‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 #12 – {Cinema Date with Isis Mae}

‘Just the 2 of Us’ 2015 #12 – {Cinema Date with Isis Mae}

Saturday morning I was catching up with some blogging before chilling with the family.  The weather was not the best so we were planning on a lazy day.  Isis was helping me by reading a book that we had been asked to review so after we had finished I thought it would be nice to treat her.  I knew that ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ was out at the cinema, and wouldn’t specifically be James’ cup of tea, I’d asked my cousin a day earlier if she fancied it watching it and told me that the reviews she had heard were that it was rubbish.  So, I had put it in my ‘won’t bother with that’ pile.

However, Isis absolutely loved the first one, she saw it on DVD with her Mum.  I knew that it was a 12A so with Isis being 9, James and I had a brief discussion.  We basically decided she would see it on DVD with her Mum anyway probably when it came out and it was a treat to take her out to the cinema for always being so helpful.  We decided to go for it, I knew that if there was anything inappropriate I could always have a chat with her if needed.

The film was on at 11:30 am so it would be over lunch time, I didn’t want her to go hungry, I can usually wait until later, but if she started having hunger pangs, it would take away from the fun of watching, so we treated ourselves to some nachos and popcorn.  This is very rare at the cinema for us, we have decided that the prices are so extortionate it’s better to eat before or go for an ice-cream afterwards, but this was a treat for Isis.

We loved the movie, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, as there wasn’t really much of a plot but we LOVE music, dancing, singing and so we seriously enjoyed it.  It was funny, there were a couple of rude parts but they were funny, they weren’t portrayed crudely.  It certainly wasn’t anything that would destroy her innocence.  The innuendos just went over her head and mostly mine.  I’m really rubbish at getting things like that.

Here are a couple of iPhone snaps we popped on Instagram as we didn’t take the big camera with us (wasn’t really that sort of trip) –

just the 2 of us, justus2, quality time, one on one, mummy and daughter dates, cinema, pitch perfect 2, don't call me step mummy, mummy blogger, parent blog, vlog, movie review

just the 2 of us, justus2, quality time, one on one, mummy and daughter dates, cinema, pitch perfect 2, don't call me step mummy, mummy blogger, parent blog, vlog, movie review
toilet selfie after the movie

Later in the afternoon we filmed a review for our YouTube channel if you’d like to watch.  It’s just a short clip of what we liked about the movie.  If you’re not sure if it’s one to part with your money for then take a peek, we’ll help you decide

If you’ve had any one on one time with any of your littlies this week, from a stolen moment to an outing, feel free to grab the badge (I’m just fixing this now I’m self-hosted, it all went wrong) and link up below, make sure to hashtag on twitter #justus2 and I will be able to find you and retweet…

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{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #22 – Vlogging

{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #22 – Vlogging

Over the past couple of weeks a new ordinary has crept into our lives.  It wasn’t particularly invited, it wasn’t thought out, it definitely wasn’t planned but we tried our hand at something, and it brought us a lot of joy.  We have been having a go at Vlogging.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about making some more memories for us as a family, and being inspired by an interview I saw between Jenny at ‘Let’s Talk Mommy‘ and Lucy at ‘Dear Beautiful‘. Lucy was talking about how there is something about video when capturing children that just can’t be felt the same way on a 2 dimensional still photograph. She is so right, the cute little waddle that Eden has as she walks, the way Shayla’s eyes light up as she goes from somber to happy. Isis doing never ending cartwheels and Judah bopping his head as he dances. These moments are not caught the same on photographs and so we started picking up the camera more in video mode.

We have been experimenting with what sort of YouTube channel that we want to be, or if we will just be eclectic and put whatever we like on there.  We don’t have many subscribers so far so no-one is telling us what they would like to see more of, or less of yet, but maybe we’ll get there.  For now, we are just having fun experimenting with all the different kinds of things that we like to watch on YouTube.

I was recommended to try the ‘My Favourite Things’ Tag by Charlotte at ‘Write Like No-One’s Watching‘ and then Isis had a go too.

The children saw a funny challenge and thought it would be a great idea for James and I to have a go at ‘How Well Do We Know Each Other?’, mainly because it involved us getting our faces covered in whipped cream.

Isis was doing a book review for our blog and decided to add another dimension to it by vlogging about it too.

Shayla has been having a go too, but that is still at editing stage.  We also have been making video diaries and film reviews, chatting about how we’ve been getting on with Eden at hospital and tomorrow I’m going to be unwrapping one of our recent purchases.  We’re not sure, which direction we want to go in.  Isis wants to have a go at hair tutorials, as we love watching ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles‘ and sometimes we make our own variations.  There are so many things that we could maybe do, please if you have any suggestions for us comment below as this is all very new for us.

We’re all having fun and I remembered how much passion I have for media and editing, I studied it at college.  We’ll keep experimenting until we find our groove or until it isn’t fun anymore.  For now we’re enjoying ourselves and the children are loving watching themselves back.  Even Eden at 18 months has started posing and saying ‘cheese’ when she sees me with a camera.  I guess that’s the life for bloggers children.

The more of these memories we can store up and treasure the better for me.  I also had the awful thought recently that if (God forbid) anything happened to James or I then the children would have a more accurate and fuller picture of how much we loved them, who we are as individuals and together, and what we want for them and really think about them.  Having two cousins that we adopted as siblings when I was a child I know that they would’ve loved to have these memories (my sister was telling me the other day).  Their Mum made a beautiful video for them that they’ve watched over and over as years have passed and it is their greatest treasure.  With that in mind we’ve even been getting the Grandparents involved.  It’s enough to help all of us get past our inhibitions and shyness in front of the camera.

As always we’re linking up with the beautiful Katie at Mummy Daddy Me, so make sure you click on the badge below to go see all the other wonderful Ordinary Moments.


Mia Wray, Little Magic Pieces and the end of Depression #littleloves

Mia Wray, Little Magic Pieces and the end of Depression #littleloves

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Friday again already. Here is our weekly round up with the lovely Sian at ‘Potty Mouthed Mummy‘ as the beautiful Morgana is off sunning herself in France.


Again, a lot of blogs this week.  I don’t really ever pick up a book.  I really enjoyed the ‘Country Kids‘ round up this week over on Fiona at Coombe Mill’s blog.  I am getting excited about the Summer and seeing what you lovely lot have been up to is inspiring ideas of things we can do on our two weeks with all the children.  One of my favourite posts was the genius idea to have a ‘Farm Party‘ for their child’s birthday.  We won’t be able to do this, this year, but it is definitely stored in the memory for next year.  Go have a nosy at Let Kids be Kids, there’s also a lovely video.


I’m up to date and awaiting so many new seasons at the moment so I’ve not really had the desire to even switch on the good old Netflix.  I’ve been busy working away on video editing and my blog so I’ve barely had time to chill.  I like this though, sometimes watching lots of programs reminds me of when I was depressed.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a good switch off, we certainly need it as Mum’s but this week has shown me I must be happy as I haven’t even noticed that I’ve not been watching anything.  When I break for lunch I go hang with my beautiful children, but when I have needed to zone out whilst I eat I’ve been watching YouTubers.  My new discovery is ‘In the Frow’ Victoria is a fashion lecturer in Manchester and her YouTube video on her iPhone 6 tour gave me some fantastic new apps.  I’m really excited by Moldiv.


I have been enjoying the sunshine and heading out more with the children.  I dared to let Martina have the camera whilst we were out walking this week and she captured a few of me with the babies.  When I posted them to my facebook I had a few people comment on the blue New Look v-neck and how it suited me.

dontcallmestepmummy, little loves, Don't Call Me Step Mummy, Mummy blogger, childrens' fashion, woodland walk, Little Loves

Isis Mae was wearing the beautiful Watermelon headband handmade by Dovile at ‘Little Magic Pieces’ in our latest YouTube video.  She has done the ‘My Favourite Things’ tag…


We’ve been listening a LOT to the beautiful Mia Wray, she has original songs, but also creates stunning covers.  We’ve been using her for all our memory videos on YouTube.  Here is her beautiful version of ‘Shake It Off’. We’re a bit obsessed with her.


A huge mistake!!!  Yesterday we headed out to meet friends as it was pre-arranged, even though the weather was forecast to be atrocious.  So the children were in their wellies and wrapped up warm with layers on.  Well, the sun shone all day, and I didn’t have my suncream with me.  It’s usually in the baby bag.  Thank goodness it wasn’t too hot, as my beautiful baby has a little sunburnt face this morning.  I guess it’s the first time Eden’s skin has been exposed to sun without protection of any kind.  The others are out the odd times in the sun.  It’s not bad thank goodness, but I just feel horrendous because my baby has a sunburnt face, so we will be staying indoors today at least whilst I slap after sun on her throughout the day and if we go out tomorrow she will have the usual Factor 50 on whatever the weather.  I will NEVER make the mistake to not have the suncream with me again.

and lastly…

I have noticed this week and I don’t want to sound too dramatic here but if you knew the journey that I’ve been on…. I FEEL again.  I don’t just FEEL, I feel happy.  I have been so numb for so long.  Not that I wasn’t enjoying life, my lovely family would melt my heart, but there is now a vast difference.  I feel as though I’m finally healing, after years of hurt and years of restoration (amidst the busyness of having children) I just feel so happy.  All the time.  I feel like I’m me again.  It has been an epic journey and if I’m honest one I never thought I’d be free of.  I’m not saying it will all be smooth sailing from now on, I’m still taking medication but I FEEL.  I am so grateful that my husband stuck by me through hard times and my draining personality as I battled depression.  I’m just grateful to my God that heals and kept me through all the heartache and never let me forget He had a plan.

sow in tears, reap in joy, psalm 126 v 5, Don't Call Me Step Mummy, mummy blog, blended family, little loves, happy toddler

Blog Love, Zara Haul, Shopping Small and Child Growth Hormone Deficiency #LittleLoves

Blog Love, Zara Haul, Shopping Small and Child Growth Hormone Deficiency #LittleLoves

Hello, welcome to this weeks ‘Little Loves’ post hosted by the lovely Morgana over at ‘But Why Mummy Why‘.  I’ve had an eventful week and this round up is really helpful in making me remember to focus on the positives.  I love it, so here goes…


I have been reading a lot of blogs this week.  I seem to have not done much of anything else.  Usually to unwind in the evenings I maybe watch something on Netflix, or even sometimes zone out playing *coughs* Minion Rush (I’m blaming Judah for this recent addiction), but this week I’ve barely left the world of blogging.  I’ve just been really enjoying discovering new blogs, Let’s Talk Mommy’s by DeleteAd” href=”#42734652″> ‘share with me’ blog hop is a great one for this, so many people come and link up maybe one or two posts.  I’ve found ‘Ghost Writer Mummy’s’ blog extremely educational this week.  I seem to learn something new everytime I head over there.  I particularly liked this post reminding antenal Mothers to be proactive in educating themselves and having CHOICE when it comes to their decisions for their baby.  I wish I’d read this whilst I was pregnant with Judah.

‘To the mother who is yet to be’ 

Also, I’ve been proofreading for our beautiful Italian Aupair, who I’ve encouraged to start blogging her journey, she intends to by DeleteAd” href=”#6486877″> travel the world inspired by ‘Eat Pray Love’.  I explained it’s an amazing way to keep her memories and photographs in one place, and will be something to show her grandchildren *winks*.  Please have a read by clicking HERE and sending her some commenting Blog Love.


As I said I’ve not been doing my usual Netflix rampage this week, but I have been watching a LOT of vlogs.  I’ve just started vlogging…. please check out our YouTube Channel and I’ve been watching lots of other vloggers.  Now I know I’m ridiculously late to the party and I definitely already knew her name but I watched this video from the beautiful Zoella last night and I was laughing so hard my husband didn’t know what was going on (he was trying to sleep, oops).  I genuinely cannot remember the last time I EVER laughed so hard.  James wasn’t sure if I was crying…. haha


Again, I’ve been mostly glued to a laptop most of this week, so I haven’t really been anywhere exciting to document what I’ve worn.  However, a couple of weeks back I wrote a post about Online Clothes Shopping for Children and whether it’s important for children to have unique clothes and shopping small at the likes of WAHM’s boutiques such as Little and Fierce Judah and Eden’s purchases have been arriving so they have modelled some toddler fashion for you…

zara haul, boys fashion, dontcallmestepmummy, children's fashion, toddlers, cute baby boy
Trying some clothes out from his Zara haul

love letters to our little ones, vlogging, our first vlog, parent vloggers, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family

Eden is marking her 18 month milestone by raiding our fridge and wearing new clothes that arrived from ‘Tui-B’ in the post the day before.  She has an ‘Anarkid Organic’ geo print top on (complete with an ‘I’ve been measured’ sticker from the hospital), the cutest ‘Saplings’ trousers that have a heart on her bum, the only shoes we could find small enough to fit her (watch our recent vlog [at the bottom of this post] to find out who makes them), and a cute headwrap by ‘Sunday’ the label.

saplings, dontcallmestepmummy, Sunday the label, toddler life, dontcallmestepmummy, childrens fashion


I’m so lucky that my husband shares random love of all things I find annoying with the children.  They keep singing this song and I don’t mind hearing the children sing it, but I would never watch the video with him and the children, but yet, I’m sharing it here.  Listen for a few seconds if you dare to see how annoying it is

I’ve also been asked to sing at a local hospital radio station and share a bit of my story, so I spent a bit of time trying to find a song I would like to do.  After raving about Brooke Fraser and her new album on my Little Loves post last week it reminded me of how much I loved her earlier work.  It’s a gospel show (as most of my readers know I’m a believer) and so I thought maybe this song would work, it’s called ‘The C.S Lewis Song’ as it’s written from his beautiful quotes.  I’ll also sing one of my own (but I won’t subject you to that here).


As I’ve already said, I have spent a lot of time editing and making videos for our YouTube channel this week.  After some very disappointing news at the hospital this week I’ve decided to start sharing our journey about Eden’s potential Growth Hormone Deficiency.  I’ve called the series ‘Thumbelina’ as she was nicknamed by my cousin. She has grown recently and I was convinced they would sign her off, but alas that was not the case.  I have been struggling to find any relatable research on the internet this week, so I decided we would document our journey so that if others find themselves in our position they are not alone in learning facts and making the decisions involved.  The Endocrine Specialist did recommend the Child Growth Foundation to read up on, so that will be my mission for next week.  I have already contacted them and asked for some information to be sent out, so here we go…

and lastly…

Yay, it’s half term and I know a lot of you will be off on holiday, so have an amazing time.  I’m looking forward to stealing the girls for some extra days this week, and lots of fun.  We enjoyed a family picnic last week and I’m hoping for many more, come on sunshine!
happy bank holidays, bank holiday weekend, beach times, little loves, dontcallmestepmummy, parent blogger, mummy blog


{Love Letters to our Little Ones} – Happy 18 Months Eden (our first vlogging experience)

{Love Letters to our Little Ones} – Happy 18 Months Eden (our first vlogging experience)

Oh my goodness, so today I managed to finally upload and post our first vlog onto YouTube.  I talked about the possibility of vlogging on my #littleloves post last week, and today I was finally able to make it a reality.  I was really meaning that we would make more little musical videos of our children having fun, but the encouragement of everyone saying it was so brave to consider going in front of the camera really challenged me.

I hate being in front of the camera, I can see the vast weight that I’ve put on since having our last baby girl and my body having completely given up the capacity for any exercise other than walking *sighs*.  I can hear my Northern accent that my Southern husband often ridicules.  I have been watching a lot of Vlogs recently, and seeing Lucy at Dear Beautiful embrace her fear of getting in front of the camera to document her third pregnancy really struck a chord with me.  I desperately want our children to have memories of us, I want them to be able to look back and see how much they were loved, wanted, adored and treasured.  I want them to hear about the little things that they would do at each milestone and how we responded to it.  I want them to have a record of the most beautiful childhood we strive to give them.

I’ve been watching a lot of Charlotte over at Write Like No-One’s Watching and her YouTube channel, which is really good by the way, you should click here to check her out.   Charlotte has encouraged me by her obvious love of make-up and having a beautiful face all done for the camera, to days where she vlogs with no make-up on at all.  She doesn’t vlog for anyone’s approval, it’s because she wants to, and she obviously doesn’t care about what people think of her (of course she’s beautiful with and without make-up), the days she’s made up is to make herself feel better, because she loves beauty.  Not for the camera.

So, with that in mind, we are going to start vlogging.  I’m not bothered if people who don’t understand blogging and vlogging think that I’m strange, because this is just another way to capture the here and now for our little ones.  So they can look back and enjoy.  If people want to join us on our journey that is amazing, but it’s definitely not about the statistics for me.

If you want to watch our first effort.  James and I have vlogged together ’18 Reasons we Love Eden at 18 Months’…

Happy 18 Months our beautiful girl, we love you so much, you may never fully understand but I hope this helps you to capture just a glimpse.
love letters to our little ones, vlogging, our first vlog, parent vloggers, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family

Let's Talk Mommy

Vlogging, a New Job, Children’s Fashion and Once Upon a Time #littleloves

Vlogging, a New Job, Children’s Fashion and Once Upon a Time #littleloves

Joining in with But Why Mummy Why and  #littleloves again this week.  I love this linky and enjoy reading the other posts.


As always I suck at this section, although I do read a lot of blogs.  been filling in paperwork for my new job, wuhoo!!!  I had to do a DBS and medical forms, various things like that.  I really enjoyed reading (and watching) Lucy at Dear Beautiful’s 4 months pregnancy update.  What a great idea.  If you haven’t read it yet then click here.


I have been watching ‘Once upon a Time’ on Netflix.  I lost interest really in this last season but kind of stuck with it.  I’m pleased to say that the Season 3 Finale this week has finally brought some excitement back in, and I’m now looking forward to Season 4.  I like it when programmes mix it up a bit.  I loved Season 1, but then it became just ‘ok’.  It’s something the husband likes watching too though as anything with villains and powers is his cup of tea.

I also have been watching a lot of vlog videos and have started getting my camera out again and filming a lot more of the everyday moments with the children.  I made space on my iphone by finally moving all my photos and videos onto storage, so I have been able to capture the children a lot more in the natural moments.  Being inspired by the Let’s Talk Mommy interview with Lucy at Dear Beautiful, and watching many other videos by other vloggers, this is something that we will be doing a lot more here at dontcallmestepmummy.


I finally found my Prada sunglasses again, yay!! The husband wasn’t impressed that given I paid a lot for them about a year ago, they had disappeared.  Oops (must keep house tidier).  Luckily, Martina found them for me the other day and they have been able to make an appearance again.

Prada sunglasses, dontcallmestepmummy, mummy blog, blended family, mother and daughter
Eden is deliberately in Martina’s shadow as she doesn’t keep sunglasses on


I’m a huge Brooke Fraser fan, and this week her ‘Brutal Romantic’ album was finally released in the UK.  One of New Zealand’s finest, I love her voice, and she writes so beautifully.  This is a different sound for her, but it’s very catchy and great for the summer.


I haven’t been very crafty with the children this week, but I have been having fun editing videos of the children, as I’ve been experimenting with different software.  I’ve always used Adobe Premiere Pro as a former Media student.  However, after being recommended to try iMovie I had a go.  It was very frustrating trying to upload things from my camera and iPhone onto my iPad, but I guess if we invest in an iMac it would be a lot easier.  iMovie really does do so much for you that takes a lot more time on Premiere.  Ok you don’t have as much control over the niggly bits, but I’m not making feature films, I’m documenting our memories, and I can do this a lot more if it’s not going to take 9 hours each time.

I would put my video experiment here but I’m not happy with the sound quality, as I lost interest when I needed to download music that iMovie would allow me to use *ahem* can’t escape copyright as easily with iMovie.  Watch this space though as we will be having a lot more videos captured.  Which will be great for family members that can’t be with us all the time (Grandparents and my sister who works abroad most of the year).  Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here to watch the girls ‘please subscribe’ video.

and lastly

I have been spending a lot of time looking at children’s fashion this week. I wrote a post about it and have bought Judah and Eden some much needed clothes.  I am excited for them to arrive.  They have both grown recently and have literally grown out of their clothes.  You can read my thoughts about whether it’s important to have unique clothes for your children or not if you click here.

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