘ice bucket challenge’ has been awesome to do that, and has certainly had everyone talking whichever viewpoint they take.  Do I feel as though my money will make a huge difference this late in the game when where the money goes is in question anyway?  I don’t know.
I have been mulling over what we would do if nominated for a while.  So, I decided (and double checked with my husband) that we would donate to ‘Water of Life with Compassion UK.’  £48 covers the cost of a Water Filter that runs pretty much forever.  Anyone, who can get to it can use it for clean water.  It can transform an entire community.  We decided as a family and with my mother-in-law (who was going to donate to Oxfam for clean water, equally important but we had found a specific project so she joined in with us) that we would donate the £48 to buy a water filter.  The girls were so happy that as a family we had managed to provide this.  It feels as though we achieved something with our ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, something tangible.  Again not to detract from it’s original purpose as I thoroughly agree with the function it served.
 The girls were so excited to actually carry out the challenge.  To be honest, if it wasn’t for them I’m not sure if we would’ve gone through with it.  Judah did not enjoy it, he cried as he thought we were hurting Daddy when he created a big reaction.  Isis was amazing, she hardly reacted at all and trust me there was plenty of ice in the bucket.  I was very impressed with her lack of drama, especially as she usually needs a plaster if she scratches herself.  She nominated the ‘other mummy,’ Kerry her Mum’s partner, and Shayla-Rae.  When their Mum came to collect them I informed her they had been nominated *chuckles.*  Kerry said that they had been waiting for the girls to do it with them anyway, so that was nice.  The girls will be able to do it all over again.  The joys of being part of a blended family.
 My husband, ever the performer, made a very melodramatic video to stay true to form.  Judah was very upset though, I think Daddy’s acting, although completely unconvincing to myself, was too good.  He thought it was funny by the time we got to mine, but he didn’t quite understand what we were doing at first.
 So I guess in conclusion whatever anyone thinks, whatever your opinion we had fun completing this challenge and we managed to fund something substantial that we can remember for years.
Please feel free to comment below, I appreciate all opinions even if they are contrary to my own.


Just the 2 of us – week four

Just the 2 of us – week four

justus2, dontcallmestepmummy

Todays post really should be about my time last week collecting Eden’s new chariot.  I felt that there wasn’t really much to elaborate from the post I wrote that day, so we’re back to Shayla-Rae for now, and I will take care to have a ‘Just the 2 of us’ post for Eden and I soon.  To be fair she is the one who is attached to me the most and I have to make more of an effort to spend time with the others, but also, I need to make sure to do fun things with Eden too, rather than just drag her around whilst sorting everyone else.

Shayla and I went to find a little cafe to have breakfast together, so we set about wandering down the seafront.  She is such a funny child, I asked her what she would like for breakfast, she replied ‘I don’t know.’  I suggest pancakes (knowing that the last few times she had them she didn’t seem to enjoy them and expecting her to say no), her eyes lit up and she said ‘yeah.’  I reminded her that she hasn’t enjoyed them the last two times and we should maybe look for something else.  She agreed.

We found a little vintage tea room at ‘The Dome‘ on the seafront.  We found a place to sit looking out to sea and took a look at the menu.  Shayla chose beans on toast and a smoothie to drink, whilst I had eggs benedict and a mocha *tuts* – naughty but nice.

004 005 007

 The food was yummy, a little pricey but nothing above what I would expect given the location and venue.  Shayla really enjoyed her smoothie and kept it in a ‘to go’ cup whilst we went wandering around the shops.
We found ourselves at Debenhams, I am still determined to find a plain canvas bag so that we can make their own PE bags for school which we found on the Tots 100 site. We found some delightful fabric at ‘The Fabric Shop’ the other day for the bunting but still haven’t found a plain canvas bag.  Debenhams was overreaching I’m sure, but just getting so frustrated with looking in every shop.  We will have to wait to make them when we get back home and I can order a couple online.
We ended up buying some lovely ‘at home with Ashley Thomas’ biscuit stamps and cookie cutters instead.  We will make some biscuits later in the afternoon to make thank you gifts for various people who’ve been lovely to us recently.  The girls are really looking forward to this.  We will put up a post of their finished products here when we’re done.
Shayla and I then went to sit at the beach whilst she finished her smoothie and we made her birthday video ready for in a couple of weeks when she turns 5.  She’s so cute, I love having those little chats with her.  She’s a very funny character, my favourite answer to what’s your favourite food? ‘Pasta.’  I asked her what type of pasta, she responded ‘normal pasta.’  Children are so funny, they’re not down with fancy foods, they just want what’s normal, I mentioned this in my ‘Ordinary Moments – mealtimes‘ post recently.
Prada sunglasses
rocking my Prada


butterfly button Uggs
the butterfly button Uggs are back with the cooler weather

As we walked back up the path to the front door and we were holding hands, Shayla looked up at me and said, ‘I’ve had a nice time Mummy.’  This just melted my heart and reminded me why we try and make these little moments of quality time where it’s ‘Just the 2 of us.’

Don't Call Me Step Mummy
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18 Days of Summer #18

18 Days of Summer #18


So today should’ve been our final day as our big blended family for the summer holidays, but we managed to extend for a day and a half.  The girls now go back on what would be Day 20 in the morning.  I have so enjoyed having this time, and I would have the girls all the time but of course they would miss their mum too much.  They haven’t mentioned her since Day 10, but I think that’s because they know in their head that this is coming to an end and they will see her soon.  I am starting to really worry now about how it will affect Judah when they go back.  We let him drift off to sleep in their bed before moving him across for the last 2 nights, the first night Shayla and him were holding hands and tonight he was hugging her when James went to bring him back to our room.  I am now thinking this was a big mistake, it will just make it harder for him when they leave *sniffs*.

so sweet
so sweet

Today the battery for the DSLR was left on charge so the pictures we snapped were taken on James’ iphone, so apologies for the quality, but these are our memories.  We had a relaxed morning, Isis caught up on reading this blog, I like that it increases her vocabulary, she will ask me what words mean and then I catch her using them in sentences throughout the day *winks*, educational as well as editorial content.  Of course the girls chose their cute girls hairstyle again:

cute girls hairstyles, cobra braid
Shayla chose the ‘cobra braid side pony’

and Isis went for the beach look with her already wavy locks…

bubbled fishtail, cute girls hairstyles
Isis chose the bubbled fishtail

I wanted to buy some sea salt spray (I fancy the Lee Stafford one) to encourage their natural waves to have more definition and stay throughout the day, but we didn’t really make it to a chemist that would stock it today.  I will stock up before we get the girls again.  Shayla’s hair just needs a little bit of water and it’s curly, but Isis’ hair is very straight, the only way I’ve EVER been able to get AND KEEP it curly was when I had her sleep in rags, which was the best way anyway as there’s no heat involved.  I’m sure the sea salt spray will help it have that beach wave look.

We sat and watched some television whilst the babies napped and got ourselves ready for when they awoke.  Eden woke first so we made sure that she ate some lunch at that time, then when Judah woke, we all got out of the house as quickly as we could so as to not waste the day.  We had planned to go to McDonald’s for them to have happy meals and then go to the museum.  We went to McDonald’s but when we arrived at the museum, it was closed *sighs*.  Open 10-5 Tuesday to Saturday.  Of course we had ventured there on a Monday.  So, I tell the girls, we’ll come back tomorrow and we ventured just a little bit further to the soft play centre around the corner.

Children LOVE soft-play centres, us as parents usually do not.  I like it when I can go and join in ie. with Judah, I have a great excuse, but with a baby too that doesn’t really happen anymore.  They all had a great time, James and I discussed how extortionate it was.  Eden practiced her standing, she cruised around a little as well, I was very shocked at how strong her little legs are becoming.  However, I don’t think I would encourage this anywhere else as she did bash her little face as she crumpled a few times, not that she even flinched as it was all padded, but at home she would have certainly injured herself.  Good tip to remember that babies can practice cruising at soft-play centres.

he was far too excited with his balloon dog to stand still, this was the best we could capture as he kept jumping
he turned his balloon dog into a Gandelf staff which seemed to encourage bravery
Eden enjoyed talking to herself in the mirror

The girls were off doing far too thrilling things to stop and be photographed, plus they were usually surrounded by other children as they all shot through the older side like they were on ‘the eliminator’ assault course from Gladiators.

After the soft-play centre we perused some shops and then went for ice-cream before heading back to our holiday home (James’ parents).  It was nearly 7pm now so we all just had a quick pizza dinner and hung out watching TV in bed together before they went off to sleep.  I love the ordinary moments such as these, where we don’t do anything particularly special but I know that they will remember feeling secure and loved as we all just piled around the one bed watching TV together.

Tomorrow we will attempt the museum again and we’ve all been nominated for the ice-bucket challenge.  I was hoping to avoid carrying this out but the children are very excited and so we must comply.  We will do this in the evening and then have nice warm baths afterwards.

Potty Training the boy #4 – regression

Potty Training #4 – regression

look at that teary face, let's say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?
look at that teary face, let’s say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?

Ok, so I was feeling really pleased that we seemed to have gotten over the worst of the potty training, but the last few days, I guess things have been hectic and we’ve not been as focused on Judah. Today is day 18 of our 18 Days of Summer and it has been pretty full on for him as opposed to when we just spend most of our day pottering around at home and he has a bare bum and his potty around all the time.

He has done so well this last week considering we forgot to bring a potty down with us and he’s been going on the toilet but we have had more accidents in this last few days than we’ve had since we started put together.  Not that it’s a lot, there are still more successes than accidents, but in comparison to how he was doing, definite regression.  Today I bought a little step for him from Babylove in Worthing, they have lovely clothes and a great selection of all sorts of accessories, everything you could need for babies and toddlers.  Although Judah was having a little strop because I wouldn’t buy him another pair of wellies (to be honest, I would’ve bought him them had he not been tantrumming and asked nicely) and they didn’t have a time machine for me to fast forward to when he’s four, so they don’t have everything you could want, but most things *winks*.

I’m hoping with a little step to help him be able to just take himself to the loo now that this will be helpful, also in a couple of days we’ll be travelling home and we’ll be able to resume his normal routine.  He has loved this time with his sisters and I will be so sad for him when they go back to the ‘other mummy’s’ especially as he won’t then see them for a week.  We will have to keep him very busy, but I guess it will hopefully allow us the time to reestablish routine.

Regression is not a negative thing, it just means that your toddler has taken a step back in their routine with toilet training.  This can be for many reasons, for us it has blatantly been the disruption in routine and moving location a few times in the last couple of weeks.  I am sure that once the holiday season is over we will be back on track.  I am still immensely proud by how well he is doing.  Today we had no accidents all day and we had been out at soft play and perusing shops.  So, when we’re vigilant I know that we can make it a more successful journey for him.

18 Days of Summer #16

18 Days of Summer #16


So, the above horrendously blurry photography is down to the fact that I have somehow broken my DSLR. I don’t understand what I’ve done to it. When I press the capture button, it doesn’t take a photo. I have spent most of the evening trying to figure out exactly what I’ve done. The odd photos that I managed to capture today were as I was pressing random buttons to get it to work. It seems to take pictures when I press the lock button??? Totally baffled. Perhaps Katie at MummyDaddyMe will be able to help? I may end up going to a shop for advice on Monday. It’s James’ birthday tomorrow so I’m very unhappy that I won’t have the camera. Guess the mobile will do. So, anyway back to today….

Today was another very slow starter, James’ parents were packing to travel up to Shropshire for their holiday.  We didn’t want to disappear off without saying goodbye properly.  I thought it was early they were leaving, but it was closer to lunch time that they left.  Was lovely to see them off but as we weren’t sure at what point they would go, we hadn’t gone off to get ready etc until after they’d gone, and then that was lunch time, so James sorted that out whilst I tried to catch up with blogging (procrastinator).  I am really struggling with having to blog everyday, but I am so close to the end of our series and I have enjoyed looking back over the last 15 posts just earlier as I was updating my pinterest.  I know the children will appreciate being able to relive the memories as they can access the blog posts at any time.  This information just makes me feel guilty for not making today more exciting for them though.

In the afternoon Judah had a nap, as did Eden, Isis played Rayman on Uncle John’s PS4 and Shayla sat watching a movie by my side whilst I was blogging perusing twitter.  When I had finally finished the post that took forever we went out to go get craft supplies to make James’ birthday cards from the children for tomorrow.

Once we had supplies we were heading to the beach.  Now we have not had any accidents from Judah for days now.  Typical that the one time I didn’t have spare clothes with me, it was only a short walk from the house, he decided to throw a tantrum, lie in the middle of the street.  When he finally calmed down and got back onto his buggy board I could see he’d had an accident *oops*.

look at that teary face, let's say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?
look at that teary face, let’s say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?

As we didn’t have any clothes with us, we just ended up heading back to the house *sighs*.  Felt like it had been a rubbish journey for the girls, but to be fair they had picked up some gorgeous flip flops from ‘Accessorize’ in the sale ready for next summer if we don’t get the sun again this year.

apologies for the horrendous camera work, can’t figure out what I’ve done
beautiful flip-flops will fit Shayla next summer

The girls and Judah made cards for James for his birthday tomorrow whilst he stuck some chicken nuggets and french fries in the oven.  Really pushed the culinary boat out tonight.  Sometimes I just want something quick, in the oven and bam! everyone’s eating.  We then all piled into our bed to watch ‘Princess Diaries’ on the TV.  Then about 8:30 everyone was in bed.  A pretty uneventful day really, but tomorrow we will be busy celebrating a certain someone’s 29th birthday.  Hoping I can figure out what to do with the camera for tomorrow so that I don’t miss any magical memories.  I love my iPhone but since I smashed my iPhone 5, I’m not down with the lesser pixels on my iPhone 4S.  Need to fix the DSLR.
Well James is sound asleep now and ‘Happy Gilmore’ is on TV.  I guess I should just go to sleep, it’s a big day tomorrow *smiles*, I’m looking forward to the celebrations!!

18 Days of Summer #15

18 Days of Summer #15


Today was a slow starter as we all took our time getting ready.  I seem to be lagging after all these busy days in the mornings at the moment.  I’m not sleeping very well which isn’t helpful when I’m trying to keep four children entertained.  It’s been really helpful having the inlaws around as they help keep the children entertained and allow us to rest a little.  Don’t know what we’ll do when they’re away next week.

As usual the girls chose their hairstyles from the cutegirlshairstyles app.

knotted headband

Shayla went for the knotted headband that Isis wore last week

ladder braided pony

Isis chose the ladder braided ponytail. This was easy to do but I don’t think it’s my favourite. She liked it though so I guess that’s what matters.  The difficult thing with four children and 2 that are still so young is that sometimes we have to work around naptimes.  We have never had a strict routine with naps.  Judah got himself into a routine at one point, but then it would change with different things that we needed to do etc. sometimes he gets woken up because I have to.  I don’t have the time to just sit in the car for a couple of hours if he’s fallen asleep on the short drive to the supermarket.  However, saying that, when we can allow them to rest when they want/need to, we do.  Eden went for a nap, so we started to prepare to go out for a picnic when she awoke.

The children were hard at work helping prepare the picnic with their Nanny.

cheese grating
Shayla official cheese grater
Isis sandwich making
Isis sliced and buttered the bread rolls, and then chopped up cucumber
Judah had to pull the tomatoes off stalks and put them into a container

Once Eden was awake we packed everything up and headed out to ‘Brooklands’ for a picnic.  We hit the playground first as we weren’t sure how long we would have the sun for, then it was time to eat, then we managed to go on the train ride before it was time for us to go and visit family.  Here are some pics :

shayla with hello kitty
Judah was petrified of this fake ‘hello kitty.’ Shayla was amazed that she met the ‘real’ Hello Kitty
buggyboard bugaboo
Judah enjoys his buggyboard

061 063 071 118 144 168 159 157 151 171 182 197

We’d only put 2 hours on the carpark and the weather seemed to be turning so we then headed to see James’ auntie.  The last time we saw her was the day of her son’s funeral so it was strange to be back there.  We had the children though, that was nice, Shayla has never even met them before as she was born up North where I met James, the last time they saw Isis she was in a buggy, so that must’ve been before she was 3.  Was nice to be with family.  We are looking forward to when they come to visit us at the end of September which will tie in with Shayla’s 5th birthday party, so that will be a joyous time.

Shayla and Nanny
Shayla-Rae with Nanny
Eden maxi=cosi
Eden whilst we were outside waiting for them to arrive
Eden in headband
Eden in Isis’ headband
cheeky Eden
Cheeky Eden
pregnant Natasha
beautiful Natasha (James’ cousin) only has 6 weeks left
James & Caitlin
the teenagers were bored, gorgeous James & Caitlin
Auntie Janette with Eden

We headed back once it was time to get back for dinner.  James’ parents nipped to Waitrose on the way home and we all had pizza for dinner.  I’m trying to eat better but as I don’t seem to be losing weight anyway (4 weeks of being good) and it was a one off, I caved and joined them.  It is difficult to eat right when you’re not cooking for yourself isn’t it?  Well, that’s what I find.  Not to seem ungrateful, I have felt really blessed having so much help with the day to day things us Mum’s have to do, but I am looking forward to getting back to meal planning *coughs*, sad I know.

The rest of the evening was spent with James’ mum and his brother having to do the ‘ice bucket challenge’, James loved being the one to sort out the ice-water, he’s quite sadistic like that sometimes.  Here are their videos:

After dinner they all watched a DVD of a childhood holiday with James’ late cousin in it. It was a special bonding time for the family, I was upstairs blogging whilst Judah and Eden slept in the room. I was sad not to be there for James, but knew I needed to catch up with blogging and didn’t want to be doing it after he came to bed. The Matrix was on television when James came to bed, I was so excited to watch it with him but just ended up falling asleep.

Does anyone else love ‘The Matrix’ as much as I do? Was gutted to miss it, think I will have to watch it when we get home *chuckles*. Tomorrow, James’ parents head on holiday and I plan to make cards with the girls for James’ birthday Sunday. First birthday where I haven’t bought James dozens of presents due to finances. He’ll be 30 next year so guess I can spoil him then…

18 Days of Summer #14

18 Days of Summer #14


Today was a strange one, I woke up late after barely sleeping the night before and then needed to just get ready and get on the road to go and see my best friend in London.  My friend is great at cleaning up Bugaboo’s and is debating starting a little business out of it as she’s starting to get some demand.  With great success in ebay in the past we sorted it so that she will sell our Bugaboo Donkey and we picked up a Bugaboo Cameleon 2 from her.  So, we now have the Cameleon and a buggy board with a seat for our monkey prince.  Excited to see what he thinks of it.  Also, so pleased to have a really girlie pram for our little baby princess.  Everything is soft pink and she looks adorable in it.

I headed up to London and arrived for lunch time.  I just took my littlest one with me, so she could try out her new chariot.  Was really nice to have some one on one time with her even if it was mostly in the car.  She is just so sweet and never any fuss.  It’s very easy to forget she’s around in the hustle and bustle with the other children, but was nice to be just the two of us for a little while.

Charlotte has been my best friend since we were about 11 years old.  We went to high school, college together, have holidayed and lived together for a short time before she moved down to London.  I miss hanging out with her a lot, but don’t often get the time to realise it.  Whenever we are together it is just like we have never been apart.  We’re still the same people but with little families now.  I have always felt sad that I wasn’t around for her more whilst she was starting her little family.  My ex-husband wasn’t the best for putting me in a place to support others though, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too guilty (past is past and all that), I like to make the effort now though.  I try and visit when I can, send birthdays and Christmas presents although, sometimes they’re delayed due to my posting efforts.

Charlotte’s children are 6, 4 and 2.  Spike was born just 6 weeks after Judah.  We always say how lovely it would be if we lived closer and the boys could be friends.  Eden made herself at home stealing Spike’s toast.  Spike also gave Eden her first taste of chocolate.  So funny, anyone else would’ve got reprimanded by me (Judah was nearly 2 before he had proper chocolate, about 16 months before he tried white chocolate), but when it’s a little baby, I just had to laugh.  Eden is a scavenger when it comes to food, she finds a way to get her hands on whatever is around, we have to be extra vigilant with her.


My main regret with my time with Charlotte is that I didn’t spend enough time snapping some pictures.  Wasn’t sure if Charlotte would mind me papping her children for my blog.  Turns out she doesn’t mind at all so next week when I go back, I will get some more of our children playing together.

Daisy 1
gorgeous Daisy showing off her climbing skills
Matilda 1
beautiful Matilda chilling watching TV

We weren’t able to spend too much time with Charlotte as I had to drive 1 hour and 40 minutes back down to Worthing and I didn’t want to get stuck in the after work rush coming out of London.  Eden cried for about 30 minutes on the motorway, it was horrible, but I knew the best thing I could do for her would just be to get back.  She fell asleep after a while and as soon as I arrived back I gave her a long feed for comfort and extra cuddles.

James’ Dad had prepared some yummy food for when we got back.  A lovely fresh tomato sauce and pasta.  The children all enjoyed it.  As soon as we had finished eating, I took some painkillers and went to hang out in the bedroom as my head hurt and the girls wanted to perform another show for their grandparents. 014 019 022

The girls chose some hairstyles after dinner so they were ready for their show.  I put a zipper braid in both of their hair as I had been dying to try it out.  I think it will be a great ‘Back to School’ style.

026 dontcallmestepmummy

I then went to bed with the babies.  James helped me settle the babies down for the night and we were looking forward to the next day when hopefully I wouldn’t have a headache anymore.  Tomorrow we’re going to see James’ Auntie, Isis hasn’t seen her for a very long time and Shayla has never met them.  Will be nice for them to meet familly and to show off how beautifully well-behaved James’ gorgeous daughters are.  I love moments where they get to feel part of the wider family that their in.  They are in a wedding with their Mum’s family next weekend and that will be an amazing time for them too.  They will be absolutely buzzing when they come back from being bridesmaids, can’t wait to hear all about it.